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  1. Flying Birds {Rae & Chloe} #2: "I think they hurt each other without meaning to." ~ Sharon
  2. Glue {Rae Earl|Sharon Rooney} #4: "Sharon Rooney's performance in the lead is natural, effortless and utterly believable." - The Guardian
  3. 2013 Fan Art Holiday Competition Voting: My Mad Fat Diary
  4. The Person Above Me #4: TPAM loves the MMFD cast?
  5. Archie/Rae #3: "I love you, Rae."
  6. 25k Preparation!
  7. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #7: "My nightmares are usually about losing you. I'm okay once I realize you're here."
  8. Finn ღ Rae #6: "I'm not going if Rae's not going either."
  9. My Mad Fat Diary Survivor Thread #2: Favorite S1E4 Doodle Survivor
  10. Besides My Mad Fat Diary, what other tv shows are you watching? #1
  11. MMFD Hot Seat #1: Let's find out a little bit more about each other! :)
  12. My Mad Fat Diary || Rules, Guide, Introductions & Birthdays #2
  13. Post Count #4: We're mad when it comes to posting!
  14. Uncle Archie {Archie|Dan Cohen} #3: Two words, gushington central.
  15. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2013
  16. Anti-ABC's #4: Stupid, Terrible, Ugly
  17. Board Customization
  18. Sex Wizard {Finn Nelson/ Nico Mirallegro} #4: Because "he's like looking at porn".
  19. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #4: Rae, Sharon, Tix
  20. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  21. My Mad Fat Diary Twitter #2: Twitpics from the set are our new favorite thing!
  22. Chloe | Jodie Comer #02: "We love Jodie's tumblr account and we hope she keeps posting more fun pics!"
  23. Rae&Mom #2: "I'm having an awful time, Rae." Why, what happened?" "My best friend never came to my wedding."
  24. The Person Above Me #3: TPAM loves rewatching MMFD?
  25. Music #2: We talk a lot about music and this show has an amazing soundtrack!
  26. My Mad Fat Diary News Thread #2: We're so excited for the new season that every single news is worth gold!
  27. Finn ღ Rae #5: "There's only one thing allowed inside my head right now, and his name is Finn."
  28. What MMFD Song Are You Listening To? #2
  29. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #6: "What would you say is your best quality?" ... "1080p probably."
  30. Music Video Awards 2013: Round 2
  31. Rae Earl/Sharon Rooney #3: “There is a terrible pressure to be normal and I don’t even know what normal is.”
  32. Izzy | Ciara Baxendale #2: "Imagine if Brad Pitt's parents had called him Arm."
  33. 2013 Standard Avatars
  34. Animations #2: "Because everything is better animated!"
  35. Music Video Awards 2013: Round 1
  36. Doodles Appreciation #2: We have such a hard time choosing our favorite.
  37. My Mad Fat Diary Season 1 General Discussion #2
  38. Chop|Jordan Murphy #2: "I’m not talking any old party. I’m talking a sexy party"
  39. Chop & Izzy #2:"Izzy definitely likes Chop. I reckon Chop likes Izzy, I just don’t think he knows it yet."
  40. Anti-ABC's #3: Pain, Quarrel, Resist
  41. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #5: "Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?"
  42. The Cast #2: Filming starts soon and we can't wait for BTS pics!
  43. Post Count #3 - We work hard, play hard, keep posting like it's your job.
  44. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #3: Gorgeous, Happy, Incredible!
  45. The Gang/Cast #2: “I can’t believe I’ve actually got a group of friends….”
  46. My Mad Fat Diary Survivor Thread #1: Favorite S1E2 Doodle Survivor
  47. Finn Nelson/ Nico Mirallegro #3: "I'm not good with words, I'm not good with speaking."
  48. MMFD Icons & Fan Art Thread #2: Cuz we need moar MMFD icons, moar MMFD arts...just MOAR
  49. Archie/Rae #2: Promise me we'll hang out next year at college, yeah?
  50. It's a Wonderful Rae Part 2 (1x06) - Episode Discussion