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(Badass Soulmates) Michael & Nikita #43: B/c if he wasn't going to fight for his life, she was going to do it for him.


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1. Because it’s just the two of them now; and forever.
2. They have a history nothing can touch. It'll always be them.
3. Because she kept his gun in the pilot episode.
4. They love to tease each other.
5. They are both emotionally attached.
6. They are each others 1 in a million.
7. All they're daydreams/memories involve each other.
8. 90% of their thoughts revolve around each other.
9. Nikita is Michael's #1 priority. Even according to Percy's orders.
10. He was her first love and she was his second chance at love.
11. And each other’s last love.
12. Because they are each other’s only exception.
13. Michael chokes on his drink(s) just at the sight of Nikita.
14. They make fighting sexy.
15. Fighting is they're version of foreplay.
16. When Nikita found out about Daniel. Her priority was Michael.
17. No matter how many years go by. It's always just like old times.
18. After all this time they still know one another and what they need.
19. Nikita is just trying to protect him. And she always will.
20. They always make each other is safe before any mission. They are the priority.
21. When Percy said "Nikita" for the first time in the pilot. Michael's suppressed feelings all came rushing back to the surface.
22. They're better when they're together
23. Only with each other, they are who they really want to be.
24. The relationship & "love" they had for one another is so great even Percy recognizes it & fears it; as he should.
25. Michael was jealous Nikita didn't ask Birkoff about him.
26. He's got a secret smile just for her.
27. They are the ultimate badasses. A.K.A. Team Badass!
28. Michael counts the days he doesn't hear from Nikita.
29. Michael does the eyebrow raise after something that relates to Nikita.
30. They are each other's one and only.
31. The tension between them could cut air!
32. Their eyesex energy can cut through two sets of car windows (that may be bulletproof).
33. The true love story is what happened between Michael and Nikita.
34. Michael couldn't resist touching her for the first time in a while.
35. When he found out Nikita was alive, He breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, & cheered her on.
36. They have the same comeback for when they want to deny their feelings for each other: "Shut up!"
37. Michael loves when Nikita is on "his" radar. He looks forward to it!
38. He knows her so well, he knows she wouldn’t allow anyone to control her.
39. Nikita is the only woman he has ever loved.
40. Michael is the only man Nikita has ever truly loved.
41. Because they're equals.
42. She could never “let him die…” even if it means sacrificing her own mission.
43. They would sacrifice their own lives and safety before ever harming one another.
44. For them, "just like old times" involves leg spreading.
45. She knows him so well, she knew the exact time to call him at the gun dealer’s place.
46. Michael has "an attachment to things from the past" aka Nikita.
47. She wants to “stop meeting like this” because she wants to meet him in other, more intimate ways.
48. They can communicate through looks alone.
49. They are each other’s one and only true ‘goldstars’.
50. Michael loves to be on "top" of Nikita. I.E. Training Mat & Her Bed.
51. They feel like they’re always chasing after each other. Literally. But they rather do that, then anything else.
52. No one understands Michael & his past the way Nikita does.
53. She can take as much pain as she needs to, as long as it comes from Michael.
54. Because when she said she'd shoot Michael as a bluff, he knew she never would.
55. He knows she would never hurt him.
56. Because when he said, "Im going to find Nikita"...Birkhoff had to correct him and say, "Sarah".
57. Because for him, she’s “got nothing but moments”. Especially when they involve getting to tease/fight him.
58. He flew to Hong Kong to go after her and then he saved her.
59. Because he’s “terrified” of her.
60. It's only Nikita that Michael can't bring in.
61. They are masters in the art of martial arts, gun handling, teasing and bantering.
62. When Michael had her in the grasp in 1x03 he was worried about her hurting herself more then she already has.
63. They do “almost” kissing better than any two people on this effing planet.
64. When Nikita was at Division, she brought Michael back to life when she opened his heart.
65. When she said “do you have a choice?”, she really meant “Why can’t we just leave this all behind and start a life together?”.
66. When Michael said, "I can't protect you anymore"...He really meant. "I'll protect you more then I ever have now because I can never lose you".
67. They’re not only lovers, they are almost like best friends who fell in love.
68. They break tension limits through telephones.
69. She is the only one that gives him the strength to question Division/Percy.
70. He lied to the person that "he owed his life"/Percy to protect her.
71. When he says she “doesn’t have a choice.”, he really means “I can’t be without you.”
72. Nikita brings out a fun/happy side to Michael.
73. “Evening the odds” for them, is getting to be on top of each other.
74. The only time Percy ever questioned Michael's loyalty to Division was in regards to Nikita & the "relationship" between them.
75. Because “that was pretty good” has so many hidden meanings regarding Mikita, we would need a whole other list for that.
76. When they are with each other, the entire world around them disappears.
77. Individually they are resilient. Together, they are unstoppable.
78. Because to Michael, there is only 1 Nikita & she's it for him.
79. Because they’re first vacation together for some R&R is going to be to Figi.
80. He's not supposed to show emotions because of his training, but when it comes to her his emotions are written everywhere.
