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Old 04-21-2018, 03:23 AM
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c e l e b r a t i n g . . .

. . . a t k e l l y c l a r k s o n

so  T H A N K F U L  for the love that you keep bringing in my life

For me, Kelly is adorable, funny, down to earth, a dork, & an amazing singer/songwriter. She's not afraid to show her humanity
& how much she can be a fangirl, regardless of the fact that she's famous herself. Fame doesn't take away from who she is, she's
just her. Kelly's just doing something she loves, while being a wife, mother, ect. Its beside the point that doing what she loves
involves sharing a lot with the entire world. - Chelle (calling me home)

I love her personality, I love that she's very open and blunt but also completely herself no matter where she is. She's a great artist
with a great sense of music and a wonderful heart and love for everything and everyone that she cares about. - Karen (heartღaflutter)

I love Kelly because she's so open and personable. She doesn't put on an act, or make herself anything other than Kelly. She hasn't
let fame go to her head, and she's one of the kindest celebrities (and people in general) from what I've seen. And, of course, I love
her voice. How could anyone not love that voice of hers? - Amelia (kiss the wind)

Because she has such a fun and great personality. She always super nice to everyone she meets. And her voice is one of the
best in the world and she sings with so much feeling in all of her songs. - Jessica (morgonrodnad)

She has such a powerful voice as well the music she sings is very powerful - the songs delivery strong and meaningful messages.
As well, she has a fun personality - Sarah (beyond insane)

She's such a talented and amazing person to be a fan of. - Ashley (could never leave you)

She has an amazing personality, she is so funny, cute and just a genuinely nice person. And of course her voice, if I had to listen
to one voice forever Kelly's would be it. - Kelly (xkellyx)

Kelly has a fantastic personality, amazing voice (of course) and just comes off as such a genuine and awesome person. I've had the
pleasure of watching her in concert once and would absolutely go for another one if I ever had the chance to ... it was a true masterclass
in poise, beautiful performances and just Kelly being Kelly. Seeing her thrive in her personal life and having a beautiful/happy family
now also makes me happy because she had a hard childhood but rose above that to find happiness for herself. - Sarah (destroyer of worlds)

Everything. She is this incredible person who has so much to offer and so much talent while still being down to earth and genuine.
Fame does not destroy who she is, or seem to affect her. She is just herself, no matter what people think of her. Kelly is an
inspiration and how can anyone not love her for that? She has this voice which makes you stop and listen, or it was that way for
me and I have never regretted listening, finding more, or discovering how inspirational she is. - Mimica (PurpleLily)

gotta keep moving on, moving on, fly away,  B R E A K A W A Y

This board is a place to share the love for Kelly with people who completely understand why you fangirl over her. There's
also amazing posters, & there's always been such a wonderfulatmosphere on the board. - Chelle (calling me home)

It's a fun place to be. Lots of discussion, fun, love and laughter. A nice place to call home on the internet - Karen (heartღaflutter)

I love the board because despite being a small group, we are really dedicated and truly are united by our love for Kelly.
There's a lack of drama (which I have seen before in other parts of KC fandom, sadly), which I really appreciate. The Kelly
board and all of the posters are like a community of real friends. - Amelia (kiss the wind)

Because of all the posters! And there are so many great threads to post in. - Jessica (morgonrodnad)

The board is a great place to come and share with others about Kelly - either her music or her other projects like coach for
music competitions. Mods + Posters are all friendly as well as passionate - Sarah (beyond insane)

It's a really fun place to post and all of the posters are great to post with. - Ashley (could never leave you)

The amazing posters! I haven't been a regular poster as long as most here but everyone is lovely and welcoming. - Kelly (xkellyx)

Admittedly, I have not had the chance to stop by as much as I would have liked ... but everytime that I do, I just feel so
welcome and everyone is so friendly and nice that it's such a nice, relaxing board to post on. So kudos to the mods and
posters for this! - Sarah (destroyer of worlds)

In the words of one of the former moderators: You should join Fan Forum, there is a Kelly board, and they are amazing
there regardless of how big of a fan you are or where your love comes from. She was telling me that she was happy and
welcomed here regardless of if she came as a Reba fan. I am going to presume that if a board can convince her to admit
she is a fan of Kelly too and not fake argue with me that Reba is better and all that matters then this is an incredible place.
From my extremely limited experience it seems amazing and welcoming, and I wish I could post here with you all to share
the love for this incredible singer and woman. Instead I will just send you all love. - Mimica (PurpleLily)

