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MikitaIsIt 02-03-2011 02:30 PM

Badass Soulmates l M & N #51: B/c "Its called 'Nikita' & thats truly where the love story is. Its Michael&Nikita" -Shane
M i c h a e l & N i k i t a
ever lasting; power couple; best friends; true love;

A p p r e c i a t i o n T h r e a d #51

Welcome to the Badass Soulmates thread. Where the BAMF's Michael & Nikita, of the hit TV show 'Nikita', are discussed and worshiped.
. . . where the true love story is . . .
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1. Michael x100000000 (BIGGEST SHIPPER EVER)
2. Nikita x100000000 (BIGGEST SHIPPER EVER)
3. Shane West x100000000 (BIGGEST SHIPPER EVER)
4. Maggie Q x100000000 (BIGGEST SHIPPER EVER)
5. E! Online
6. Craig Silverstein
7. Birkoff
8. TV Guide
9. Percy
10. Training Mats
11. Zap2it
12. The peeps who made/edited the “Tango” promo
13. Fancast
14. New York Comic Con
15. CW
16. Cellphones/Phones
17. Beds
18. Gun Dealers
19. DigitalSpy
20. Fanforum
21. Glass Windows
22. Daemon's TV
23. SpoilerTV Reviewer (GirlTalk)
24. Knives
25. Hotel rooms
26. Black tanks – or clothing in general
27. Amanda
28. Stayinginwithvlada
29. Dean Winchester
30. Sam Winchester
31. Castiel
32. Gold Stars
33. Brooke Davis
34. Haley James Scott
35. Sandra Bullock
36. Betty White
37. Spartans
38. Jack Dawson
39. Destiny Child's Hope Raft
40. Shooting Range
41. "Taking Down Division" Distraction
42. Sunglasses
43. Buffy
44. EricIGN
45. Clark Kent
46. Lois Lane
47. Chloe Sullivan
48. "We Own The Night" CW Promo
49. CliqueClack
1. Because it’s just the two of them now; and forever.
2. They have a history nothing can touch. It'll always be them.
3. Because she kept his gun in the pilot episode.
4. They love to tease each other.
5. They are both emotionally attached.
6. They are each others 1 in a million.
7. All they're daydreams/memories involve each other.
8. 90% of their thoughts revolve around each other.
9. Nikita is Michael's #1 priority. Even according to Percy's orders.
10. He was her first love and she was his second chance at love.
11. And each other’s last love.
12. Because they are each other’s only exception.
13. Michael chokes on his drink(s) just at the sight of Nikita.
14. They make fighting sexy.
15. Fighting is they're version of foreplay.
16. When Nikita found out about Daniel. Her priority was Michael.
17. No matter how many years go by. It's always just like old times.
18. After all this time they still know one another and what they need.
19. Nikita is just trying to protect him. And she always will.
20. They always make each other is safe before any mission. They are the priority.
21. When Percy said "Nikita" for the first time in the pilot. Michael's suppressed feelings all came rushing back to the surface.
22. They're better when they're together
23. Only with each other, they are who they really want to be.
24. The relationship & "love" they had for one another is so great even Percy recognizes it & fears it; as he should.
25. Michael was jealous Nikita didn't ask Birkoff about him.
26. He's got a secret smile just for her.
27. They are the ultimate badasses. A.K.A. Team Badass!
28. Michael counts the days he doesn't hear from Nikita.
29. Michael does the eyebrow raise after something that relates to Nikita.
30. They are each other's one and only.
31. The tension between them could cut air!
32. Their eyesex energy can cut through two sets of car windows (that may be bulletproof).
33. The true love story is what happened between Michael and Nikita.
34. Michael couldn't resist touching her for the first time in a while.
35. When he found out Nikita was alive, He breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, & cheered her on.
36. They have the same comeback for when they want to deny their feelings for each other: "Shut up!"
37. Michael loves when Nikita is on "his" radar. He looks forward to it!
38. He knows her so well, he knows she wouldn’t allow anyone to control her.
39. Nikita is the only woman he has ever loved.
40. Michael is the only man Nikita has ever truly loved.
41. Because they're equals.
42. She could never “let him die…” even if it means sacrificing her own mission.
43. They would sacrifice their own lives and safety before ever harming one another.
44. For them, "just like old times" involves leg spreading.
