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  1. Michael|Maria #2: "Though he got kind of hot, in a sex in a truck, smells like a river, never introduce him to your mama kind of way, you know?"
  2. Roswell: New Mexico 1x10 "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Episode Discussion
  3. Roswell [The Original Series] #2: 20 years later and this show still feels like coming home
  4. Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #14: "That I loved you! And I think you loved me. For a long time." "Yeah."
  5. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #4: Who needs a title?
  6. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #8: Because he is tired of all the lies and wants to tell people they love the truth.
  7. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #8: "You know I’m a code breaker. I’ve hacked into Russian & Chinese intelligence" - Alex
  8. The Hardy Boys [Alex & Kyle] #2: Because Kyle is trying to become friends with Alex again.
  9. Roswell New Mexico [General Discussion] #2: Because this show is paving its own different way, and we love it
  10. The Scientist [Liz | Jeanine] #2: "I thought you would be impressed with my passion for uncovering the truth! I'm intrepid!"
  11. The Reader {Maria | Heather} #2: "Maria Deluca is her own saviour every damn time."
  12. RNM ABC's #2: Delightful, Evans, Fun
  13. [Jenna Cameron| Riley Voelkel] #1: "can break twelve bones in your body in less than a second and a half, Who you callin' a girl?"
  14. Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #13: ”They go in different directions at times, but then they find their way back together” ~ TB
  15. Speculation|Theories [Spoiler-Free] #2: We just love trying to figure out what will happen next!
  16. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #7: Nobody Rocks a Cowboy Hat Like He Does.
  17. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #7: Because He is Gonna Destroy What Jesse Loves Most And Watch
  18. 3 Word Post #2 : Threads Go Fast
  19. News & Media #2 We are always eager for the next article or photoshoot
  20. The Healer [Max | Nathan] #2: Because he brings the emotions to his scenes.
  21. Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #12: "I love watching my scenes with Tyler Blackburn. They’re raw and messy and beautiful.” - MV
  22. Please Welcome ~AnastasiaGrey~ and meraki as your New Moderators!
  23. Dr. McSexy [Kyle | Michael] #2: Because he is an better man now.
  24. Roswell: New Mexico 1x09 "Songs About Texas" Episode Discussion
  25. Fan Creations [icons, fan arts, gifs +] #3: Because the show gives us so much to work with.
  26. Science Bros [Michael & Liz] #1: Because we finally got to see them working together.
  27. Alien & Airman [Michael&Alex] #11: The Malex Fam is Ready For The Malex Drought To Be Over
  28. Besides Roswell NM What are you watching/listening to? #2
  29. The Airman [Alex/Tyler] #6: No Matter What He Faces.Alex Will Always Rise.
  30. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #6: Because he always there if someone needs his help.
  31. Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #10: Malex obsessed as we celebrate 10th thread within 5 weeks
  32. The Pod Squad [Max | Isobel | Michael] #2: Because they only have each other
  33. Roswell: New Mexico 1x08 "Barely Breathing" Episode Discussion
  34. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #5: "Michael Vlamis was undeniable as this character" Carina MacKenzie
  35. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #3: Because we love to just talk to each other.
  36. The Airman[Alex/Tyler] #5 " I Have Come Out To You, About Seven Times Now."
  37. Isobel & Noah [Lily Crowles/Karan Oberoi] #1 Because He Wants To Be Her Person
  38. The Husband [Karan Oberoi/Noah Bracken] #1 He's In Love With An Alien And Dosent Even Know It
  39. The Sergeant [ Trevor St John/ Jesse Manes] #1
  40. Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #9: "Queer Emo Boy falls in love with Alien Nerd Goldilocks" ~ sammysamstuff
  41. Roswell: New Mexico [Board Guide | Introductions] #2: Welcome to the Board!
  42. Roswell: New Mexico 1x07 "I Saw The Sign" Episode Discussion
  43. Post Count #2: Becuase we keep on posting.
  44. TPAM #2: TPAM loves this show.
  45. Roswell, New Mexico Moderator Opening Announcment
  46. Alien & Airman [Michael&Alex] #8: "Not with someone that I've liked. As much as I like you."
  47. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #4: He was Sk8ter Boi! Now he's an Airman!
  48. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #4: "I'm a chocoholic."
  49. 10K Celebration "Here With Us"
  50. Alien & Airman [Michael & Alex] #7: "I think it is interesting too what kind of love they share...ten years later and its still that palpable." ~ MV