never again will I hear you,  M Y D E C E M B E R  is free therapy

Because of You is an incredible song. I've got a thing for ballads anyway, but this song will always hold a special place in
my heart simply for being the song which introduced me to Kelly. But the song is powerful & strong, it has pain & also the
turn around of coming away from that & I love that. Its my all time favourite song, not just my favourite Kelly song, & I don't
see that changing any time soon. I don't just love the song though, I can relate to it as well. I can't say I've exactly been in a
fully abusive situation, but I know what its like to be afraid & not wanting to break. I know what its like to watch someone
suffer through the affects of abuse & be helpless to help them. Having that person in my life shaped me in a way, may
have added to some lack of trust I have in people. The second verse though hits hard - I've been there where I can't cry,
I can't show weakness, I have to fake my way through no matter what, just to support another person. The song has taken
lots of meanings in my life, I always go back to it. I'm going to pick two songs & add I Don't Think About You too. For
me its a closure song; the close of the chapter right now. Piece by Piece may be the end of Kelly's story & connected to BoY
but this song is mine. No I haven't found the strength to reach this place yet, but it gives me strength & inspiration to keep
going, to keep fighting, until I do. In the mix of a whole lot of awful emotions I went through last year this was a light to put
at the end of the tunnel & maybe one day I'll feel like myself again & my heart won't hurt this much. - Chelle (calling me home)

In this moment it's I Don't Think About You. My last boyfriend really damaged me and made me feel and think bad about
myself. After that relationship I told myself that I would never let anyone make me feel like that about myself again. Current
boyfriend truly helps in that matter as well though in a way the damage is always slightly there. This song helps me feel the right
feels when I feel good about myself and where I've come from. Though Breakaway is a great song for the same reason as well,
especially the lyrics of the chorus. - Karen (heartღaflutter)

That's difficult to say. Because of You is probably one of the main ones (reason being that it's a relatable situation to many,
myself included). I connect to Miss Independent - that song is very, very me. You Can't Win is just truly
applicable to all aspects of life. - Amelia (kiss the wind)

Even though Maybe is my favorite song, the song that is meaningful for me is probably Because of You. Because that
song helped me a lot when I didn't have any real friends and was bullied. Even if the song is about family. It was a song
that meant a lot to me and still does. Because of the bullying I have had hard time trusting and opening up to people. And
that song speaks about that in the chorus a lot. - Jessica (morgonrodnad)

Behind These Hazel Eyes - Sarah (beyond insane)

You Can't Win is a very relatable and strong song that I love. - Ashley (could never leave you)

Probably You Love Me, that song came out at a perfect time for me. - Kelly (xkellyx)

Beautiful Disaster ... it's just raw, real and just beautifully sung by Kelly. Because of You and Piece by Piece
are beautifully gut wrenching because of Kelly infusing her feelings about her history/background into the songs and I
also adore Breakaway, Already Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes. - Sarah (destroyer of worlds)

I feel I could be alone in this one as it is from the album which holds the least amount of Kelly in it but Cry. I have
always found it to be an amazing song and adore her vocals on it, however after experiencing loss in my life (my mum,
my cousin Rae) that cut me deep it really spoke to me and how I felt/feel from those moments. The song is clearly not
about death, but the chorus and final verse I connect to. My favourite song is Be Still and I am not sure if I can
explain that one. A notable mention is People Like Us. It is a great anthem I can really relate to and I would
like to be there to support people who need/want it. - Mimica (PurpleLily)

A L L I E V E R W A N T E D  was an in between to escape

Every time Kelly fangirls over something, even if I'm not a fan of it too, as she's adorable. But if I'm a fan of it too its even better
as I completely understand & relate to the fangirling then. - Chelle (calling me home)

I wish I could tell that I've seen her live, but that's not it This is kinda hard 'cause there are a lot of fun moments, the most
recent is though on The Voice. I love her bubbly and chatty self - Karen (heartღaflutter)

Seeing her live, Kelly's winning moment, PxP on Idol, winning her first two Grammys. - Amelia (kiss the wind)

It must be when I met her at the airport. It was so random and I also joked to my mom that maybe we will meet her there before we left the
hotel. And then we did. I just lived for that moment and what I said before it happened a long time after. *blush* - Jessica (morgonrodnad)

A lot of new memories from her appearance as a coach for The Voice - Sarah (beyond insane)

I might be in the minority but I loved her in From Justin To Kelly. It was actually the movie that introduced me to Kelly. - Ashley (could never leave you)

Seeing her live and the night she won 2 Grammys. - Kelly (xkellyx)

Seeing her win American Idol, what a great moment. I never watched her season unfortunately but I've watched her winning
performance a few times and it always brings the chills in the best possible way. Also, her audition for the show was the cutest.
And of course, seeing her live was such a great experience. - Sarah (destroyer of worlds)

Can I guess that Rae's answer would have been her fangirling over Reba? That is not my answer, although Kelly being a fangirl is
always adorable and entertaining. It is a tough question as there are so many of them and so very hard to pick just one. I am
going to go with the moment which introduced me to her: seeing her perform at a football grand finale. I had no interest in watching
the game, it was on TV, but then this amazing singer sung and I had to learn who she was. - Mimica (PurpleLily)

what doesn't kill you makes you  S T R O N G E R

Every time we can come together & post all at the same time. Listening parties. Getting to see this board come back from
dying & return to excitement. Every time an album comes out & the excitement which goes with it. - Chelle (calling me home)