81. She’s like a one woman Michael Bay movie, and he’s the male lead/love interest.
82. When everyone else believed she was dead, he still believed she was alive. He had to believe it.
83. His face when Percy mention her “(non-existent)boyfriend” was ironically the face of a very jealous real boyfriend.
84. When Percy ordered Division to take down Nikita after Michael found out she was still alive. He went from happy to death stare really fast. No one harms his girl!
85. They both have amazing and similar STFU! Faces for Percy.
86. The way he holds her in his arms shows how much he needs and wants her.
87. Michael made Percy’s point for him, and all of us. He can’t stop thinking/talking about Nikita. A.K.A. He's in love with her.
88. When Nikita was trapped in the house. He couldn't wait to get in "capture" aka see her and release all the sexual tension between them through a good fight.
89. Because of her smile and “my hero!” kind of look when he saved her in Hong Kong.
90. Because we really know when Nikita is alone in her safe house all by her self she's thinking of Michael.
91. When he misses her so much he can’t handle it, he needs to shoot or hit things.
92. They have never and will never pull the trigger on each other.
93. The way he pushed her onto her bed in “rough trade”, makes us think that was definitely not the first time they’d done that.
94. Her first mission, which Michael supervised, involved a baby. Foreshadowing much?
95. They try to be coy about their past relationship, and their present feelings. But they fail miserably.
96. His smile as he observes her kicking ass as a recruit, was of worship. Yeah, he kinda worships her.
97. They trust each other completely.
98. She is his girl. And he is her boy.
99. Many, many things bring them together. But nothing will ever be able to tear them apart.
100. They believe in each other.
101. This is only the beginning of their story and the love they share for each other.
102. Because she voluntarily goes to help her boy.
103. Because he knows her so much, he's aware when she has more then 1 gun.
104. Because they are shared a hotel room. For a mission *wink wink*
105. Because "no one thinks of changing himself" really means "I believe in you".
106. Shane makes us love Michael as much as Nikita loves him.
107. They make the hottest Undercover team ever. Mr & Mrs Smith 2.0.
108. They're soulmates. They know it. And we know it. Period.
109. Because he makes her smile in the most adorable ways possible. It's love.
110. They make 'swaps' better than anyone in this effing planet.
111. She now has a personal collection of his weapons. I.E. Gun & Knife. It's love!
112. Because in Nikita, Michael has something to live for.
113. She flew across the country to be there for him and help him kill Kasim.
114. They have a co-dependent relationship.
115. She admitted they had a "relationship" even if it's a bit dysfunctional right now.
116. They save each other's lives. In every sense.
117. Nikita loves admiring Michael's "Guns"
118. The only person Michael would share his "bad boy" with, is Nikita.
119. Because even though he's still at Division, no matter what, she'll always be his "Nikita".
120. Because Nikita's "friend" is "tall, smokey voice, and very sexy."
121. They do black tanks better than any two people on this effing planet.
122. After Nikita rescued Michael, she made it a point to grab his arm twice, fully wrapping around it - bear hug style. They love to touch each other.
123. Because Michael knows of all her secret "weapons"
124. She is the only one that was able to break his long distance shoot record. They're equals.
125. Because Michael loves a woman that can kick his butt at shooting a gun. I.E. the smile & laughter says it all!
126. Because he's proud SHE was the one to break his record and no one else.
127. It may suck to be him when he's at Division. But it never sucks when he's with HER.
128. He gave her his special knife as a "Good Luck Charm."
129. She knows he had to take the shot. She knows and understands him like no one else.
130. Because when they smile at each other they come alive.
131. When Michael got kidnapped Nikita lost it. She's trained to control her emotions but Michael means the world to her.
132. Because his "Atta girl" just proves how much the worships and admires her.
133. On some level, Michael KNEW Nikita would rescue him.
134. Her betrayal hurts so much because he ALWAYS did trust her.
135. Because Michael is willing to risk being exposed in order to save Nikita.
136. Because of even though he was hurting, he managed a smile when he heard she was there to rescue him.
137. When he called her, "Big Girl" and grinned at her...It was possibly the sexiest thing ever & she enjoyed it as well.
138. She is the water to his fire. She comforts him when he needs it the most.
139. Because there are no rules when it comes to Mikita
140. His look when she said he still had her, said it all. It's exactly what he wanted/needed to hear.
140. They hide in bushes so well together.
141. Only they can flirt beyond adorably while on a Mission. They were made for each other.
142. His look when she said he still had her, said it all. It's exactly what he wanted/needed to hear.
143. Because if Michael wasn't going to fight for his life, she would do it for him.
144. She found it cute when he asked her to remove her guns & knife. She adores how serious he can be at times.
145. Because as much as it might have felt like it, she could never lose him. They are a part of each other.
146. Because it hurts Nikita to know she is the cause of Michael's pain
147. Even she told him in 1x09, "I'd never hurt you." Every fight scene after this talk is invalid. Automatic forfeit. They'd never hurt each other.
148. Because Michael's "yes, sir" to Percy was not convincing at all.
149. Michael loved her enough to tell her about his entire past and, apparently, show her an image of what Kasim looks like.
150. Because our OTP has it all: angst, chemistry, flirty banter, deep connection, hotness, and love.

