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SCENE SURVIVOR: Jeremy and Bonnie

As the title states, this is a Jeremy Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett scene survivor for the second season, as they did not share any scenes in the first.

There are 56 scenes in all and one scene will be voted off each round.

For each round, please vote for your LEAST FAVOURITE scene. Also, please only vote ONCE per round.

For now, we will require three votes to eliminate a scene – because not as many people are around during the summer and because there are so many scenes. As more and more scenes are eliminated, we may decide to increase the number of votes needed to eliminate a scene (i.e. top 10).


01. Killing Katherine
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Bonnie: What's going on?
Jeremy: We're going to kill Katherine.

02. Preparing for the Kill
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Bonnie: I've worked on some small spells, spells that only do good. I don't want to know too much. I don't particularly enjoy any of this, in case you haven't noticed.
Jeremy: Yeah, but you're 100% witch. That is so cool.

03. Sensing Another Witch
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Jeremy: What’s the matter? Are you cold?
Bonnie: No.
(Jeremy momentarily places his hand on the small of Bonnie’s back.)

04. Sex Spells and Dancing
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Jeremy: So can you like do a Hocus Pocus to ace a test?
Bonnie: I don't know that spell.
Jeremy: That'd be like the first one I'd learn. Or maybe like a sex spell or something, I don't know. You want to dance or something while we're waiting?

05. Elena Linked to Katherine
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Bonnie: Jeremy, it’s Katherine. She’s linked to Katherine. Get them to stop! Now!

06. Not a Kid Anymore
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Jeremy: Hey, I was going to head home. Can I offer you a ride? ...Are you okay?
Bonnie: When did you get your driver's license.
Jeremy: I'm not a kid anymore, Bonnie.

07. Mapping Elena
(2.08 – Rose)

Bonnie: Are you ready?
(Bonnie cuts Jeremy’s hand.)

08. Sending a Message
(2.08 – Rose)

Jeremy: I hate sitting here waiting like this.
Bonnie: Hey, she’s going to be fine.
Jeremy: You don’t know that.
Bonnie: No, I don’t.

09. Lonely Souls
(2.08 – Rose)

Jeremy: What happened? You scared the hell out of me.
Bonnie: It's nothing.
Jeremy: No, it wasn't nothing, Bonnie.
Bonnie: I've been doing a lot of magic lately. It wears me down.
Jeremy: When I'm worn down, I take a nap. You were unconscious.

Bonnie: It's hard, you know. My Grams is gone and my dad, he doesn't want to know about what I am. He hasn't since my mom left. I'm all alone in this.
Jeremy: That's how I feel a lot of the time. Alone.

10. Elena Returns
(2.08 – Rose)

(Jeremy waits as Bonnie rests. Elena arrives at home. They each hug Elena as the other looks on.)

11. Parking Lot Clumsiness
(2.09 – Katerina)

Jeremy: What are you doing later? You want to hang out at the grill, shoot some pool? The winner owns the table.
Bonnie: Why?
Jeremy: Why what?
Bonnie: Well, you've never asked me to play a game of pool before, so why now?
Jeremy: Uh, I don't know. I thought it'd be fun. Nevermind.
Bonnie: No, hey, okay. Sure. It's just.
Jeremy: Just what?
Bonnie: It's just... you're Elena's brother... Sure. It's just, I'm really bad at pool.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah. I thought you might be.

12. Shooting Pool
(2.09 – Katerina)

Jeremy: Man, you are bad.
Bonnie: I told you!
Jeremy: Feel free to cheat if you need your dignity back.
Bonnie: Come on, hit the ball.

13. Smiling Across the Room
(2.09 – Katerina)

(Jeremy and Bonnie smile at each other from across the room at the Grill.)

14. Jealous Jeremy
(2.09 – Katerina)

(Jeremy sees Bonnie talking and laughing with Luka and decides to leave the Grill.)

15. Changing Weather
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

Jeremy: That guy is weird, huh?
Bonnie: No, he’s not.

16. Turning Metal to Ash
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

Bonnie: I might be able to lower the tomb spell long enough for you to get in there and grab the moonstone from Kat.
Jeremy: How? It took both you and your Grams last time and look what happened to her.
Bonnie: I'm well aware of what happened... I've learned a few new things.
Jeremy: Bonnie...

17. Not Strong Enough
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

Jeremy: What are you doing?
Bonnie: I’ll be fine.
Jeremy: You could get hurt.
Bonnie: And Elena could die. I’ll be fine. Promise, I promise.

18. In the Tomb
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

(Bonnie tries to break the curse on the tomb to free Jeremy, but she fails. Just as Katherine is about to feed on Jeremy, Stefan jumps into the tomb and pushes Jeremy out. Bonnie grabs onto Jeremy.)

