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Royal Caliber {NiklausღCaroline} #26: "His motives are genuine with Caroline. It's not part of some greater scheme or some greater manipulation."-JM

Welcome to the 25th
Caroline and Klaus
Appreciation Thread


"He's your first love, I intend to be your last.
However long it takes."

"You're... perfect.
Just so beyond annoying I can't even look at you."

01. ~ Fire & Ice ~
02. ElenaBelle
03. MexieFan
04. {Melody}
05. Jakls
06. KeepThisaSecret
07. josetong
08. Guinevereღ
09. sethamgal
10. Chastidy
11. Santana Lopez
12. Air
13. Ankatje
14. chuletasparaexamenes
15. dianaris
16. **Daisy**
17. *Beautiful Stranger*
18. AllForBeLieving
19. WonderlandGabby
20. CCataz
21. Calgaryfan2006
22. diannaagronlove
23. Moonlight shine
24. ~Lost and Found~
25. chaos blues
26. rocky845
27. heartlines
28. FallingCharm
29. TheOnlyException
30. linsxx3
31. PeachNehi
32. michelle1
33. Princess Serenity
34. Queen of Babble
35. kat99
36. WilSonღFan
37. BL.Arinna_1982
38. *Babi*
39. Nerenafan
40. *Stephie*
41. NateBlairlover
42. Emsea
43. ErinlovestheOC
44. Flora.
45. baelfire24
46. britns06
47. lisagslack14
48. prettyinpink90
49. Si_Crazy
50. NicoleRenee
51. sheridon
52. ||michelle||

"You’re beautiful, you’re strong,
you’re full of light. I enjoy you."

"You like being strong, ageless, fearless.
We're the same, Caroline."
"Then show me."

01. Joseph Morgan
02. Julie Plec
03. Damon Salvatore
04. Claire Holt
05. Price Peterson
06. Bonnie Bennett
07. Candice Accola
08. Kristin Dos Santos
09. Robyn Ross
10. Nate Buzolic
11. Ian Somerhalder
12. Nancy Forner
13. MTV
14. Caroline Dries
15. Lana Del Rey
16. The Queen
17. Kol Mikaelson
18. Emotionless Elena
19. Silas
20. Stefan Salvatore
21. Torrey DeVitto
22. Marcel Gerard
23. Katherine Pierce
24. Caroline’s bra
25. The Woods
26. Enzo
27. Klaus' face
28. Tyler's favorite tree

"Yes, I cover our connection with hostility,
because yes, I hate myself for the truth."

"I know that you're in love with me.
And anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.

Click here to find out the reasons


"Take a chance, Caroline.
Get to know me. I dare you."

"Is that our thing?"
"We don't have a thing."


{links that are italic mean a completed work}

Altered | An Original Love/Uncharted Territory/Double Crossed | A Persistent Lover | A Thousand Years
Different kind of Monster | Friends, then? | I'll Be Right Over, Love | Inertia Overcome | Lead Us Into Temptation
Mardis Gras | My Love is Vengeance | Old Love | Paradise Circus | Red Passion
Still Doll | Sympathy for the Devil | The Devil in White | The Devil's Currency | Two Lost Souls
the guilty ones | The Perfect Unplanned | the Other Side of You | The Thing Between Love and Hate | Things Are Not What They Seem
Through A Glass Darkly | we are infinite | What Doesn't Kill You | When Darkness Falls

Banished | Bound to You | Pretty Girl | Remember Me| Time & Time Again | Timeless

Beauty and the Geek | Best of Me | Body Knows Best | Cowboys and Indians | Everybody Talks
Fallen | Heartbeat | Hollywood Living | Heart-Shaped Glasses/Tangled Up In Blue | Killer Instinct
lay all your love on me | Love in London | Null and Void | Possession | Prowl
Rescue Me | Room On Fire | Some Nights | Something Good Can Work | The Cold Trail
The Devil In Me | The Madness Underneath | The Only Hope for Me Is You | Torment | Vanity
Unravel Me

AU/Other Supernatural Beings
A Fate You Can't Escape | All’s Fair | Guardian Angel | Pandemonium | Paradise for the Lost
The Flesh Diaries | We're One Of A Kind

Bloodsucking Angel | Dangerous Light | Lost In a Memory | Royal Disposition/Royal Sentiment | So Long Lonesome
The Lines That Lie Between/The Scars Not Seen

"It's OK, it's me, you're safe."

"You mean Klaus. Because I saw the good in Klaus."

"Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you'll show up at my door
and let me show you what the world has to offer."



"I'm too smart to be seduced by you."
"That's why I like you."

"There's a whole world out there waiting for you."

01. A hug
02. First kiss
03. Cheek kiss
04. Holding hands
05. Foreheads touching
06. Argument
07. Kiss during/after an argument
08. Caroline comforting Klaus
09. Caroline protecting Klaus
10. Klaus protecting Caroline
11. Love making scene
12. Snuggling on the couch
13. Sharing a shower
14. Sexy bath tub scene
15. Biting each other in passion
16. Caroline poses for a portrait
17. Klaus carrying Caroline bridal-style
18. Klaus daydreaming about Caroline
19. Sharing a bed
20. Living together
21. Klaus cooking for Caroline
22. Klaus visiting Caroline in her room
23. Caroline places a kiss over his heart
24. Klaus comforting Caroline
25. Klaus throwing a birthday party for Caroline
26. Klaus sneaking into Caroline's bedroom.
27. More hot vampire/hybrid sex in the woods, longer this time
28. Flashback scenes to the original hot hybrid/vampire sex in the woods
29. Seeing that Klaus picked up Caroline's ripped shirt off the ground and he brought it home with him
30. Klaus drawing or painting Caroline on TO
31. Loud 'everyone-in-the-mansion-can-hear-them' sex
32. Klaus training Caroline
33. Klaus teaching Caroline Aramaic so that they can talk privately in public
34. Caroline mediating a fight between the siblings
35. Klaus finding out about Caroline's rocky relationship with her father
36. Klaus helping Caroline with her history homework
37. Klaus/Caroline dirty dancing
38. Caroline giving Klaus a bl...ehem
39. One of them calling the other one just to talk (ie a phone call)
40. Sexting between the two

"Thank you, for your honesty."

