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  1. Echo [Max Evans ღ Liz Ortecho] #8: "I am not better off without you, I am not whole without you."
  2. COSMIC HUSBANDS [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #76: "Michael Guerin, will you marry me?"... "Yes! yes. I am so in love with you it's embarrassing".
  3. Kyle ♥ Isobel #2: "I'm terrified that at any second you would jump into my mind and discover you are all i think about."
  4. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  5. [Jenna Cameron]/Riley Voelkel #3 - Because it is so fun to have her back on the show.
  6. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #75: "There is no Michael without Alex. There's no Alex without Michael" - Michael Vlamis
  7. Moderator Opening Announcement
  8. Season 4 - episode discussions: Episode 13 - SERIES FINALE 'How's It Going To Be'
  9. Post Count #6: Final season is here, and we are still posting away.
  10. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #74: 'You want to talk about chemistry? These two are the blueprint for it' - TV Fanatic
  11. RNM ABCs #6: Alex, Beautiful, Caring...
  12. RNM Anti ABC's #7: gross, horrible, insane
  13. [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn| #38: "There's one way, for me, off of this planet, and I need to believe in a reason to stay".
  14. Echo [Max Evans ღ Liz Ortecho] #7: "You’re not perfect. I see your faults and I love you, easily".
  15. Protector [Vlamis | Guerin] #26: "You ain't nothing but a pair of sad puppy dog eyes in a cowboy hat" - Sanders
  16. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #73: 'Michael Guerin and Alex Manes are soulmates. Their love written in the stars' - TV Fanatic (12/21/21)
  17. News and Media #5: Season 4 is coming... hopefully we get renewed for season 5!
  18. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #72: "You don't know what he is, son" | "I know what he means to Alex" - Jesse and Greg talking about Michael.
  19. Kyle ♥ Isobel #1: and i wonder if you wonder about me too. ღ
  20. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #71: "So you do love someone as much as you love Nora" - Jones finding out about Alex in Michael's head.
  21. Besides Roswell NM, what are you watching/listening to? #10
  22. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #70: "You sang to me in a crowded bar. So I am here to tell you, Alexander Manes, I'm home".
  23. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #69: "If it were you, I would not cover it up. I would burn the entire world down first" - Alex to Michael
  24. RNM Anti ABC's #6: gross, horrible, insane
  25. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #68: "Alex is Michael’s person whether anybody wants to admit it or not" - Michael Vlamis, 2nd of August 2021.
  26. Season 3 episode discussions.
  27. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #67: "Michael Guerin is very excited to welcome Alex Manes back to town" - Vlamis talking about 3x01.
  28. Please Welcome You can't kill me! as Your New Moderator!
  29. RNM ABCs #5: Alex, Beautiful, Caring...
  30. Besides Roswell NM, what are you watching/listening to? #9
  31. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #66: "This is a ten-year relationship in the making. That has to be real. That chemistry, you can’t fake that” - Vlamis
  32. Roswell, New Mexico - Moderator Opening Announcement- Possible Closure
  33. COSMIC [MALEX ♥] #65: The show's signature ship is a creation unique to RNM: bisexual alien Michael & Alex, a half-Native American Air Force captain
  34. RNM Anti ABC's #5: gross, horrible, insane
  35. Season 2 General Discussion
  36. 3 Word Post #6: New Thread Now
  37. Fan Creations [icons, fan arts, gifs +] #6: The show may be slow to coming back but the art continues to flow
  38. COSMIC [MALEX ♥] #64: 'It's the electric chemistry between Vlamburn that has elevated the story to the pantheon of truly iconic TV relationships'
  39. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  40. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #63: "The scenes I perform with Tyler Blackburn have the most to say" - Michael Vlamis
  41. The Black Sheep (Alex ❤ Forrest) #4: "I'm a big believer in enthusiastic consent, so, if you're not into me.." | "No, it.. it's not that. Trust me".
  42. The Scientist [Liz | Jeanine] #5: We’re lucky to have Jeanine Mason leading the charge out here in Roswell ❤️ - Michael Vlamis
  43. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #62: "I know many of you think you’re the biggest MALEX stan on the planet, but the truth is, I am!" - Vlamis
  44. [Alex | Tyler| #37: “This reboot has flaws, but some of the best choices it's made center around Tyler as Alex. He simply feels like Alex"- SP tv
  45. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #61: "They kiss! IT'S COSMIC! Alex Manes. He’s my MANESQUEEZE!” - Michael Vlamis on IG
  46. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #11
  47. [Rosa | Amber] #2: Because We Can't Wait To See Rosa's Storyline During Season 3!
  48. Besides Roswell NM, what are you watching/listening to? #8
  49. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #60: 'Alex & Liz are just mere mortals but these aliens have like imprinted on them in a way that's like nothing else' - JM
  50. RNM ABCs #4: Magnificent, Nice, Outstanding