1. Michael & Nikita to tell each other how they feel.
2. Nikita to be captured by someone other than Division, and Michael has to defy/trick Division in order to save her.
3. Michael to get captured & Nikita finds out worries/panics a bit & then kicks ass to save him.
4. Birkoff to point out to Nikita, that he sees right through her too on her feelings for Michael.
5. A nursing scene of some sort between them. I.E. One of them gets hurt the other has to patch them up in close proximity. Michael would have to be shirtless.
6. Learn why exactly, or who was behind, them "breaking up".
7. In a flashback, see a "I love you" moment, an "old times" moment (via Nikita 1x01), & Nikita to be the one to get closer to Michael after his confession to her.
8. Nikita telling Michael about her abusive past. And him hugging/comforting her.
9. Michael to start seeing Division for what it is and working towards becoming a part of Nikita's team. Lots of moments between them to show this progress.
10. A playful scene with Nikita on a mission, and her asking "nerd" to patch her through to Michael... and "nerd" teasing that's he's not going to, so Michael just interjects and takes the phone to talk to his girl.
11. Nikita and Michael addressing the past & what happened between them.
12. Michael flirting/sexy comment to Nikita about the "outfits" she wears in a conversation or not-going-to-shoot gun hold up.
13. An undercover mission where they pose as a sexy couple who flirt/tease each other (for example, butt slapping).
14. Michael being jealous in a flashback if Nikita had to go undercover as someone’s date/girlfriend/wife.
15. Michael and Nikita working a mission together and have an "almost kiss" moment.
16. 16. Michael telling Nikita's about his haunting past and imply in some way that she is the only one he ever been able to opened up to about it.
17. Nikita to open up to Michael in the present about how the only hard thing about leaving Division behind, was having to leave him too.
18. In a flashback, Nikita telling Michael he is the only thing that feels right in all that she’s ever done in her life before division and with division.
19. Nikita lets Alex know her feelings for Michael and the past shared between them.
20. Having a flashback where they are maybe cuddling and they talk about what life would be like if they could be free from Division.
21. Michael sharing his feelings WITH Nikita on how he felt when people had been saying she was dead. How he can't lose her ever again because it hurt too damn much.
22. In a flashback, they get into an argument over Nikita hinting that she’s going to go rogue and in that, Michael actually saying how he can’t bare losing her.
23. Nikita asking Michael in the present if he still loves her too. And/or vice versa.
24. Nikita to take him to her safe house once, and him keeping that secret for her.
25. In the present or in a flashback, Nikita asking Michael if he would ever leave Division for her.
27. Michael actually telling Nikita for the very first time "not to get emotionally attached." And right off, seeing that they both already are. But Michael is trying to brush it off.
28. Nikita, as a recruit, having a hard time learning some kinda of martial arts thing, so Michael stays after hours to work on it with her. With other motives in mind too.
29. During Nikita's time as a recruit, Division was infiltrated by one of their enemy's, and the first thing Michael does... is get Nikita to a safe place in Division no one knows about but him and the higher ranking people there.
30. Nikita at her safe house, after she's just had an encounter with Michael, trying to tell herself to shut out her feelings.
31. Nikita shooting at a target practicing, Michael walks up behind her, places his hand on hers on the gun, and helps her aim & shoot the gun.

