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  1. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #7: Archie, Babylon Zoo, Chop
  2. My Mad Fat Diary Word Association #4: Concert - Music - Listen
  3. 300 Word Story #2
  4. My Mad Fat Diary Anti-ABC's #7: Boring, Cruel, Dud
  5. Izzy | Ciara Baxendale #3: "She looked perfect. I was just worried I don't look like that."
  6. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #9: Feel free to join in.
  7. Possible Board Closure Discussion: Please Read and Respond!
  8. My Mad Fat Diary Word Association #3: Rae - Glue - Strong
  9. Besides My Mad Fat Diary, what other tv shows are you watching? #3
  10. Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  11. My Mad Fat Diary Anti-ABC's #6: Tacky, Unwatchable, Vile
  12. Dickheads {FinnღRae} #10: I miss you. I love you. My world is falling apart and I need you by my side.
  13. Uncle Archie {Archie|Dan Cohen} #4: "I want to be proud of who I am. I want to be proud of myself."
  14. My Mad Fat Diary News Thread #4: Getting S3 news would be great. Especially if it's a yes to S3.
  15. Queen B {Chloe|Jodie} #3: "I think you're my best mate. And I think you're amazing."
  16. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #6: Friends, Glue, Helpful
  17. Chop|Jordan Murphy #3: "What am I, Captain Tent Shop?"
  18. MMFD Icons & Fan Art Thread #3: There's never enough pretty around here!
  19. Glue {Rae Earl|Sharon R} #5: "You are the person who helped your mum out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness, but keeps on going."
  20. The Person Above Me #5: TPAM wants a S3 more than anything?
  21. 1 Year at My Mad Fat Diary ~ "Dear diary, I'm still fat, I'm still mad, but happy!"
  22. Post Count #5: Our count keeps rising higher and higher.
  23. Kester/Rae #2: "You see yourself as a fragile thing. But if you trust me, if we trust each other, that you'll be all right."
  24. Havoc Reigns!
  25. Dickheads {FinnღRae} #9: To. Be. Continued.
  26. Glue (2x07) - Episode Discussion
  27. My Mad Fat Diary Survivor Thread #3: Favorite S1E6 Doodle Survivor
  28. Not I (2x06) - Episode Discussion
  29. Inappropriate Adult (2x05) - Episode Discussion
  30. Friday (2x04) - Episode Discussion
  31. Sex Wizard {Finn Nelson/ Nico Mirallegro} #5: Finn Nelson, aka God's gift to women.
  32. Girls (2x03) - Episode Discussion
  33. Spoilers Rules ~ Please Read :)
  34. Rae/Tix #2: "I'm a mess. I miss her."
  35. Rae/Danny #1: "Rae! I've missed you." "Oh, Danny. I've missed you too."
  36. Boyfriend&Girlfriend {FinnღRae} #8: I'm not kissing you because I feel sorry for you. I'm kissing you because I want to.
  37. Radar (2x02) - Episode Discussion
  38. The Chip Shop [Off Topic] #8: "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales."
  39. Alarm (2x01) - Episode Discussion
  40. Besides My Mad Fat Diary, what other tv shows are you watching? #2
  41. 25,000 Posts ~ If anyone ever finds this board, and reads it, and comes to the conclusion that we're crazy... They'd be spot on!
  42. Raymundo&ChoppyChop {Rae&Chop} #2: "Because you're the daddy. You know everything."
  43. Boyfriend&Girlfriend {FinnღRae} #7: "I've got a delicious boyfriend."
  44. My Mad Fat Diary Anti-ABC's #5: Awful, Boring, Crappy
  45. My Mad Fat Diary Season 2 General Discussion #2
  46. My Mad Fat Diary ABC's #5: Love, Music, Nineties
  47. Married Couple {Chop&Izzy} #3: "You two are so like a married couple sometimes."
  48. My Mad Fat Diary Word Association #2: Knebworth - Oasis - Rae
  49. My Mad Fat Diary News Thread #3: The new season is almost here and with it should come more news.
  50. Cool People {Gang|Cast} #5: "The group of friends that Rae tries to befriend are all unique, quirky and fun individuals."