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  1. Homicidal|Judgey [D♥B] #17: Because Bonnie is one woman he knows he can't step out of line with.
  2. [Bonnie♥Jeremy]#13:"Jeremy was blissfully happy to be home. But[it]came at a price-it cost him the love of his life"-S
  3. Kat & Ian #10: Because the TVD cast and crew thinks that both of them are "Most likely to save the world"
  4. Kat Graham Appreciation #7: "Fans are everything to me and we kind of created an army"
  5. Kat Picture Thread #8: Because we can´t get enough of Kat pics from Comic Con
  6. Kat Dance Appreciation #2: Because we can´t get enough of her dancing
  7. Kat Love it or Hate it Thread #2 • Kat's new song Power?
  8. Polish Gangsters {Kat/Paul} #7: "I love Kat" - Paul
  9. Kat News & Appearances #9: Comic Con, Teen Choice Awards and TVD S5 filming, so much to look forward too
  10. Witches Corner [OT] #22: Because Spencer Hastings could give you the entire Targaryen speech from s1 of Game of Thrones.
  11. Kitty Kat&Ninz|Kat&Nina #9: "I would fight in the street for Nina" - Kat
  12. TPAM #16: TPAM is happy that Kat got nominated for a TCA
  13. ♛ Prom Queen ♛ | Bonnie Bennett #9: Because she knows how to make anyone with non-humanity feel fear.
  14. Witches Corner [OT] #21: Because Kat's new song Power, will be a summer hit!
  15. Future brides [Kat/Candice] #8: It's so cute because Candice is engaged now, and we're going to be doing it together.
  16. Kat Post Count #16: Because nobody will stop us from reaching our 5k posts goal this month
  17. Blondies [Kat&Claire|Bon&Bex]#4: Me, Paul and Claire are kind of a trio Whenever we’re together I pee myself laughing
  18. Secret Keepers [Stefan|Bonnie] #8: "For some reason, I thought with you, it'll maybe be easier." - Stefan
  19. Kat&Nate #3: Because if both of them could choose a cast member to date they would choose each other
  20. Prom King & Queen [M/B] #6: Because they got the votes of the pupils of the Mystic Falls High
  21. Witches Corner [OT] #20:Because that both mods started watching wrestling again at the same time can´t be a coincidence
  22. Kat's 300 Word Story #9: There once was a Witch...
  23. Kat Smile Appreciation #5: Because whenever she smiles our hearts skip a beat
  24. SecretϟRendezvous [Bonnie & Katherine] #6: Because she had some spare time on her hands to listen to Bonnie's offer.
  25. Homicidal|Judgey [D♥B] #16: Because he never forget to remind Bonnie, how thankful he is.
  26. Witches Corner [OT] #19: Because we've all found a show we can watch, Teen Wolf
  27. OT3 [Bonnie|Elena|Caro] #7: Because we want all three of them alive and happy attending college together this fall
  28. TPBM #4: TPBM wants Bonnie to return from the dead?
  29. Kat Graham Redecoration Thread #1: Because we want to make our board to look even better
  30. Kat & Friends #5: Because she makes friends everywhere she goes.
  31. Besties [Bonnie&Elena] #7: "Thank you for today." - Elena
  32. Witches' Corner [OT] #18: Bc TVD disappointed us as always and now we can only hope for the weddings on Game of Thrones
  33. Kat & Ian #9:"I have to go do photos but I just wanted to come sit with my girl Katerina really quickly."-Ian
  34. Standard Avatars 2013
  35. Kat/Bonnie Animations #5: Because we need Bonnie alive to be able to post more animations
  36. HeartBreakers [Bon♡Caro] #7: Because Caroline killed twelve witches to save her best friend
  37. Scene Stealers [Kat&Michael] #5: We wish they'd tame the tvd writers like they tame snakes..
  38. Bonnie Bennett Spoilers&Speculations #31: Will JP find a loophole to bring Bonnie back from the death or not?
  39. {Bonnie Bennett TVD Discussion Thread #7}: 5x12 - "The Devil Inside" Discussion. Airdate: January 30th.
  40. Witches' Corner [OT] #17: Because with killing four threads in one day, Maurice will be proud of us for sure
  41. Kat on twitter #7: Because 700k+ followers is not enough and we can´t wait for her next milestone
  42. Performers {Kat/Paul} #6: Paul likes shooting scenes with Kat because they make each other laugh.
  43. On-Screen Couple [Kat&Steven] #5: Because both of them love Breaking Bad
  44. Kat Picture Thread #7: WARNING! This thread might cause a heart attack!
  45. Beremy [Bonnie♥Jeremy] #12: "Do you miss me Bonnie?" - J "Of course I do" - B
  46. Family [Bonnie&Grams] #4 • Because what fueled Shelia's power was knowing Bonnie was missing.
  47. Homicidal|Judgey [D♥B] #15: Because he couldn't leave without Bonnie
  48. KG|BB Unconventional Ships #5: Because we're all for Bonnie crossing over and taking a trip to da NOLA!
  49. Kitty Kat&Ninz|Kat&Nina #8: Because they always show their love for one another in tweets!
  50. Huggers [Kat/Candice] #7: C: I'm the galaxy to her UFO. K: She is! In real life too! C: Aww!