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  1. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #10: "She's supposed to be crying and he's supposed to be brooding. That's how it works."
  2. Rachel's Smile Thread #20: She gives her daughter the best smiles!
  3. Rachel Sunglasses Thread #14: Because she finally got a new pair
  4. Rachel Off-Topic #123: Because pets are like our kids
  5. Rachel Off-Topic #122: Because corn dogs for all
  6. Rachel Anti ABCs #50
  7. Rachel Word Association #52
  8. Rachel Off-Topic #121: Because Cathy always forgets to make a new thread
  9. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #9: "Don't spend an extra minute there, it will steal your soul." "And your girlfriend"
  10. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  11. Rachel Off-Topic #120: Because school is in session and fall is coming
  12. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate "Hart of Bluebell"!
  13. Rachel's Body Appreciation #8: Because we wonder if she only wears the bikini at home
  14. Rachel Off-Topic #119: Because Gracie is glad she isn't babysitting the dog
  15. Rachel Off-Topic #118: Because New Makeup is Always Fun!
  16. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #8: Sandy: What are we fighting about? Kirsten: I am not sure but it's serious!
  17. Rachel Off-Topic #117: Because Cathy doesn't want to read that book.
  18. Rachel ABC's #54
  19. Rachel Off-Topic #116: Because fall is in the air
  20. Rachel Last Letter Game #37
  21. Rachel Off-Topic #115- Because we love cake, cake is yummy!
  22. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #7: K: She looks good. Her spirits are high. C: She's high? K: No, her spirit. Her mood. She's up. C: So, she's on uppers?
  23. Rachel Off-Topic #114- Because Cathy is ready for school to start!
  24. Rachel Off-Topic #113: Because cats are better than dogs! :P
  25. Ryan & Summer (Naughties) #14: b/c they both have the best death stares!
  26. Rachel Off-Topic #112: Because Dave only comes by to tell us we need a new thread
  27. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #6: "You'd better pray for a Chrismukkah miracle." "I've got Jesus and Moses on my side, man."
  28. Rachel Off-Topic #111- Because we are catching up on shows
  29. Zoe ღ Wade #9: "This between us have been like a roller coaster. An upside down, twisty turny one."
  30. Rachel Hug Thread #6: Because who doesn't like a hug
  31. Rachel Off-Topic #110: Because Gracie is an aunt again and Lucy is feeling better
  32. Rachel Discussion #5: When it comes to Rachel, (practically) nothing is off limits.
  33. The Breakfast Club [S&S] #18: "I do not like Seth Cohen. I mean, I can't like Seth Cohen. He's, like, Seth Cohen!"
  34. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #5: "I'm here." "We're leaving." "But I wore a jacket!"
  35. Rachel's Picture Thread #53: We can't wait for new pictures, Nashville-themed or otherwise!
  36. Rachel Hangman #23
  37. Rachel Off-Topic #109: Because we needed a new thread.
  38. Hart of Dixie Appreciation Thread #28: "Bluebell is more then just a town, it's a family."
  39. What are you watching? #11
  40. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #4 ~ "You're a strange and mysterious woman, Summer."
  41. Zoe Hart Appreciation Thread #16: Zoe got everything she never knew she wanted in the end.
  42. Rachel Off-Topic #108: Because who wants to go on a field trip in the rain
  43. Rachel's Fashion Thread #21: Because New show, new styles (hopefully good ones!)
  44. Rachel Off-Topic #107: Because Cathy forgot to make a new thread
  45. Summer Roberts #13 ~ We're enjoying our weekly dose of Summer again!
  46. Rachel's Accessories Thread #5: Because while we may not be able to agree, she can pull most anything off
  47. The O.C. Rewatch Thread #3 ~ "United, we're unstoppable, but divided-" "-People get shot." "That's what I'm saying."
  48. Alyssa Greene (Nashville) #1 ~ She's a Silicon Valley marketing expert who is brought in to take Highway 65 to the next level.
  49. Rachel Off-Topic #106: Because we move right along in this thread
  50. Rachel Word Association #51