45. She knows him so well, she knew the exact time to call him at the gun dealer’s place.
46. Michael has "an attachment to things from the past" aka Nikita.
47. She wants to “stop meeting like this” because she wants to meet him in other, more intimate ways.
48. They can communicate through looks alone.
49. They are each other’s one and only true ‘goldstars’.
50. Michael loves to be on "top" of Nikita. I.E. Training Mat & Her Bed.
51. They feel like they’re always chasing after each other. Literally. But they rather do that, then anything else.
52. No one understands Michael & his past the way Nikita does.
53. She can take as much pain as she needs to, as long as it comes from Michael.
54. Because when she said she'd shoot Michael as a bluff, he knew she never would.
55. He knows she would never hurt him.
56. Because when he said, "Im going to find Nikita"...Birkhoff had to correct him and say, "Sarah".
57. Because for him, she’s “got nothing but moments”. Especially when they involve getting to tease/fight him.
58. He flew to Hong Kong to go after her and then he saved her.
59. Because he’s “terrified” of her.
60. It's only Nikita that Michael can't bring in.
61. They are masters in the art of martial arts, gun handling, teasing and bantering.
62. When Michael had her in the grasp in 1x03 he was worried about her hurting herself more then she already has.
63. They do “almost” kissing better than any two people on this effing planet.
64. When Nikita was at Division, she brought Michael back to life when she opened his heart.
65. When she said “do you have a choice?”, she really meant “Why can’t we just leave this all behind and start a life together?”.
66. When Michael said, "I can't protect you anymore"...He really meant. "I'll protect you more then I ever have now because I can never lose you".
67. They’re not only lovers, they are almost like best friends who fell in love.
68. They break tension limits through telephones.
69. She is the only one that gives him the strength to question Division/Percy.
70. He lied to the person that "he owed his life"/Percy to protect her.
71. When he says she “doesn’t have a choice.”, he really means “I can’t be without you.”
72. Nikita brings out a fun/happy side to Michael.
73. “Evening the odds” for them, is getting to be on top of each other.
74. The only time Percy ever questioned Michael's loyalty to Division was in regards to Nikita & the "relationship" between them.
75. Because “that was pretty good” has so many hidden meanings regarding Mikita, we would need a whole other list for that.
76. When they are with each other, the entire world around them disappears.
77. Individually they are resilient. Together, they are unstoppable.
78. Because to Michael, there is only 1 Nikita & she's it for him.
79. Because they’re first vacation together for some R&R is going to be to Figi.
80. He's not supposed to show emotions because of his training, but when it comes to her his emotions are written everywhere.
81. She’s like a one woman Michael Bay movie, and he’s the male lead/love interest.
82. When everyone else believed she was dead, he still believed she was alive. He had to believe it.
83. His face when Percy mention her “(non-existent)boyfriend” was ironically the face of a very jealous real boyfriend.
84. When Percy ordered Division to take down Nikita after Michael found out she was still alive. He went from happy to death stare really fast. No one harms his girl!
85. They both have amazing and similar STFU! Faces for Percy.
86. The way he holds her in his arms shows how much he needs and wants her.
87. Michael made Percy’s point for him, and all of us. He can’t stop thinking/talking about Nikita. A.K.A. He's in love with her.
88. When Nikita was trapped in the house. He couldn't wait to get in "capture" aka see her and release all the sexual tension between them through a good fight.
89. Because of her smile and “my hero!” kind of look when he saved her in Hong Kong.
90. Because we really know when Nikita is alone in her safe house all by her self she's thinking of Michael.
91. When he misses her so much he can’t handle it, he needs to shoot or hit things.
92. They have never and will never pull the trigger on each other.
93. The way he pushed her onto her bed in “rough trade”, makes us think that was definitely not the first time they’d done that.