Because he can't bring himself to shoot her.
Because Nikita is the only woman he has ever loved.
Because she wants to protect him and he wants to protect her.
Because they're equals.
Because Nikita's hotness almost made Michael choke on his wine.
Because they can't stay away from each other.
Because Nikita couldn't let him die.
Because they both got emotionally attached to each other.
Because no matter what happens, they'll always save each other.
Because they can't let each other go.
Because we can't wait to see more of their past together.
Because they fight because they can't sleep together... yet.
Because some rules are meant to be broken.
Because Maggie and Shane both agree: "[Mikita] fights because they can't have sex."
Because the only reason Percy would ever question Michael - is because of his relationship (a.k.a love) for Nikita.
Because he has "an attachment to things from the past."
Because he was beyond relieved to know his girl is still alive.
Because our boy LOVES our girl.
Because they are making our point for us.
Because they're eyesex energy is so powerful it cuts through TWO sets of car windows!
Because they are who they really want to be with each other.
Because yes, they are going to be stationed in a hotel room next eppy. *thud*
Because Mikita may think they are delusional, but our love for them isn't"
Because it's actually quite simple to put it. They complete each other.
Because they are the masters of eyesex.
Because no other couple in history makes black tanks look so damn hot.
Because they can never keep a low profile. They are too epic.
Because we agree, Michael knows they're soulmates. And so should the world.
Because they hate each other. And they love each other. But it's always, each other.
Because they are a dangerous love affair.
Because he's right over her shoulder and she keeps him focused.
Because he can be her bodyguard anytime.
Because they are not familiar, nor care, about the concept of personal space. And that's fine by us.
Because he may be far when he admires her, but it means all the same in the end.
Because when Mikita gives in, run for it! Legit world implosion.
Because the pool is Nikita's therapy when dealing with missing Michael.
Because deep down Michael knows Nikita is all about him too - not herself.
B/c The only one that can handle her is him. And only she can handle him.
Because were in love with number 27 and number 35.
B/c tracking down Kaseem was just as personal for Nikita as it was for Michael.
B/c "Leave Division and Join You?", "Babysteps". Foreshadowing much?
B/c she wants him to be "free and clear"..... to be with her. *le sigh*.
Because he told her to spread her LEGS
B/c they are so perfect for each other, they finish each others sentences.
B/c to them, love was just a word. Until in each other, they found its meaning.
B/c their love is It can never truly be explained.
B/c her prince WILL come. He's just sidetracked by the evil witch atm.
B/c "Love is a better master than duty." said Einstein. Listen to the wise Michael!
Because they are anything but unremarkable

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“The true love story, is what happened between Michael and Nikita.” - Shane

Michael:It wasn’t you life. It was your cover…I warned you not to get emotionally attached.”
Nikita: “You mean the way you did…with me?”
Michael: “Don’t! *point gun* Don’t.”

Michael: “Get down on the ground. Slowly. Spread your arms and your legs”
Nikita: Just like old times, huh?”
Michael: “Shut up.”

Nikita: “It’s a good wound. They’ll think you tried to stop me. I’m just trying to protect you.”

Michael: “You should have taken out Mirko when you had the shot.”
Nikita: “And let you die…?

Michael: “Look, the more you try to do this, the more you hurt yourself.”
Nikita: “Michael, you have no idea how much pain I can take.”

Michael: “She won’t hurt me…”
Nikita: “Shut Up!”

“My theory is, we (Mikita) fight, because we can’t have sex” - Maggie

Nikita: “I may just have to fight you for it. You scared?

Nikita: “Wanna even the odds?”
Michael: “Sure. *knocks her to the ground*”
{Michael is on top of her}

Nikita: “That was pretty good.”

Michael: “Oh Nikita, where are you?”
Nikita: “Figi. I needed some R&R.”

