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Old 07-06-2017, 01:19 PM
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M&M#476: For the way Michael called her "That Maria girl"

Michael Guerin is in many ways the most complex character on "Roswell," and the most driven as well.
Unlike Max and Isabel, he has grown up in a very unhappy environment, being bounced around from
various foster homes with neglectful caretakers who have given him no support or encouragement.
He lived in a trailer park with his latest foster dad, Hank, who was a mean and abusive drunk. As a result,
Michael has become a complete outsider, coming close to flunking out of school despite his hidden brilliance,
and trusting no one but Max and Isabel. He has become obsessed with finding out the truth about his origins
as a means to escape the world that he has come to despise, and he often acts in an impetuous way to achieve
this goal. Michael is also the most emotional of the alien trio, and the one most likely to act on his feelings.
Michael has the least amount of control of his powers, due to his insecurity and inability to control his emotions.

Maria DeLuca is one of the most delightful characters on Roswell, for a variety of reasons.
Maria brings some much-needed comic relief to the show, as her sarcastic humor and
high-strung tendencies lighten up the often-somber mood of the show. Maria is a
wonderfully loyal friend to Liz, and their friendship on the show is very touching and
very true to life. Maria's mother Amy DeLuca (Diane Farr) is a hippie New Age person
who had Maria when she was young, and Maria's father left them when Maria was a child.
Liz is like a sister to her. Maria is very nervous and her excitable nature has only been
increased by the revelation that three of her schoolmates are aliens. Maria also is kind and
compassionate, as she demonstrated when she chose not to tell Sheriff Valenti the truth
about Max, Michael, and Isabel or later when she helped the Skin girl Courtney when she
was sick, even though she saw Courtney as a rival for Michael's affection.

["The minute we put Michael and Maria together in a car in [the episode] '285 South',
we knew we had to move forward with that relationship.
It was definitely our plan to do that,
but seeing that natural, electric kind of rapport they had with each other,
we moved it ahead faster.
- Jason Katims,, 2000 ]

[ "Michael and Maria, which I thought was one of the sexiest, hottest couples on TV, literally.
We could roll that camera and these guys would get so into it,
that I would forget to yell cut...
You talk about connect, a chemistry, wherever they're from, it came out.
- David Nutter, DVD Season 1, the bonus. ]

["That to me, is an excitement and joy you get from writing for TV that you don't get everywhere. ...
The Maria-Michael relationship is the most clear example.
It's really fun watching Majandra [Delfino, who plays Maria,] and Brendan [Fehr, who plays Michael,]...
The way they relate to each other has all this great humor in it, and it's so charming.
It's something that we feel when we're writing it; we feel excited about it, as there's such great chemistry between them.
- Jason Katims, Science Fiction Weekly Interview ]

["The minute something happens to Michael,
Maria steps up and becomes the caregiver,
and is just so straight about what she has to do, how she has to help him because her feelings for him just came out…
Maria the flaky one is now the tower of strength… Maria was right there for Michael…
Michael and Maria belong together.
- Thania St John, DVD commentary, episode The balance ]

["Michael's feelings are in too deep to carry through with this destiny…
I have a feeling they are not going to, because the whole moral of the story is
do you choose your destiny or is your destiny what is in your heart.
- Majandra Delfino, ]

["The idea of writing the scenes between Maria and Michael, where they're so alive and have such a great sense of humor between them, is also great."
- Jason Katims, Science Fiction Weekly Interview ]

["They're all illogical and torturous and wonderful and hard to define." - Jason Katims, the WB session with JK, 2000 ]


- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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Are you a Candy and want to be added to the list? No problem, just post on the candy thread and your name will be added automatically.

The Best of Candy Fan Fiction

Top 20 Canon Fics :

Those Left Behind, by DocPaul
: Post graduation. Maria and Jesse don’t go with the group on the run. A few months later, Michael goes back to Roswell. (mature)

Mysteries, by Anla
Summary: It starts about two weeks after VLV, so anything that happened after that episode in the show has not happened in this story's reality.

Lost In America, by Candylovespell
: post-graduation fic. The adventures of our roswellians while on the run. (mature)

Illusions And Realities, by AuroraDawn
: Futur fic post-Departure. In a world of illusions, Maria struggles to hold on to reality.
Through the Looking Glass (mature)

Masques, by KLyn
: An Alternative second season story. Michael is acting strangely, even for him. Maria needs a distraction. Chaos ensues...

In The Background, by DocPaul
: What was happening off screen during seasons 1 and 2.

Michael Guerin: World's Greatest Alien Investigator, by DocPaul
: A Michael POV documenting his investigating technique as the World's Greatest Alien Investigator.

Transformation, by DocPaul
Summary : It is after Graduation, and things are bad. Worse than imaginable, and it becomes apparent that Future Max failed. The world was on a path of destruction and Tess is dead. Without the combining of the alien powers activating the Royal Four, Earth is doomed. (mature)

From Within, by Shelbecat
Summary: Michael finds the answers he has been searching for and travels through time to contact Maria, only to find a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, her spirit, separating them from within.