94. Her first mission, which Michael supervised, involved a baby. Foreshadowing much?
95. They try to be coy about their past relationship, and their present feelings. But they fail miserably.
96. His smile as he observes her kicking ass as a recruit, was of worship. Yeah, he kinda worships her.
97. They trust each other completely.
98. She is his girl. And he is her boy.
99. Many, many things bring them together. But nothing will ever be able to tear them apart.
100. They believe in each other.
1. Michael & Nikita to tell each other how they feel.
2. Nikita to be captured by someone other than Division, and Michael has to defy/trick Division in order to save her.
3. Michael to get captured & Nikita finds out worries/panics a bit & then kicks ass to save him.
4. Birkoff to point out to Nikita, that he sees right through her too on her feelings for Michael.
5. A nursing scene of some sort between them. I.E. One of them gets hurt the other has to patch them up in close proximity. Michael would have to be shirtless.
6. Learn why exactly, or who was behind, them "breaking up".
7. In a flashback, see a "I love you" moment, an "old times" moment (via Nikita 1x01), & Nikita to be the one to get closer to Michael after his confession to her.
8. Nikita telling Michael about her abusive past. And him hugging/comforting her.
9. Michael to start seeing Division for what it is and working towards becoming a part of Nikita's team. Lots of moments between them to show this progress.
10. A playful scene with Nikita on a mission, and her asking "nerd" to patch her through to Michael... and "nerd" teasing that's he's not going to, so Michael just interjects and takes the phone to talk to his girl.
11. Nikita and Michael addressing the past & what happened between them.
12. Michael flirting/sexy comment to Nikita about the "outfits" she wears in a conversation or not-going-to-shoot gun hold up.
13. An undercover mission where they pose as a sexy couple who flirt/tease each other (for example, butt slapping).
14. Michael being jealous in a flashback if Nikita had to go undercover as someone’s date/girlfriend/wife.
15. Michael and Nikita working a mission together and have an "almost kiss" moment.
16. Michael telling Nikita's about his haunting past and imply in some way that she is the only one he ever been able to opened up to about it.
17. Nikita to open up to Michael in the present about how the only hard thing about leaving Division behind, was having to leave him too.
18. In a flashback, Nikita telling Michael he is the only thing that feels right in all that she’s ever done in her life before division and with division.
19. Nikita lets Alex know her feelings for Michael and the past shared between them.
20. Having a flashback where they are maybe cuddling and they talk about what life would be like if they could be free from Division.
21. Michael sharing his feelings WITH Nikita on how he felt when people had been saying she was dead. How he can't lose her ever again because it hurt too damn much.
22. In a flashback, they get into an argument over Nikita hinting that she’s going to go rogue and in that, Michael actually saying how he can’t bare losing her.
23. Nikita asking Michael in the present if he still loves her too. And/or vice versa.
24. Nikita to take him to her safe house once, and him keeping that secret for her.
25. In the present or in a flashback, Nikita asking Michael if he would ever leave Division for her.
27. Michael actually telling Nikita for the very first time "not to get emotionally attached." And right off, seeing that they both already are. But Michael is trying to brush it off.
28. Nikita, as a recruit, having a hard time learning some kinda of martial arts thing, so Michael stays after hours to work on it with her. With other motives in mind too.
29. During Nikita's time as a recruit, Division was infiltrated by one of their enemy's, and the first thing Michael does... is get Nikita to a safe place in Division no one knows about but him and the higher ranking people there.
30. Nikita at her safe house, after she's just had an encounter with Michael, trying to tell herself to shut out her feelings.
31. Nikita shooting at a target practicing, Michael walks up behind her, places his hand on hers on the gun, and helps her aim & shoot the gun.