Percy: “The only time I ever even questioned it (his loyalty) was during your relationship with Nikita.”
Michael: “What relationship?”

Owen: “I knew it was a matter of time before I had to tell you.”
Nikita:Did Michael know? […] About the kill order?”

Michael: “So, Nikita’s been off the radar for 3 days, and your already so bored that your playing puppeteer to amuse yourself.”
Percy: “And you keep talking about Nikita, it’s like you’re making my point for me.”

"It's not hard to bring Michael and Nikita together. It's hard to keep them apart". - Shane

Nikita: “It’s just you and me now.”

Nikita: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Nikita: “Look, we all wear masks. Everyone, everyday. Sometimes we wear them so much, we forget who we really are.
And sometimes, if were lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really wanna be. Who we should be.”

Nikita: Michael, I’m not gonna hurt you.
Michael: Really? You know my shoulder’s still sore from when you shot me.
Nikita: Then I saved your life.
Michael: And then I saved yours.
Nikita: Great. Codependent relationship

Nikita: "If we do this, you're free and clear."
Michael: "To do what? Leave Division and join you?"
Nikita: "Babysteps."

Michael: "You? And what makes you think your getting this badboy?"
Nikita: "I'm the better shot."
Michael: "Ah. I knew you'd gone rogue. Didn't know you'd gone delusional."
Nikita: "Uh, I'm sorry. I remember someone who broke the Division long distance shoot record in her first year of eligibility."
Michael: "No respect for the man who's mark you broke huh?"
Nikita: "Sucks to be you."

Michael: Take this. (holds out his knife)
Nikita: I have.
Michael: Mine is better. And I don’t need it up here. As long as you bring it back.
Nikita: This mission’s over. I know my goal. I’m a big girl now. I don’t need a good luck charm.
Michael: Take it anyway, big girl.

Michael: I hope you find what you’re looking for.
Nikita: Shut up. You don’t get to say your goodbyes.
Michael: Goodbye, Nikita.
Nikita: Michael! Michael! Listen, listen to me, Michael. You think you don’t have anything to live for? You do. You have me.

1. Mikitaism: noun. the practice of worshiping/obsessing over Mikita.
2. Mikitaverse: noun. any and all Mikita threads.
3. Mikita-etts: noun. those who worship/obsess over Mikita.
4. Power of Mikita: noun. the driving force behind Mikita-etts and everything Mikita. The power possesses you; consequently will lead to fangirling.
5. Amazeballs: adj. descriptive of Mikita love.
6. OMM: abbreviation for "Oh My Mikita"
7. Mikitable: adj. anything adorable pertaining to Mikita.
8. Mikitafied: noun. when daily actions/thoughts automatically relate to Mikita.
9. Mikitaversion: noun. the art of enlightening an individual to clearly see all the glory/amazingness that Mikita represents.
10. Mikita-nugget: noun. subtly, yet, epic Mikita scenes.
11. Mikissed: adj. a pissed off Mikita fan. Approach with caution.
12. FYEAHMikita - A slogan Mikita-etts use to portray the f**ing awesomeness of Mikita.
13. Mik-ud: noun. The thud sound of Mikita-etts passing out 1 by 1 after a Mikita scene.
14. Mikita-romp: noun. A dance ritual specialized for Mikita happy-times.
15. Mikita-holic: adj. A Mikita fan that often gets drunk on Mikita.
16. Mikita-ex: noun. The average Mikita-ett. Thoughts of Mikita and naughty times.
17. Kita-Cockblocker - Someone who constantly gets in the way of Mikita having sexytimes. Mikita-etts must search and destroy. No hostages.
18. Hellatus: noun. the unbearable period of time Mikita-etts must survive without their main source of power.