Skeletons, by Yettaren
Summary: Another post-graduation fic. When a body is unearthed in Roswell, it sets into motion a series of events that will lead the Pod Squad, humans and aliens alike, to face their past. Summer 2002.

In Destiny's shadow : The longest day, by PML
Summary : a spin on the second season, starting at Wipeout. At this point our heroes have much to grapple with, their leaders Max and Liz have managed to break themselves. Isabel is haunted by her past life. Maria’s heart is still not whole. Michael is suffering divided loyalties. Both Alex and Kyle are out of the loop by this point (Group fic, but with a strong candy storyline. Can be found at Candyisdandy and Roswell Fanatics. PM the thread starter if you want a link).

In destiny's shadow : Eidolon, by PML
Summary : This is the second book of In Destiny’s Shadow. They have survived the Longest Day, but there will be no respite. For Nicholas’s raid on Roswell was an ill conceived last minute addition to an intricate plot which is nearing completion. And as secrets are exposed and dreams stalk the day, as they must contend with their very own reflections; can they truly survive Eidolon? (can be found at Candyisdandy and Roswell Fanatics. PM the thread starter if you want a link).

Full Circle, by ArchAngel1973
Summary : It's been almost a year since Michael left without telling anyone where he was going why did he leave? and will he come back?

Collision, by Crowskisses
Summary : Michael's past as Rath starts to catch up to him and past betrayals begin reappearing.

The man who didn't belong, by ArchAngel & xmag
Summary: Post-Graduation fic. Too complicated but it's an intense story.

Guerin & Deluca, PI: 1 - A shadow in the night, by ArchAngel & xmag
Summary: Post-Graduation. 8 years after Graduation, Michael and Maria settle in San Francisco after years of being free spirits and traveling the world. This is their life. First story in a series.

Top 15 AU fics With Aliens:

Life is weird, by Belit
Summary: Maria had left before the shooting and 7 years later she is coming back to face her demons... Mature.

Souls Divided, by Donna
: In a world where M&M never existed in high school, a chance meeting draws the two divided souls together as adults.

The Day We Never Kissed, by DocPaul
: Roswell is Roswell , but Michael and Maria are not Michael and Maria. It starts out as Roswell , but along the way events that happened did not occur, and suddenly the journey changed. Nothing that happened to them happens, the outcome is different. Mature fic.

One For The Alien, by Lux
: When the one alien you’re after is the only thing that can protect you…

Out Of Darkness, by DocPaul
: There was no near fatal shot at the CrashDown of Liz, no Tess…no danger. Just three alien children raised in Roswell not knowing who they were, just that they were different, and unable to leave Roswell. Instead of Michael being apart from Max and Isabel, the three were found in the desert together. Mature fic.

The Praetorians, by DocPaul
: The Praetorians is a cop drama murder mystery that takes place in Roswell , NM . A hard case police detective, Michael Guerin meets Professor Maria DeLuca during a murder case. Mature fic. This is the first story in a trilogy.

Entitled, by Becky
: Post season 1. Michael has left Maria for obscure reasons. 10 years later, he comes back to Roswell and sees the damage he has caused. Warning: Mature, dark and angsty fic with disturbing scenes. Read with caution.

Persephone's Footfalls, by Elizabeth
: Aliens have been living in Roswell since the Crash in 1947, and the town we know has become a very different place.

Cat and Mouse, by Katjen
Summary: Maria left Roswell the summer before the shooting, and now she’s back six years later…

Here be Dragons, by Tequathisy
Summary: Maria gets lost on a car journey and ends up in the mysterious town of Roswell where she makes an amazing discovery - the journal of a girl who had been brought back from the dead by an alien three hundred years ago (can be found at Roswell Fanatics. PM the thread starter if you want a link).

The Lost Child, by ArchAngel1973 & xmag
Summary : What if Michael had been found by River Dog after hatching, and had been raised on the Indian reservation, by River Dog’s son and daughter-in-law? In Roswell, the shooting happened in September 2001.

Regrets, revelations and morning prayers, by Susan
Summary : Welcome to Roswell. I haven’t seen that sign in a very long time. I remember glancing back at it as we drove out of Roswell, New Mexico over 15 years ago. I honestly never thought I would come here again. I probably wouldn’t have if my cousin Sean hadn’t called to give us the news. Amy Deluca, my mom, was dead.

Ten years from home by Susan
Summary : What if Maria never came home from New York

Tempestuous, by Belit
Summary : Michael and Maria don't know each other. Until one night...

Endgame, by Mnemosyne
Summary : An AU interpretation of how the series might have ended for Michael and Maria.

Endgame : Hideaway, by Mnemosyne
Summary : Sequel to "Endgame." Michael and the others are gone, and Maria is crushed. Unexpected news shakes things up even more.