When I got assigned as a moderator. That was pretty cool! In general I just love chatting here! - Karen (heartღaflutter)

Kelly's engagement/wedding, birth of River/Remy, this posting challenge, all of our milestones, being appointed moderator! - Amelia (kiss the wind)

Getting to all the milestones we achieved. Also having fun posting with everyone whenever she has released an album. - Jessica (morgonrodnad)

My memory is a current one that will become a memory. I'm happy that I was able to help everyone get the board to 250k! - Ashley (could never leave you)

This posting challenge and reaching this milestone! - Kelly (xkellyx)

Achieving amazing milestones like these and making icons of this lovely girl which I posted on the board. - Sarah (destroyer of worlds)

you'll see me like you've never seen me yet  W R A P P E D I N R E D

Mostly I want to see Kelly's happiness, but seeing a world tour (& then getting to go) would be nice too. A little more seriously, I'm curious
to see what a country album from her would be like. I'd like to see her experimenting more, & getting to make more of the music that she
has always wanted to make. More ballads too please! I will never have enough ballads from this woman - Chelle (calling me home)

More albums plus an autobiography would be fun plus an actual European tour - Karen (heartღaflutter)

I'd love a memoir and/or autobiography in the future. I think she'd be fantastic on Broadway, but who knows if I'd get to see her. Hosting SNL,
and performing there again. For her: more Grammys! She deserves them. A country album. The brunette hair again. More TV show guest spots.
And, this isn't something from her, but: meeting her in person!!!! - Amelia (kiss the wind)

I'm not sure really. She has done so much already so it hard to say. - Jessica (morgonrodnad)

Sheer fact of would love to see her in concert - Sarah (beyond insane)

I would honestly just love to see her continuing to do what makes her happy. More years of her on The Voice would be great to see. - Ashley (could never leave you)

A world tour so I can see her live again and more writing credits on her next album. The country album she has been talking about forever would
be great too! - Kelly (xkellyx)

That I get to watch her in concert again and for her to have all the success in the world, because she deserves every bit of it! - Sarah (destroyer of worlds)

Kelly's happiness and doing what she wants to do, no matter what that is. If that would lead her back to Australia for a tour then that would make
me a lot happier than just those small things, but so long as she is happy then I am happy. - Mimica (PurpleLily)

P I E C E B Y P I E C E  he collected me up off the ground

credit: morgonrodnad

credit: calling me home

credit: beyond insane

when i'm lost i just look in your eyes, you show me the  M E A N I N G O F L I F E

OP/art: calling me home
M: In all my life I never thought I would be so lucky. As to fall in love with my best... my best…
There’s a reason why girls don’t do this! | C: Okay! Oh God, I thought... Wait a minute, I-I can
do this. I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it. Then I realized the only thing
that matters is that you, you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if you’ll let
me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way.
Chelle » join gtmy art
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Old 04-21-2018, 03:28 AM
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We did it.

Such a beautiful OP Chelle. You did an amazing job with it.

→ Jessica | touch the fire || creative dream
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Old 04-21-2018, 03:37 AM
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Wow what a wonderful OP!

Thanks for making something so pretty Chelle

I feel freedom where I stand now and I feel proud of who I am now.
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Old 04-21-2018, 03:37 AM
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Stunning OP
Sarah || icon credit
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Old 04-21-2018, 03:49 AM
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Congrats on 250K The OP looks beautiful
I get afraid I'll be remembered
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We have the best group of posters here
I feel freedom where I stand now and I feel proud of who I am now.
I learned a lot along the way, I love the woman that I became

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Congratulations on your milestone!

Lovely job on the OP.

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Congratulations on this TREMENDOUS milestone! The OP is absolutely STUNNING!
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Old 04-21-2018, 09:37 AM
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Congrats on 250K!
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Congrats on 250,000 posts, what a wonderful achievement! And the OP, wow! That's probably the most amazing celebration OP I've seen.
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Old 04-21-2018, 09:48 AM
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Congrats guys amazing milestones and the OP is stunning amazing job!!!!!
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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Old 04-21-2018, 10:06 AM
now you're home

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Woohoo!!!! We did it!

This OP is like a walk down memory lane. So much nostalgia! Chelle, I love what you decided to do with recognizing all of the eras in this. That's such a great idea!

Everyone's testimonials were fantastic to read. We have such a passionate group here, and I love that I get to post with such awesome people.

Thanks again to Chelle for such a fantastic OP and all the work you put into it!!
bob & shannon

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OMG!!! Wow!! That op looks amazing.

Well done guys
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Old 04-21-2018, 10:21 AM
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congrats guys well done!
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Old 04-21-2018, 03:54 PM
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The OP is stunning Chelle

Congrats everyone
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