"So that always makes it more interesting I think...when it comes to love". - Maggie

Download the fanmix here

Michael/Nikita - Already Over
Nikita & Michael // I'm In Here
○ mikita: I'm not a perfect person
do what you do to me {nikita/michael}
NIKITA~Nikita/Michael "Let it fall, let it crash, burn slow...."
Nikita/Michael - Come Home [vidlet]
Michael & Nikita || One Day
Michael/Nikita - Crossfire
Nikita&Mickeal "Be the one"
Nikita&Micheal -- can't stop the desire }
Nikita - Michael - Dance with the devil
Michael / Nikita || Don't let me go...
● (Read desc please) Nikita/Michael;; "I'll be brave starting with you."
Michael & Nikita || Yes. But Then I Lost Him
how did it come to this? (michael;nikita)
Nikita & Michael // We Are [Collab w//NRP]
Michael & Nikita || Say (All I Need)
Michael&Nikita | Hot n' Cold
Michael & Nikita || Love the Way You Lie
Nikita/Michael - I wanna...
Nikita & Michael // Fall For You
michael&nikita - our love's the perfect crime.
Nikita&Michael | Cross My Heart
vidlet • mikita: can you feel all the love?
michael and nikita • my beginning and my end
Michael/Nikita - I got You
Nikita & Michael - For Your Entertainment
Nikita & Michael || Until We Bleed
Michael & Nikita || Scares of Yesterday
Mikita (Michael & Nikita) - Just Scattered Pieces of Who I Am
Michael&Nikita | In My Veins
○ michael/nikita: say it if it's worth savin' me
YouTube - (what about now?) michael/nikita
YouTube - Nikita//Michael ::SHOW ME YOUR TEETH:: {TAYLOR'S WISH #2}
Michael / Nikita aka MIKITA - 21 Guns
Nikita & Michael || Even Now
{{U R A Fever}} Mikita
Hurricane // Michael & Nikita
Michael & Nikita || Beautiful
Nikita ღ Michael || "There's a reason that you're still here in my heart ..."
michael: nikita I fall for you
Michael & Nikita || It is what it is
Michael / Nikita (Mikita) - Amazing
Michael/Nikita - Need
Michael/Nikita (Mikita) - Don't say
Nikita & Michael ; Warning Sign
Michael / Nikita (Mikita) - Long Shot
Nikita & Michael // Who Am I To Say
Nikita & Michael \\ Shattered
Nikita ღ Michael || "I will never let you fall..."
Nikita - Michael/Nikita - You left me...


Do what you do to me - by peekab00panda


"I think something sparked between them – something that I don’t think Michael had had for a very long time, and something that I think that Nikita had never had. I think that that strong bond is keeping them together, as well." - Shane
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I'll admit myself that I love to stare at the OP because of all of their moments
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Thanks babe! I'm off now, though. Got some chores to do.
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No problem bb's!!!

Bye Ducky! ttys!

and Sammy, i admit myself that everytime we have a new thread... i read over the ENTIRE OP! like every single line!
and then when, it gets to the gifs at the end. Thats when i rly lose it. Totally go off into my own Mikita world for like 10min! lol
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Aww, bye Ducky

I agree Rachel, it's addictive - I actually found a song that I'm making a vid out of, not Love Remains the Same, thats for later And a line in it, it just fits Mikita so well I think it needs to be added to a list of future thread titles

"we are anything but unremarkable" - how fitting is that?

Because they are anything but unremarkable
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Totally future title material bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gonna add that to the OP so we dont forget!!


and what song is it!? if you dont mind me asking!??! is this the next vid your gonna put out!??! Im dying for another Mikita vid from you!!!

ETA: oops.. never mind you already added it!
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Opps...I had a moment and thought I'd started it because I can always see the edit button *headslap*

I'll DM you only because I tend to change my mind so much I don't want to confuse people
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TFTNT! Every time I come to a new thread, I read through the entire OP because it's so gorgeous.
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oh nah dont worry about it! and i got your dm! I cant WAIT for the vid to come out! gonna be amazing im sure!

the OP rly is amazing! MIKITA is AMAZING
i was thinking though.. are we gonna go ahead and do the little revamp on it for the 50th? Like revamp the arts for section titles... the art itself for the moments i dont think needs to be changed cause its pretty perfect!
but we can maybe add shipper testys?? change up the color scheme a bit? i always think of black/red when it come to Mikita.. idk why! but its just a suggestion too and update the wishlist/reasons??
and then make icons for celebrating the 50th??

idk what do you guys think?
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tftnt our OP is
You came late, but I left the light on for you, babe
I never let my hurt burn my hope away
And now I give you all that I saved.
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TFTN The OP is absolutely stunning and full of Mikita goodness

"Nathan... this is what we do alright,
we're that couple
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No problem on the thread bb's! my pleasure!!!

OMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW VID!!!!!

AND ITS EPIC. HOLY SHIZ!!! I flove it soooo much!!!

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Thanks for sharing!
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