In darkness, see forever, by Mnemosyne
Summary : AU fic. What if, in ADDITION to Future Max, Future Michael had paid a visit to the past?

Top 20 AU Without Aliens fics:

When I Have Fears, by Shelbecat
: Michael injures his knee; but is it more than just a sports injury? Maria helps him cope with the unknown as they face his fears together.

The Truths About Dating And Mating, by Fehrbaby
: Life-long friends Michael and Maria are the most popular DJ's of their college radio station, famed for their call-in show, "The Truths about Dating and Mating." But who can give these clueless pals advice when things change and they begin entertaining thoughts of dating and mating each other? (Still in progress)

Routines, by Chicky

Bell, Book And Candle, by Doc Paul
: Caught in the trendy backdrop of San Francisco, things happen.

Once Upon A Murder, by Becky

Dreams, Decisions And Destinies, by Shelbecat

Heartfelt Rebellion, by Dizzy
Summary : Maria leads a very perfect and too strict life...well at least till Michael comes into it.

More than sometimes, by Katjen
Summary : Maria develops a fascination for her neighbor.

Stimulation, by April
Summary : A story of overwhelming happiness, immense pain, and uncontrollable passion . . . a story of what happens when two people bring each other to life.

Premise, by Lilah
Summary : Maria goes on a quest to find her family, and herself.

Picture, by Bridget
Summary : A famous pop singer does a song with the known bad ass. What happens when this couple meets. Will it be a Picture to remember?

Virtual Affair, by Vera & Zia
Summary : Sort of like You've Got Mail, but different. Because it's Candy

Passion, by April
Summary : it’s one thing to have sex. It’s quite another to have passion (can be found at Candyisdandy and Roswell Fanatics. PM the thread starter if you want a link).

A Survivor's Choice, by Gimpy
Summary : A young girls hard life is made even harder when her abusive mother sends her off to live with her aunt in a small town called Roswell. Surrounded by strangers in a strange town she struggles to deal with her many evils, each one semingly darker then the next.

Bounty Hunter, by Becky
Summary : What happens when two bounty hunters track down the same prey?

The Bodyguard, by LoveGuerin2much
Summary : How should you feel, when you’re on top of the world and all your dreams have come true? Uncontrollable least for singer, Maria Deluca, that is. Driven to use private protection, she finds out she hired more than what she bargained for. A dangerous man who brought upon her an even greater

Double trouble, by Double Trouble
Summary: In Long Beach, at the California State University, four girls who thought they had all the answers in their lives learn that what they really have are more questions… when they meet four guys who thought they knew what they wanted out of life and who are about to find out that they really don’t have a clue.

521, by April
Summary: Maria DeLuca and Tess Harding are best friends, but the two constantly clash when it comes to Tess's boyfriend, the ruthless and self-absorbed Max Evans. When wild-child Maria moves out of their apartment and in with their responsible, introverted friend Michael Guerin, everything changes. The sequel is 522. Read at your own risk!

Candy Fiction Sites:

- Belit's Planet: for those who miss Belit's Planet and never got around to saving fics from that huge archive - you can use the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine to find the site's pages archived. Click on the link and type in '' in the search box and press 'take me back'. This should take you to links to the archived pages of Belit's Planet.

- Roswell Desert Skies: Roswell Desert Skies
- Alien Blast: Alien Blast Roswell Fan Fiction
- KC Archives: KravingCandy - **FanFic Archives**
- Roswell Underground: Roswell Underground: Quality Fan Fiction
- Electric Candy: Electric Candy Archive and Fan Site (also now a general candy site with d/ls, fanart, etc)
- Sugar Rush: Sugar Rush Fan Fiction Site
- Cause We Know How To Pass The Time: Cause We Know How To Pass The Time - Mature M&M Fan Fiction
- Roswell Sky: Roswell Sky (there are fanarts, too)
- 48 Hours Is Forever: 48 Hours Is Forever
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- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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Thanks for pics and candy fanarts made by some talented Roswell fans (Shiesty, Kate, Jessie, Karin and a few unknown others)[/FONT]



(click on the banners to listen to the songs)

The titles we are so eager to use :

- Because Michael showed the Granolith to Maria and thanked her.
- Because Michael knew Maria would like the bumper'
- The kids wanted Santa Michael and so did Maria'
- Because Michael and Maria loved to play dress up
- Michael and Maria, A Passion like Fireworks
- Should old aquaintance be forgot - Michael and Maria are eternal
- Because of those amazing Eraser Room kisses.
- Because Michael heard Maria over the sound of his rapidly inflating ego
- Because Maria loves Michael’s logic!
- Because even when Michael and Maria aren't together, they are still together
- Because they wouldn't have fun spying on other people with anyone but each other!
- Because Michael took dancing lessons to make Maria happy
- Because Teflon stuck to the Stonewall
- You're all I Want, You're all I Need, You're Everything.
- Right from the start, Michael and Maria were in each other's hearts
- Because confused = human = what Michael feels when Maria's around
- Maria saw the real Michael regardless of how well hidden he was