MikitaIsIt 02-03-2011 02:31 PM

In Shaggie We Trust

Shane and Maggie. Maggie and Shane.
These two are the wonderful souls of this earth that bring
Michael & Nikita to life for us all. To say that they're work
as Mikita is absolutely brilliant is quite the understatement.
Having been accomplished actors way before 'Nikita', they
have upped they're ability as actors when we see what they
bring to these two characters. It is impossible to imagine
any other actors playing these roles, because Shane & Maggie
have just absolutely owned them.
"What I love about Nikita is that she's not just...sometimes
when they do kick-ass chicks, they go gratuitously sexy or
cheesy or...she's not. She's the real deal. And the way they
write her and the way they present her is, I think, something
substantial for women, instead of fluff. I really enjoy that." - Maggie

"Michael is very torn between his own heart and soul and what he feels is right and wrong" - Shane

"The reason why liked her when I first read her was that she's not a super hero." - Maggie

"He’s a conflicted good guy. He hasn’t done great things
his entire life, but in his heart, in his soul, he is a good guy.
But he’s messsed up, and it’s going to take time for him to
heal, and he certainly isn’t doing it by working for Division." - Shane
"I don't like the thought that she could possibly even like someone else". - Shane

"It's funny, I was actually on a plane with Shane. The stewardess asked, "Chicken or beef?" I said,
"I'd rather die." [Laughs] Shane was laughing and said,
"She'll have tea." I'm actually making Shane healthier." - Maggie Q

"I get to see her sexy butt tattoo all the time." - Shane West

"I do have a nickname for Shane, yeah, he's going
to be so mad at me if I tell it. We had to do these
flashbacks with Shane, we took his hair and kind of
poofed it up a little bit and they combined it back so
it was kind of a little bit bouffanti and he came on set
and I just kept staring at him and he goes what are
you looking at….so I said that he looked like the love
child of Charlie Sheen and George Michael. So all day
I called him Charlie Michael." - Maggie Q

"I actually elbowed him in the back of the head. I said:
"Shane I can't do this unless I hit you for real". Because
it just wasn't looking right and then I hit you twice. And
he was so good … he went:
"it's ok, it's ok hun, it looks good."
- Maggie Q

"[...]You get to see how strong they were together.
Not together as in holding hands or kissing[...]but as
in being in each other’s presence while at Division." - Shane

"It’s so incredibly layered that it’s really kind of hard.
Nikita and Michael’s relationship is my favorite storyline throughout
the show." - Maggie

“It seems like he felt human with her,
but robotic with everyone else. I’d like to explore
more of that human side.” – Shane

"I think with those two, there is something very, very deep there — so deep that it’s scary." - Maggie Q

"Michael's heart is truly with Nikita" - Shane
"Maggie is just a wonderful human being, period.
She’s pretty amazing at making you feel bad about yourself.
She’s such a lover of humanity, of animals and of all walks of life, and she’s such a giving person, and that transcends to her acting.
She’s very giving, in every sense of the word, and she’s kind of a smart ass, and so am I. We get along that way,
and that’s huge for Michael and Nikita, and for us. We already care about each other a lot as actors, and I think that will show itself on screen.
We have a show to protect, and it’s something that we’re very passionateabout and hope that people will be passionate about as well." - Shane

"With Shane it’s funny, because he was training really hard for that fight and I was like, “Babe, I’m so proud
of you
, you’re doing so well and you look great.” He
looked at me and said, “Mag, it’s you!” And I was like, “What do you mean?” And he was like, “I have to fight you, what do you think I’m going to do!” Which was so
kind of awesome and sweet.
" - Maggie Q

"That would be a better question for Maggie to answer. That poor girl. We started joking around, but only half-joking, and said, “You need to have an episode with her not fighting.” She needs to do something that doesn’t have her in an incredible fight, in every episode." - Shane

MikitaIsIt 02-03-2011 02:31 PM
"You Think You Don't Have Anything To Live For? You Do. You Have Me"

What's not to love about Michael/Nikita? We have two of the hottest
actors with chemistry to boot and a storyline that has us jumping from
our seats every time we watch a new episode. We know that the road
ahead is going to be a bumpy one, but even with the small nuggets we
get it makes it worth it and keeps us on the edge of our seats and
wanting the next episode as soon as the one we're watching has faded to
From the scene in the alley to being so in sync they can take out a
crowd of security guards without even breaking a sweat, I know that
team badass is the best team to be rooting for!

- peekaboo_panda (Sammy)

What got me under Mikita's spell was the instant chemistry between Michael and Nikita. Even before their first meeting in episode one, you just knew that those two characters had a history together and got some intense emotions for one another. That's what got me into this fandom in the first place. I want to know what happened to Michael and Nikita that got them to the point, where they are now. Needless to say that I also want to know what will happen next and if or rather when Michael and Nikita will join forces again as teammates, friends and lovers.
- Kisara (Christine)

"i started to ship Michael and Nikita in the first episode after the alley scene. I love how badass they are together. I just love the chemistry between Maggie and Shane."
- OxTwinkleStarrxO

