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|Emotional Anchors| Jeremy[&]Bonnie #46: Because Beremy's 4 year anniversary is here! (10/28/10-10/28/14)

Jeremy & Bonnie
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Emotional Anchors: Because
When he was a murderous hunter, she was his humanity.
When Silas was getting inside her head, he was her sanity.
"His subconscious learns to recognize you as someone he loves,
someone he wants to protect."
"I feel that way about you."
"You can do this. Remember, just like you taught me. You're in control."

Never in a million years would I have put these two together but once the show put them together, everything just clicked together. The chemistry between
Steven and Kat is undeniable and I love the dynamic between the two characters. In a way, they both have been struggling alone through this whole thing.
Jeremy's significant others & parents have all died some how around him and Bonnie, being the only witch in Mystic Falls, a lot of times feels alone and
confused in her role as a witch amongst supernaturals. But I think their relationship could not have been better timed for the both of them--they have each
other now to look out for and lean on. And it's been beautiful to watch
{attract your dreams ♥}

I first saw the potential with Bonnie and Jeremy after they're conversation in "Rose" they talked about how they felt and how they had no one and felt lonely.
They looked in each other eyes and there was a connection that neither of them was looking for but there it was. I love that Bonnie is this strong person but
with Jeremy she can let her guard done down she can lean on someone and know that no matter what he will be there for her. Anyway that she needs him
he will be there when she told Elena that Jeremy was "strong and brave" she meant that because he had been/is all of those things for her. Jeremy has been
searching for himself and I think he found who he is and who he wants to be and Bonnie is a part of that. She excepts Jeremy for who he is. She's seen his
phases and she knows Jeremy and she loves him for everything that he is. I think this ship does amazing things for both characters they bring out sides in
each other that we hadn't seen before. They bring out the best in each other and I love that and them together.

When I first heard that the show was considering the pairing of Bonnie and Jeremy I was completely against it. I thought it was a ridiculous idea! However then
they shared scenes in The Masquerade and I was instantly intrigued by their chemistry. I certainly didn't expect it to be as strong as it was. I became enchanted
with them when I saw how brightly Bonnie smiled around Jeremy. They light up around each other, so it made it impossible for me to not enjoy them. Suddenly
I couldn't wait for their scenes together. They somehow just fit for me as I realized that they actually do have a lot in common with one another. I love how
Jeremy is always concerned about her, up until he entered the picture no one ever worried about Bonnie Bennett. I love how they are always trying to protect one
another and they have each other’s back. They are sweet and innocent but they also know how to bring the heat and angst. Bonnie and Jeremy are one of my
favorite things about watching the Vampire Diaries. Bonnie and Jeremy are like sunshine to me on this very dark show. I am looking forward to seeing where their
love story takes them.

There’s a fundamental contrast between the two, and yet they are so similar in more ways than one. That’s what drew me to this pairing in the first place.
Jeremy had just gone through some of the worst times of his life, so he was trying to recover by looking for his purpose. While Bonnie always knew her purpose,
her struggle was just accepting it. Two people with such different motivations like this shouldn't work; at least that’s always the way I've believed things to be. Yet,
somehow this just clicked right away. They have a certain charm about them that I’m always pleasantly surprised to see. It’s all in the way they make each other
so happy. I've never seen these two smile as often with other people as they do around each other. It’s almost like they have these versions of themselves that
only comes out when they are together. That’s an amazing thing to watch. I love that Jeremy started caring more about her because he saw that she doesn't have
it quite as together and she always seems to. They related on that level, because Jeremy knows what it’s like to be that person.

I love how, at first, they seemed like such an unlikely pair, but when you look closely at each of them they are so very similar in more ways than one. I enjoyed
watching both characters from the beginning. I love how they were on their own separate journey before they finally found each other. You got to see both characters
sort of grow from the people they were early on in the series to who they later became. They've been through so much and both have felt very much alone that when
they finally had each other to talk to, care about, and worry about it was really beautiful. They fit so perfectly together and they have this intense, natural chemistry,
which I find to be very rare. They don’t have to say a single word to make their feelings known. The way they look at each other and how scared they get when
something bad happens to the other and when they almost lose each other makes it very clear how strongly they love each other. It’s not so much that we are told
how they feel, but we are able to determine how they feel by the way they act towards each other.

I ship them because I think they are the most well-balanced relationship on the show. They fit together. They're both caught in a world that neither of them might
have chosen before hand. Both of them are alone in a way. Because Bonnie lets herself be vulnerable around him with the toll that magic takes on her when she
tries to hand it from most people. Because Jeremy tries to protect and look out for Bonnie when she's usually just kind of used as a side character by most others
on the show.

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Future Titles

"I didn't want things to change. We were happy." - Bonnie
"You need to go be a younger, hotter Bruce Willis." - Bonnie
Because the perfect endgame for Steven is Jeremy and Bonnie married.
Because Steven's favourite scenes to film with Kat was the sex scene.
"Bonnie is the love of his life." - Steven McQueen
♪ Every time I'm slipping away from myself, you're the one that moves me like nobody else. ♪
Because Bonnie's last words to Jeremy were "I love you."
"Bonnie, don't move. I'm coming to you."
"I need to get to Bonnie." - Jeremy
I: What's your favorite relationship on the show? SRMcQ: I'd say Jeremy and Bonnie.
Because Enzo immediately knew that Bonnie is Jeremy's sweetheart
Because Kat thinks Bonnie and Jeremy can be together again
They're not broken, just bent. They can learn to love again
Because "Jeremy and Bonnie have fought through a lot to continue being with each other." - Steven McQueen

The Portrayers

UNSCRIPTED KISS: Off-camera, he admitted that the almost-kiss
that Jeremy and Bonnie almost shared in “The Sacrifice”
wasn't actually scripted –
it just felt like a natural progression to McQueen
so he went for it, and the cut ended up making the final edit.

If you could change one thing that your character has done, what would it be?
STEVEN : I would have not cheated on Bonnie.

What would be the perfect finale for The Vampire Diaries?
STEVEN : Marriage for Jeremy and Bonnie

So, there’s not gonna be a scene like in "Ghost"
where she’s trying to kick an aluminium can and
interact with the real world?


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