Titles previously used :

- Because Michael was Hal and Maria was Betty
- Because Michael and Maria's love story started with a roadtrip
- Because even Amy knows how much Michael loves Maria
- Because Michael and Maria were explosives like fireworks
- Because we can't eat M&Ms without thinking about Michael and Maria
- Spaceboy + That Maria Girl : the out of this world M&M's love story
- Because Maria means home to Michael
- Because Michael is Maria's good looking, if badly groomed boyfriend
- Ouf of all the girls in the universe, Michael chose Maria
- Because Michael and Maria found that something better when they fell for each other
- Because Michael and Maria's love saved lives
- Because every cell in Maria's body felt his and heated up
- Because between Michael and Maria, it was... explosive!
- Because Michael and Maria found something better than Roswell in each other
- Because Maria replaced the stars for Michael
- Because Michael and Maria are pure magic together
- Because Michael and Maria healed each other by getting together
- In one hundred years, fans will still fall for Michael and Maria
- Michael and Maria : a true love story
- Because that Maria girl loves her alien boyfriend
- Because "Is that your girl"? "That's Her".
- I don't need this gift, this year my gift is you
- Maria saw the real Michael beneath his angry exterior
- Because even Amy knows how much Michael loves Maria
- Because nobody's perfect but Michael and Maria are perfect for each other
- Because Maria is Michael's moral compass
- Because thanks to Maria, Michael wasn't a stonewall anymore
- Because Michael and Maria are each other's constants
- Because Michael can look into Maria's eyes and always see her
- Because only Maria can wear Michael's shirt
- Because Maria refused to leave Michael's side when he was sick
- Because Michael and Maria bicker like an old married couple
- Because Michael begged to be Santa to be near Maria
- Even Britney Spears loved Michael but he only loved Maria Deluca
- Because Michael and Maria didn't need batteries to vibrate in each other's presence
- Because Michael and Maria are having a white Christmas somewhere on Earth
- Because the heatwave wasn't the only thing that made them sweaty
- Because for Maria, Michael is the real thing
- Past, present, future, AU, parallel worlds, always Michael and Maria
- Because the seasons change with Michael and Maria's hair
- Because Michael and Maria were the fist ones to take the plundge
- Because Michael and Maria have four or five alien babies

- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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The Reasons Why We Love Our Candy :

