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The JJ Gutter Thread #27: The Thing About That Thong . . .

Here We Are Again - Same Rules PG13 but Nothing To Stop Our Imaginations
Running Wild

Lots to get our teeth into - Double Entendres Abound!

Cole going Wild In The Country Before, During And After.

Peter Looking Sexy in Purple - And Blood!

And With A Gun!

And Josh Just Being Josh - Helpful As Ever.

Come to The Gutter Thread To Get Your Hearts Desire! - Well Almost but in Lieu of the Real Thing it is the Best We have to Offer!

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Bringing back the Poem

A Dr. Seuss Poem
{By Vanessa/Justyne}

I would take him against the door
I would take him on the floor

I would take him in a store
Then I'd take him some more.

Oh, I would take him home to play
And play and play and play all day

I would take him in the hay
And I would then ask him to stay

I would take him in the woods
Lots of time to enjoy the goods

And on the moonlit trek,
Plenty of time to nuzzle that neck

Ignore time, say "what the heck"
Enjoy myself feeling up those pecs

We would create lots and lots of LPM
And then we'd do it all again

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