"Michael and Nikita...Nikita and Michael. You can't have one without the other; the two of them together just makes sense; they're constantly drawn to one another and that is not going to change. They may be fighting on different sides, but inwardly they're waiting for the day when there will be no more sides, when it will be just the two of them and the world will make sense again. She is his girl, he could never truly harm her and ultimately, he has her to live for. He is her tall, handsome man with a smokey voice, the man who loves her unlike any other could ever hope to. The tension, the body language, the chemistry, the history, the insane amount of potential that is there between them...they have it all, it is all part of why they are meant to be and why I love them so much. Michael and Nikita...Nikita and Michael...they really are "the true love story."
- Miss Fate (Gladys)

"Michael and Nikita are like two pieces of a missing puzzle. They complete each other in the entirety of the word. They are soul mates. That is not a word I typically throw around a lot...but when it comes to Michael & Nikita I truly believe it. The history, the love, the deep connection (So deep it's scary, as Maggie puts it), the willingness to go above and beyond to save each other even when it means risking their own lives, and the ability to care about each other when they are suppose to be enemies...all this is some of the few reasons I adore them. When Nikita is around she gives Michael more of a purpose, something more to believe in then just revenge, she helped heal his heart & open up a part of him that he had closed off from everyone after the tragic events he faced. She makes him question Division, which he should be. They make each other smile like no other when they are both such tormented individuals. They tease each other in a way that is so adorable and yet can flip a switch and be super hot the next moment. The way Michael admires Nikita from afar in such adoration is pure love. They don't even have to talk to understand each other, the looks they share say 1000 words alone. They are bad asses. They understand each other to the core and what they've been through. She makes him happy. He makes her happy. When they are both around each other they manage to soften & show a bit of their hearts to each other, when they were trained to be the exact opposite. They believe in each other & will always protect one another. She is his second chance and he was her 1st love. They will always find their way back to each other. I could go on for pages about these two and why I feel they are meant to be. Michael & Nikita to sum up are it for each other. They are each others heart and soul, encouragement, drive, protection, morality in a world that is typical immoral, purpose, future, and so much more. They complete each other and always will. Badass Soulmates FTW."
- PolNT0fN0ReTurN

Ok. let me preface this by saying how I have never, ever shipped or loved another couple like I do Mikita, ever in my whole effing life! But, dude, these two.. they just srsly own me. I can't even explain it. Ever since that alley scene, I don't think I've gone one day without thinking about them, even if just for a second. OTP is an understatement for me. I am actually in love with them.
Badass Soulmates - it's really hard to put all my love for these two imperfectly perfect for each other twosome into a short paragraph - last time i did this it turned into a 4 page essay. But I will just say this, there's very few instances in life when you can just plainly see that two people love each other - whole heartedly and unconditionally. And if you don't see it when you look at these two when they are together (or even apart but thinking of each other) well, you better gtfo - cause you are just... yeah. There is no way you can't see it. They completely each other in every way. They save each other - in every way a person can be saved. It is love. There's not really another way to put it. If they are not with each other, they will never be truly whole. Because they need each other. And love each other. Simple as that. Oh, and did I mention they kick all kinds of ass together? Yeah, Badass Soulmates. Don't even try to argue it. It's pointless. Because THEY ARE IT. period.
- MikitaIsIt

I was a little bummed at the end of 2010, because I felt like I was watching shows I didn't even really like, like I was shipping things I wasn't completely interested in. I wanted drama, complication, unrequited love (that would soon exclude the 'un' part), tension, sexiness, and most of all: GUNS AND ACTION AND FIGHTS.
I was done shipping those lovey dovey couples who only had their drama whenever the other person got someone else. But I got bummed because I realized such a ship did not exist.
And then there was Mikita.
Two troubled souls just circling each other, dancing this seemingly never ending tango that quickly shifts from teasing to repressed emotions, to fighting, to mutual understanding and back to something that can't be described with a word.
With Mikita, I got my drama. I got my guns, I got my explosions, my sexy dresses and the 'lovey dovey' part is nowhere to be found, yay for that. After shipping a couple for over 6 years, and seeing the same kind of eyesex over and over again, it just bothers you. But even the eyesex is different with Mikita.
Really, I could go on and on about this but I don't think you'd like reading a complete essay about why I love Mikita. I would just also like to add that my love for this couple has also grown because Shane & Maggie really understand their characters. Which doesn't happen that often, not on that level. Fans get the usual 'they belong together' shoved up their noses, but no more than that. But everything is different with this ship. From the Mikita to the Shaggie.
- forensicduck