1. Their sarcastic remarks
2. The Chemistry
3. The way Michael looks when he's just about to kiss Maria
4. The way Michael holds Maria in his arms
5. I love them for just being them
6. The way Michael puts his arm around Maria and kisses her forehead in his apartment at the end of Sexual Healing.
7. The way Michael picks Maria up in the Crashdown at the beginning make-out scene and hauls her over to the counter.
8. The way Michael kisses Maria's neck when they're making out...oh man.
9. The looks Michael sometimes gives Maria especially in WR and Destiny.
10. Maria not taking Michael's crap i.e. Toy House. Although the writers didn't do they jobs in the last eppys. Hopefully our spunky Maria will be back next season.
11. Looks, the way Michael looked at Maria at the end of "Balance
12. Rough handling Maria at the 2nd cheap motel room, right by the door... My God, did you guys not notice the sexual tension??
13. Their matching jean jackets
14. The way their lips fit perfectly together.
15. Snappy banter in general
16. 285 South in particular
17. The Red Sneakers
18. The way Maria holds/comforts Michael in the "bed" scene in ID
19. The easy way Michael says the words "I just make to make her happy" in Crazy
20. Those 5 words that made my CG heart dance: Maybe because I love you too much.
21. The enlightening conversation they had (finding out what they had in common) in the "porno version of Aladdin" motel in 285 South
22. For everything they say to each other without words
23. Michael saying Maria's name,
24. The way their relationship is imperfect
25. Because they don't have to be soul mates to love each other.
26. The way Michael tried to be friends with Maria in "The Toy House".
27. Maria, when she said, "It's okay, you don't have to tell me..."
28. Because his dreams matter to her
29. Adorably Clueless Michael in Crazy
30. Because they share their deepest fears with each other
31. Because of the way Maria refused to leave Michael's side
32. Because of the way Maria basically said "Screw Destiny" when she told Michael that she was staying with him in Destiny!
33. How they deny their feelings
34. The way that Maria got Michael out of jail without hesitation of judgment she might receive from her mother when she had to ask her
35. Because Maria didn't care about the stupid visions, she just wanted Michael & her to be closer!
36. Because Michael would still be lost in the darkness without his Maria there to light the way with all of her sparkles and glitter and laughter and light. And I honestly believe that they could become each other's world if they could just open up themselves enough to let each other in.
37. The way the stop trying to pretend not to care.
38. The way Maria risked her life for Michael in going up to Buckley Point to meet Topolsky
39. When Michael said, "I have been waiting for this my whole life" and the intensity with which Maria responded, "So have I!"
40. The way Michael came so protectively close to Maria in the Crashdown when Valenti came to talk to them
41. Michael's "I'm a stone wall" speech
42. The way he worked on that napkin holder for her just using his hands, not his powers
43. The way Michael said, "No more matter what" and gave Maria that tender look in "The Balance."
44. The way Michael and Maria kissed in his visions when he was sick
45. They way Michael helped Maria and Amy by wrestling in the "Alien Takedown."
46. When Maria lies to the cop
47. When Maria tells him to "try again"
48. When Michael tells her to "lock the door"
49."That Maria girl"
50."Why you got a date?" "Maybe"
51. How close he got to her when he said, "just keep looking out the window"
52. Because no matter he/she says/does, we know deep inside how much he/she loves the other person.
54. Because they're sweet and spicy. The perfect alien/human combination
55. Because Michael shows up at Maria's window when he needs comfort and someone to understand him and not push him.
56. The way Maria told Michael that he didn't have to be "the perfect boyfriend" and he almost admitted his feelings for her.
57. The way they whispered each others names *breathlessly* in Sexual Healing.
58. For the way Michael calms Maria down and Maria excites Michael in return.
59. The way that Michael sneaks up on Maria for their first kiss
60. The way she almost runs her hands through his hair during their first kiss and then holds back and places her hand on his shoulder
61. The way he takes a peek at her face after their kiss to see if she was OK with it.
62. The way she wiggles her eyebrows after their kiss and without one word communicates how great it felt.
63. Because Michael isn't giving up the path to his dreams
64. Because so far he has allowed his path to keep crossing Maria's
65. Because she's strong enough to ride it out
66. Because of the way Maria says "Oh my God" several times while Michael was kissing her in the Eraser Room.
67. Because Maria always wants to do the verbal communication (talking) and Michael always wants to do the nonverbal communication (kissing)
68. When Maria says that this is how our relationship works. We always have to tell the truth.
69. When Maria wore that turtleneck to hide the hickey Michael gave her in Heatwave.
70. In 285 South, after Maria fell on top of Michael and everybody seen them and he said "Come on honey, we don't have to lie" That made Maria so mad!
71. For the way he placed a silver handprint over her heart in the Pilot.
72. For the way Maria was never scared by Michael (think the dream in Monsters)
73. For the way he calls her 'that Maria girl'
74. For the aqua bra
75. The way Maria-sometimes-keeps her eyes open when they kiss.
76. The way Michael's lips quiver when he finds something difficult to say
77. They're Michael and Maria- spaceboy and pixie
78. The way the show let's us imagine all the possibilities for M&M
79. The way Brendan and Majandra acts so well of Michael and Maria
80. Each and every word that breathes out of Michael and Maria.
81. They look so good together
82. Their initials spell the name of my favorite chocolate
83. Because love and doors and sparks and rainbows and blonde pixies are so much stronger than destiny.
84. Because even Maria's mom loves him!
85. The look on Maria's face when she told Liz, "It was like every cell in my body felt the same cell in his and started heating up!"
86. The way Michael licks his lips after kissing Maria because she's as sweet as Candy!
87. The way Michael thought that "something happened between us."
88. The quarry scene in "Crazy".
89. The couch scene in "Crazy".
90. Because Maria provides Michael with "un-conditional Love".
91. For the look of regret on his face after he broke it off with Maria in Heat Wave.
92. Because they're both so wonderfully un-predictable.
93. Because Michael's willing to get "in touch with his feminine side" for Maria
94. Because M&I isn't the name of one of the greatest most colorful little chocolate candies in the world.
95. The way they add sugar and spice to Roswell.
96. The way they give new meaning to the term 'high voltage'.
97. The lengths they'll go to get over each other (do "alien voodoo doll" "mud" and "aqua bra" ring a bell?)
98. Maria's nicknames for Michael ("Space Boy" "Sherlock" "Quasimodo")
99. The way they make you go: "awwwww...!"
100. For the way Maria told Liz that "Michael's the real thing"
101. The kiss when Michael asked Maria to go steady.
