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falling slowly 07-16-2015 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by JJH85 (Post 82485855)
Thanks, I had a quick look, but there's a lot of negativity in that Thread, so I think I'll just stay away from that. I prefer a positive feel in threads.

I didn't look in there I just posted at the end of it :lol:.

dcfriends 07-18-2015 05:38 PM

Maybe something should temporarily be added to the title of this thread, something about possible closure of anti threads being discussed. I'm not sure how many people have been viewing this thread. There hasn't been much response so far besides me and msstock87.

falling slowly 07-18-2015 07:46 PM

Ok thanks for that suggestion I'll add that in now :gone:

Forwood4Bamon 07-20-2015 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by msstock87 (Post 82478985)
I hate the anti threads. I am going to be brutally honest here, I used to not mind them, but lately whenever I come to the board and I see an anti thread is at the top of the page, it makes me feel less like posting. That of course is just my opinion and it is completely up to you two what you want to do.

I do agree with this. :nod:

Forwood4Bamon 07-20-2015 06:57 AM

the anti joey and anti pacey and anti dawson character threads have not been active. :yay: :look:

JJH85 07-20-2015 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by pandiexjeyton (Post 82535485)
the anti joey and anti pacey and anti dawson character threads have not been active. :yay: :look:

That's a good sign that maybe folks just want to keep things positive. I think the biggest Anti-Thread issue surrounds the PJo vs DJo. I just hope members are being respectful of each other.


On another note - wasn't our Board up for a Restructuring here recently and I thought there was a "Topped" Thread asking ideas. Anyway, I saw this DC group shot and really like it, so am posting it here in case that comes up again.

falling slowly 07-20-2015 07:30 PM

I think this board is actually maybe the only board that still has anti threads - which is why I think it would be a board wide approved idea if we decided to close them.

But for now it's up in the air being discussed which is really good! :D

msstock87 07-22-2015 10:15 AM

I like that it's being discused, because I feel that with the anti-theeads not being posted on as much lately, I have been more excited to post.

falling slowly 07-22-2015 06:55 PM

It's more fun to post in a positive environment I definitely agree there :love:

msstock87 07-23-2015 10:37 PM

It's been a lot of fun here. :)

falling slowly 07-24-2015 04:01 AM

I'm glad you think so, I've had a lot of fun too :love:

Forwood4Bamon 07-24-2015 06:38 AM

omg friggin god JVDB and Katie look hot :thud:

falling slowly 07-24-2015 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by pandiexjeyton (Post 82595437)
omg friggin god JVDB and Katie look hot :thud:

Did you have any input on the anti thread discussion? :wiggle:

JJH85 07-25-2015 06:43 AM

I have an idea for a new thread.

"The Dawson's Creek Connection"

It would be based on the Six Degrees of Separation Game where someone puts up the name of an actor/actress and we try to trace a connection back to DC.


Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke - Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - Rami Malek
Rami - Breaking Dawn - Kristen Stewart
Kristen - The Safety of Objects - Joshua Jackson

But in our case we just have to find a link to anyone that's been in Dawson's Creek.

Forwood4Bamon 07-25-2015 07:01 AM

I don't like the negativity on the anti threads, I wouldn't mind if they were closed. I like where I can go and it's positive. As I said I like that the character threads haven't been active in terms of anti.

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