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Poor Gregorio getting evicted . Love hate relationship going on between her & Sebastian?

Of course they made Hannah go out so they could have more reason to have Pride around

Love that Gregorio named her fictional child Sebastian

LaSalle: "I'm trying to work out why you're suddenly juggling two jobs..." - yeah that's the questions the fans would like to understand too writers . Why couldn't LaSalle take over while Hannah took some time to be with her family?

I like Gregorio standing up for Ashley, telling Pride off. Knew it had to be planned though

I feel like Gregorio enjoyed herself, even though she acted like she didn't think she'd survive being around them

Nice that Sebastian offered Gregorio somewhere to live

These episodes are so hit & miss. The previous one was boring, but this one was fun & interesting. Nice team work & scenes from all (who were in the ep, minus Loretta but she wasn't necessary for the case). I completely agree with what has been said about the ep, including the motel room arrest scene . That was stupid
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