102. In crazy when Maria said she had been waiting for this all her life.
103. Because what's between them is real, not some forced destiny imposed on them by a cheesy mommy hologram. Michael chooses to love Maria.
104. Because Maria makes Michael feel human. She breaks down his stonewall that he's spent years building up around himself after only a few short months.
105. Because of those amazing Eraser Room kisses.
106. Because I say so!
107. Because Heat Waves and napkin holders just wouldn't be the same without them
108. Because they're sweet and spicy. The sweetness is just enough to make me swoon without hurling, and the spiciness keeps me glued to the screen.
109. Because of the first kiss. The way he swooped in and kissed her and then said, "That was to calm you down.". The way they both acted like it didn't mean anything, but you could tell it did!
110. The sarcastic zingers and witty banter this well-suited pair toss each other very complex, well-guarded hearts. They circle each other like combatants in a ring, wary, cautious and distrustful. Yet the first blow hits, it is a blow of truth. From that grows a grudging trust. When trust finally cracks their defensive armor, a simple, overwhelming love is revealed.
111. They both are "vibrators"
112. Because they both care about and protect their friends
113. The way they both use their eyes and eyebrows to communicate everything they're not saying
114. Because they just happen to be a couple in the background and I like that, because its not that obvious at first, everybody was becoming a "dreamer" and then some "episodes down the road" I saw the potential like every other "candy girl" too and I like 'em because they both keep the fun in the show, imagine the show without 'em. Huh?
115. Because of the door (M&M fanfic related)
116. Because beyond that colorful hard M&M shell there is a creamy chocolate inside.
117. Because Michael is scared for Maria in a way he isn't for anyone else.
118. Because they can be completely hilarious AND completely heartbreaking. How often is that true with other couples?
119. Because their lips match
120. Because they don't need piercings to be stimulated
121. Because he's mesmerized by her moves (as in dancing)
122. Because they think alike even though they haven't talked for months. Think ketchup.
123. Because of the way their hands fit perfectly into each others.
124. Because even in his imagination she is the right girl for him. He loves her even in other people's lives
125. Because he finally told her why he wasn't returning her phone calls
126. Because she told him how she felt about him being in the alley with certain skin-evil-alien.
127. Because I can't eat m&ms without thinking of them.
128. Because he took her, and only her, to see the granolith
129. Because she's the only one that can make fun of his hair
130. Because even after Alex punched Michael in Maria's defense, Michael told him what a great friend he was.
131. Because she's the only one that can smack him in the head
132. The way Maria told Brody in "Meet The Dupes", pointing to her heart, "it's not for sale"
133. Because LOVE/HATE is always better than LOVE/MORE LOVE!
134. "I'll get back to you on that." 'nuff said!
135. The way he rubs his lips across hers just to get the feel of them, and we can tell it's more than just lust.
136. The way Michael watches out for Maria because she's his safe haven.
137. Because they are more than just the comedy couple.
138. Because they're meant for each other like Mulder and Scully.
139. Because "he was watching"
140. Because "she's dating an alien" and Maria's not afraid to admit it!
141. Because Michael doesn't buy shampoo AND conditioner for just anyone!
142. Because Michael "didn't even choke" on the word "we"
143. Because Maria's a REAL blonde!
144. Because she's his "firecracker"
145. Because it wasn't over from where Hal was sitting
146. Because Maria knows that Michael "hates it when things get all goopy"
147. Because Michael knows one way to make the time go faster
148. Because Michael will always be Maria's good-looking, if badly groomed boyfriend
149. Because Michael heard her over the sound of his rapidly inflating ego
150. Because Maria would go all the way across town to save him
151. Because Michael's never germ-aphobic around her!
152. Because Maria is Michael's biggest distraction
153. Because he "owes more to her than she can imagine"
154. Because Maria is the only who has seen him cry.
155. She was the first one to find out about the Granolith and the second set of pods.
156. A jealous Michael is a Michael still in love.
157. He knows a way that they can "pass the time."
158. Maria is his partner in crime! They make such a cute team!
159. The way he looks at her in the white room after she asks him to come back to her, you just KNOW he wanted to say I love you
160. I love the way M&M don't need words, I love the sparks of South 285 & River Dog and the passion of Heat Wave, the tender caring of The Balance, and the understanding of Independence Day.
161. Because Maria's the first person Michael thinks about when he's got "urges"
162. Because Maria loves his logic!
163. Because Maria always cuts Michael some slack-- until Dec 25 comes around
164. Because he makes her act "uncharacteristically"
165. Because even though being who he is has hurt her; it's all worthwhile
166. Because of the way they can finish each other's sentences
167. Because of the way things got "intense"
168. Because Maria was the only one that realized that a bumper was thoughtful.
169. 'Cause Michael realizes they are "supposed to be" together!
170. Because even Isabel knows they're in love
171. Because Michael is Whipped and he knows it.
172. Because great minds think alike.
173. Because we'll never again hear Put Your Lights On and
not have our minds go into the gutter.
174.Because they're meant to be, I know it, you know it...The world knows it.
175. Because Maria dragged his sweaty, gross body through the Indian reservation and got her clothes muddy to save his life!
176. Because Michael did say 'thank you' and it wasn't too late!
177. Because Maria worried about him!
178. Because Maria cares about him too
179. Because only their too-hot-to-handle kisses get censored in some places.
180. Because Maria was the first one he told Courtney was a skin so they could tell the others together.
181. Michael, Maria and road trips...Nuff said (285S).
182. Because even when they aren't together, they are still together.
183. Because he told her to get in the car.
184. Because she can list all his faults.
185. Because they wouldn't have fun spying on other people with anyone but each other!
186. Because her new bumper looks so good on her Jetta.
187. Because Maria knows how to help Michael help others.
188. Because she knows what it takes to heal him
189. Because he's her brave, handsome hero
190. Because he was such a dear about the beverage situation
191. Because of the slippers. It's *all* about the slippers
192. Because he loves listening to her!
193. Because he'll stand in the rain just to see her
194. Because They Rock Our Freaking World!!
195. Because he took dancing lessons to make her happy!
196. Because Maria doesn't think Michael is unteachable!
197. Michael and Maria are the sweetest and the gentlest.
198. Because Maria is willing to risk personal injury...
199. Because he knew the Prom was a big deal for her.