When I think of Mikita I think of ying and yang they just completely fit as two halves of a whole. The first time I saw their scene even if it was just a look you could feel the connection between the characters not because I knew of the history but because the minute their eyes locked it was as if time stood still because the emotional connection was intensified and from their it continued to build to their coveted eye sex, and intensified chemistry each time they would meet up. And that's one of the main reason's I love them their not a sugarcoated fairytale love story they are real, they have felt all that goes with love for each other and the pain they can cause each other but it doesn't stop them from knowing that with the other is where they belong. That to me is what makes them each others soulmate because through everything they've been through their all encompassing love for each other shines through at every waking moment they think, look or fight with each other and that to me is enough to believe in these two as I have only believed in a few other couples they are each other's northern stars forever and always.
- RachaelAM

I love Mikita because they could be in a ballroom surrounded by all
the good and bad people and still their eyes would meet and for a split
second just the two would be all that matters. Why even bother explaining it when all it takes is to watch the show and i am sure everybody will know why we love them.
- liv_91

I love Michael and Nikita together for many reasons that others have probably already listed. But for me they were a sealed deal by the end of 1.04, Rough Trade.
How could I not fall for a couple who save each other with their high powered sniper rifles? Now THAT'S love!
- rove3

Mikita are everything others are NOT.!! Stylish,classy,intelligent, funny,sexy,entertaining,engaging,understated..and not to mention their crackling,combustible onscreen chemistry. Couples come ,couples go and
others linger on much after the curtains come down and lights have dimmed. They have kind of immortalized the characters of Michael and Nikita in a matter of extraordinaire !.I know they are not the original but they are the only ones that stand out for me. Mikita are the X-Factor..the ineXplicable factor really. Not to mention matching each other word to word,action to action,fight to the episodes i have seen the Spoken Word is so powerful between these two.They do nothing but talk and i am mesmerized(Episode 9 precisely).Their intense and light hearted flirting,their spirit,spontaneity and effervescence ….their super intense looks and how they gobble each other with their eyes. LOL.They complement each other and clash delightfully.They are 2 very strong individually scripted characters with their own set of strengths and follies.I think that is that is the beauty of Mikita where every line,every interaction is engrossing.And it doesn’t hurt that they both look devastatingly good either. The hidden smiles,the smirks,the passion,the heat,the caring, loving, naughtiness,flirtatiousness.I can go on and on.They give us those real feelings of love that make us think about them the whole day after the episode..What characters the writers have etched! They are one of the best looking leads with the most explosive chemistry and with the most gripping love story (coupled with outstanding acting) seen on TV for a long time. Nuff said!!
Favourite Mikita moment- “You think you have nothing to live for,you do,you have me”.... for me this was practically a love confession from Nikita.A Hall of
Fame Mikita Moment I would say...this sentence has more value than saying the usual,boring” I love You” to someone.There are some pairs that don’t need to say the inevitable 3 words..and Mikita are one of them!!
- Sehj_Delena

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I think i should go too..since i cant write either..i am basically typing from MIKITA HEAVEN...Plz stop the spoilers for sometime is too much for me to take.!!:thud::thud:

nhlover4ever 02-03-2011 02:40 PM

TFTNT! The title is absolutely perfect. :love:

theirishpanda 02-03-2011 02:42 PM


i am so happy right now!

forensicduck 02-03-2011 02:43 PM

TFTNT! :love: I think I can function again. :nod: But seriously, Shane's interviews are making me hyperventilate like a crazy ass fangirl and I ain't even mad. :)

MikitaIsIt 02-03-2011 02:44 PM



airali_glo 02-03-2011 02:45 PM

Dead. Definitely :thud:

rove3 02-03-2011 02:46 PM

TFTNT! LOVE the title! Shane sure has given us a boatload of Mikita presents! I'm so pumped for the rest of the season. I want it all NOW!!


point0fn0return 02-03-2011 02:47 PM


Sehj_Delena 02-03-2011 02:48 PM


I Love the title..Gosh you will have so many options now...for all future threads.!:)!

theirishpanda 02-03-2011 02:49 PM

The strong connection quote made my Shaggie heart sing - so legit, and that was so freakin' cute!

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