"I am reaching outto you
despite everything that you've done."

□ "Klaus and Caroline could just stare at each other and it would make for compelling TV".
□ Because manipulating each other is just a sexy way of flirting.
□ Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell, when I saw you, well, I knew we’d tell it well.
□ "It's really changed into people desperately wanting them to be together." -JoMo
□ "His motives are genuine with Caroline. It's not part of some greater scheme or some greater manipulation." - JM
□ "He does want to show her the world. He's not ready to give up yet." - Joseph
□ "He's definitely still interested. He's absolutely infatuated with her." - Joseph
□ "She’s the first person to catch his eye in centuries. He really is fascinated by this girl." - Joseph
□ "He really genuinely believes that he can show her a world that she deserves to have that is her right as a vampire." - JM
□ "He wants her to embrace the creature that she has become. He believes he is the person who can help her do that." - JM
□ "Klaus is interested in Caroline and he'll go for what he wants." - Joseph
□ "If he has an opportunity with her he’s going to take it." - Joseph Morgan
□ Because you can't deny the attraction in their eyes.
□ Because eyes never lie. He saw it and we saw it too.
□ "There is serious HEAT between those two, and it’s... impressive." - offcolortv
□ "I really love the dynamic between Caroline and Klaus." - Candice Accola
□ "The dynamic between Caroline and Klaus works so well." - Candice Accola
□ "It's gonna take a lot of love to change him, so it just depends how much she's willing to give." - Joseph
□ Because Ian thinks that Klaus and Caroline would be a very hot hook-up.
□ "I would like it. I love working with Candice, and I love the chemistry of those two characters." - Joseph
□ "It's okay if you wanna make-out with Candice. Caroline's hot." - Ian to Joseph
□ "I think Klaus has got some work to do if he's gonna earn her trust." - Joseph
□ "I hope so. Listen, I'm all for that [KC] couple, so we'll see where the writers take it." - Joseph
□ "The reason what's great about watching the two of them is they're so quirky." - Ian
□ Ian: Caroline wants nothing to do with this guy. JoMo: I wouldn't say nothing.
□ "I'd like to explore the relationship further, for sure." - Joseph
□ "I think it's interesting to show more humanity of Klaus, and I think that our storyline allows that." - Joseph
□ The course of true love never did run smooth. - William Shakespeare
□ "I'll be waiting for twenty years, twenty more/I'll be praying for your note underneath my door."
□ "Opened my skin, made a claim of resolution/Then you let yourself right back in."
□ "You never know if Caroline will go on a road trip or not." - Candice
□ "His infatuation with her still exists." - Michael Trevino
□ "Klaus has always wanted to be with Caroline and he's made that very clear." - MT
□ "You're in a good mood. You should visit Mystic Falls more often" ~ Marcel
□ "You're perfect. Which is so beyond annoying I can't eve look at you."
□ "Don't you have a dying girl to go punish for all her sins?" " I do, but I won't. For you."
□ "Klaus, now is not the time to decide that you're over me!"
□ "You brought me back, Caroline."
□ "But then it felt REALLY good to kiss him"
□ "Caroline and an Original Hybrid sittin' in a tree." - Damon
□ "I will be honest with you... about what I want." - Caroline
□ "I saw the good in Klaus."
□ "It's interesting how their relationship built over the past couple of seasons." - Candice
□ "you just couldn't tell -- is she gonna smack him or throw her arms around him?" - Candice
□ "They have unfinished business." - Julie Plec
□ "The first person to challenge her way of thinking was Klaus." - Candice

001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005 //
006 // 007 // 008 // 009 // 010 //
011 // 012 // 013 // 014 // 015 //
016 // 017 // 018 // 019 // 020 //
021 // 022 // 023 // 024


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» Bella
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kc nostalgia meme || [2/7] recurring elements → drinking

» Bella
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''I'm just lonely.''
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^ My pleasure

Love the gif set Beautiful coloring.
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Thanks for the new thread - never get tried of that's so pretty Bella .
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Aww, thank you! It was my first OP, so I'm really glad it's approved.

» Bella
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It's beautiful . Can't wait to see more of your OPs .
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I made the one for the Enzo/Caroline thread too, but we don't have nearly enough material for that one as we had for this one, so it's still pretty empty.

» Bella
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I like that, but since I know the scene they used for Klaus was when he was being a sassy bitch to Damon it looks a bit odd, facial expression wise.


Bella if you need help tracking down any fanarts/videos/quotes for some OPs let me know . I think you did such a great job with this one so I'm excited to see other ones you might make (that have enough material ).
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Caroline and Liz look so small comparing to Klaus in that first gif.

^ Aw, thanks for offering to help me. I'll definitely think of you when I make another one.

» Bella
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No problem .


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Cool video. Bittersweet.

I miss them.

» Bella
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candice accola, klaus mikaelson

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