200. Because Maria would let Michael take her to dinner AND a movie.
201. Because Michael knows Maria hates barbecue.
202. Because he'll always be welcome in her house (on the couch).
203. Because he can give her now
204. Because it's the choice they made to be together
205. Because Maria can count on him
206. Because Michael is right there for her
207. Because he sure as hella is gonna be there to protect her
208. Because he made absolutely promise
209. Because Maria can't lie to Michael
210. Because he let her see him
211. Because she is his home
212. Becuase spaceboy stayed for his earthgirl
213. Because he knew she liked Scooby-Doo
214. Because somehow Michael can remember season 1
215. Because the CNT has finally arrived
216. Because Michael actually prepared a meal, and lit a candle without burning something
217. For uneaten meals
218. Because they only had an hour, and they accepted that's love
219. Because they left the door open
220. Because Michael's a human blanket
221. Because he asked to see her that night
222. Because they have the coolest fans ever!
223. Because he doesn't want to leave
224. Because she is open and he can read how much she loves him; and how much he pisses her off
225. Because Michael Has To Say "I Love You" AT LEAST Once a Year
226. Because Michael looks at Maria as his entire Universe
227. Because he stayed for her.
228. Because he didn?t want to leave her
229. Because of cut scenes: ?They fall down on the couch, holding each other, kissing, stroking, both never wanting to let go. Clothes start to get unbuttoned, pulled off... Too late to stop now.? - after the flashes (Departure)
230. Because they?re the first human/alien couple to do all the typical couple things: kiss, hook up, break up, sleep together (Independence Day), make love...
231. Because even Amy knows how much he loves her
232. Because they just took a huge step in human/alien relations
233. Because she was the thing he?d miss most if he left
234. Because Teflon stuck to the Stonewall
235. Because she?s the only person he?s cried in front of
236. Because she?s the only person he wanted to see on what he thought was his last night on earth
237. Because Dr. Love needs his Margarita!
238. Because he proved twice that he loved her too much
239. Because she's teflon and he's a stonewall ? or so they thought
240. Because they've done a lot together ? and there's more to come
241. Because if Destiny didn't tear them apart, then nothing can!
242. Because her heart tells her not to let go
243. Because the CNT made it to the FF party!
244. Because he's seen the way candles light her face
245. Because Maria is all that Michael couldn't leave behind (This may sound similar to #223 and #228 but it's not! The words are different.)
246. Because it's all about the Candy couch
247. Bacause only Maria can wear Michael's shirt.
248. Because, yes it is some deranged sex thing.
249. The marriage questions...Nuff said.
250. Because everything he's doing, the job, getting his grades up, is to *be* with her. To be better for her.
251. Because he knows when he's in trouble with her.
252. Because he *needs* to wash his sheets!!!
253. Because Michael's friends know she's his girl.
254. Because it's the apartment.
255. Because she wanted him all to herself.
256. Because a kiss, juice, and a back rub wait for him after work.
257. Because next time he'll ask her to dance.
258. Because she knows Michael's hotter.
259. Because someday they'll sing together.
260. Because we wish Michael would elaborate.
261. Because Michael has the courtesy to stay around for more than one episode.
262. Because he's always been there to help her through it.
263. Because there's been a lot of fun stuff along the way.
264. Because she loves him more than he could possibly know.
265. Because she'll always come back to him.
266. Because Michael isn't just a passing thing.
267. Because it's the thought that counts.
268. Because we all drank of the Snapple.
269. Because the match was made in heaven, but he's staying here on Earth.
270. Because they finally admitted they missed each other.
271. Because she'll be home for Christmas in Michael's arms.
272. Because we all know who Michael will be kissing when the clock strikes twelve.
273. Because Maria knows Michael is the guy she want's to spend 2002 with.
274. Because Maria's new years resolution is to go back to Michael.
275. Because Michael only has eyes for Maria. Nuff said.
276. Because Michael and Maria NEED a chaperone.
277. Because Maria can fall in love with Michael all over again.
278. Because everyone knows she'll come back to him.....eventually.
279. Because Amy let Maria date Michael even though they stayed out after ten!
280. Because it doesn't matter which generation they were born they still love each other.
281. Because Maria would never let Michael forget his balls.
282. Because we all know it's more that's love! Nuff' said.
283. They do this dance, but we know they love it.
284. Because we know the REAL reason she left New York. Wink wink.
285. Because when they look at each other, everyone else disappears.
286. Because no matter what a UC shipper says, M&M have something no other couple has: Roswell's first kiss.
287. Because they only have eyes for each other.
288. Because no matter what Michael does, Maria still loves him.
289. You've Imagined a Future....Believe in Now.
290. Sure, You Imagine....But Do You Believe ?
291. Maria's the only girl for him, and Michael's known it from the moment he kidnapped her and stole her car.
292. Michael never wanted anyone else - and he still doesn't.
293. Michael STAYED for Maria and she WENT for him!
294. Michael and Maria's love saved everyone...AGAIN!
295. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all their heart.
296. Their love will continue for all etenity...
297. Because there was nobody else for them, except each other.
298. Because Michael and Maria hate interruptions.
299. Because Courtney was investigation, and Billy put something in the sauce.
300. Because we keep the Candy love alive!
301. Cause the M&M goodness ain't ever gonna melt in our hearts.
302. Because even Topolsky knew they should be together.
303. Because they drove each other crazy, but in a loving way.
304. Because their lives meant nothing without each other.
305. Because he thought it'd never be, but she made him believe...
306. Because they always found themselves back into each other's arms.
307. Because they complete each other...just like the candies.
308. Because they've made their choices...there are no regrets.
309. They've shared a bed... twice!
310. Ever seen another girl wear his shirt? No, Maria's the only one allowed to.
311. Because their love was real. It wasn't a mindwarp, a dream or programmed...they fell in love the old fashioned way.
312. Because that's the way it's gotta be!
313. Because Michael loves to hear her sing.
314. Because only a Candy would read all 313 reasons.
315. Because they always manage to shock the others by doing normal things.
316.Because she wiped away his tears.
317. Because he wasnt afraid to cry in front of her.
318. Because she held him while he cried.
319. Because when Maria forgot her purse in the hospital, she just gave him 'the look' and Michael went all the way back to get it!
320. Because Maria Bewitched Michael
321. Because Michael showed the Granolith to Maria

- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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New thread, candies, enjoy!

And I noticed, while I was copying the topics for the new threads, that we have reached 500 candies on the list, I missed that, when did that happen???
- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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TFTNT!! Wow 500 candies!! That's awesome!
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Originally Posted by aubie_ocean (View Post)
TFTNT!! Wow 500 candies!! That's awesome!
yeah, 500 !!! I hadn't noticed that a new candy had asked to be added to our list. Not bad for our little show and the B couple, don't you think?

Which reminds, looks like Nothing will come out of the B+T idea that MD had? Well at least we got new pictures and a little scene of the two of them onn 285 South and in a jetta!
- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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It just makes sense.

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TFTNT, Mag! Wow, when did we get to 500?

That list isn't in our OP, though, Mag. It looks like you copied the first post twice.

Or The 100 as a trailer.
Ooh. Not gonna lie, that's tempting. Though I think it would be impossible.

Also . . . how on earth did our OP escape the Photobucket meltdown?
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I'm going to try to edit my post to include the one with the names of the candies.

Also . . . how on earth did our OP escape the Photobucket meltdown?
Okay, I'm out of the loop, April, what's happening with Photobucket? I have noticed some message on the threads but I don't know where it comes from or if something bad is happening with Photobucket. So, what's the problem, is Photobucket closing?
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Okay, I just read the blackmail organised by Photobucket: pay 400 dollars or you loose access to your account and the third party links? What the hell???

Does anyone know another (easy to use) site where we can upload pics?
- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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I love the new thread title! It's so true from the start Maria was the girl for Micheal!

Love the OP! Great job everyone!

I love how Micheal was always making things for Maria. It was so cute.
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I'm sure Michael made other stuff for Maria, he was good a making stuff.

So, does anybody know of a good uploading site for pics? Because I fear that we are going to lose our OP because of Photobucket.
- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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I am not sure. Hopefully someone here will be able to help you.
"Hi I'm Jason nice to meet you"~Jason Behr to me~5/8/07
"It was nice meeting you Erin"~Milo Ventimiglia to me~11/20/06 ~Proud member of The DSC!
Roswell Board~Celebrating 300,000 posts of Silver Handprints, Alien Blasts, & Tabasco Sause "OMG your the girl I didn't puke on"~Stephenie Meyer to me in reference to meeting her at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con~8/1/08
4/18/11~ the day I brushed shoulders with Robert Pattinson!
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Ah, well, I should do Something about all the dead links. Maybe in august, I'll be on holidays and if my internet connection is cooperative, I'll remove all the links to dead sites in the OP.

Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion for a site which could replace Photobucket, please telle me.
- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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Okay, I need your help, here. I might try to host my pics (including the pics from our opening) on imgur. I registered, I can upload, but what's the choice to post the pics on a forum? Because when I click on the picture I have uploaded, I have at least two choices for forums and I don't know which one is the right one:

- BBC code (for message boards & forums)

- Linked BBC code (message boards)

So, which one is the one to choose to post a pic here on Fanforum? For those who use imgur, it would be nice to tell me how it works.

Thank you.
- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)
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