19. Almost Kiss
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

Bonnie: Why did you have to get involved?
Jeremy: Because I didn't want you to get hurt.
Bonnie: Jeremy, you can't feel that way about me... What?
Jeremy: Don't act like this is one-sided, like I'm some kid that has a crush on his sister's friend. You could have died today.
Bonnie: And you almost did.
Jeremy: That was a chance I was willing to take.
(Jeremy leans in to kiss her.)

20. Testing Elena
(2.11 – By the Light of the Moon)

Jeremy: What are you guys arguing about?
Bonnie: We’re not arguing about anything… I need a coffee.

21. Elena Fails the Test
(2.11 – By the Light of the Moon)

Jeremy: She took the moonstone.
Elena: How did you…?
Bonnie: We tested you. You failed.

22. Smiling Across the Street
(2.13 – Daddy Issues)

(Bonnie walks towards Jeremy and he smiles at her. She is intercepted by Jonas.)

23. Walking Away
(2.13 – Daddy Issues)

(During their conversation, Jeremy walks up to Bonnie and Jonas. He asks if there is a problem and then walks off with Bonnie with his arm around her.)

24. Smiling and Laughing at the Grill
(2.13 – Daddy Issues)

(Jeremy and Bonnie smile and laugh at the Grill.)

25. Witch Roofies
(2.14 – Crying Wolf)

Jeremy: Hey, how's it going?
Caroline: What are you doing here?
Jeremy: Bonnie called. I wanted to help. How's it going?
Caroline: She's selling it and he's buying it... She's giving him the sex smile.
Jeremy: Yeah, alright Caroline. I get it.

26. That’s Pretty Hot
(2.14 – Crying Wolf)

Jeremy: Are you sure you are strong enough for this?
Bonnie: That's what the candles are for. I'll draw power from the flames.
(Bonnie ignites the flames with her powers.)
Jeremy: I'm never going to get used to that.
Caroline: Oh come on, that's pretty hot. And you know it.

27. Questioning Luka
(2.14 – Crying Wolf)

(Bonnie puts Luka in a trance and questions him about Klaus and the sacrifice. Luka says that Elena has to die and Jeremy shakes his head in disapproval.)

28. First Kiss
(2.14 – Crying Wolf)

Bonnie: Wait. You're Elena's little brother. I've known you forever. You're that punk kid. I remember your awkward phase and then your emo phase, your druggie phase. Overnight you turned into this hot guy who's really sweet and...
Jeremy: You think I'm hot?
Bonnie: With everything that's going on, you know, with curses and sacrifice...
Jeremy: Enough already.
(First kiss ensues.)

29. After the Kiss
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

Jeremy: Hey, whatcha doing?
Bonnie: Thinking about last night.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, me too.
Bonnie: God, that was a tough spell. I could feel it draining me. I need practice.
Jeremy: Yeah, well, uh, maybe, I don't know, maybe you should come over tonight. We could practice. Get stronger.
Bonnie: Yeah, sure. Thanks.
Jeremy: Ah, incoming...

30. Hey, I Kissed You and I Thought You Liked It
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

Bonnie: Oh, God. This is a date.
Jeremy: No, no, it's not like a date, date. It's more of a hey, I kissed you, and I thought you liked it... hang thing.
Jeremy: But you did like it, right?
Bonnie: Yeah, I liked it.

31. Bonnie Channels Jeremy
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

(Bonnie practices spells on candles.)
Jeremy: Now that is cool. How does it work?
Bonnie: It's called channeling. Siphoning power from something... another witch, the moon, an element.
Jeremy: So, technically, you could channel me.
Bonnie: What?
Jeremy: Well, I'm an element, sort of. I mean, isn't... isn't the human body mostly water?
Bonnie: You're right. Let's see what happens.
(Bonnie places her hands on Jeremy's chest and they share a moment. Jonas interrupts.)

32. Jonas Takes Bonnie’s Powers
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

Bonnie: He took my powers.

33. Stealing Kisses in the Hallway
(2.16 – The House Guest)

(Jeremy leans in to kiss Bonnie and she leans away.)
Jeremy: Come on, Elena's nowhere in sight.
(Bonnie looks over her shoulder and kisses Jeremy.)
Bonnie: I'll tell her soon, I promise.

34. Bonnie Tells Elena
(2.16 – The House Guest)

Bonnie: Speaking of happy, would it freak you out if I started dating your brother?
Elena: You're into my brother?
Bonnie: I know it's weird, but he's been so good and strong. He makes me happy. And I really can't tell what you're thinking right now.

35. Feeling Guilty and Useless
(2.16 – The House Guest)

Bonnie: Luka, I can't believe he's dead… after what we did to him.
Jeremy: After what he did to you. Look, I'm sorry. I know you feel bad about all this, but I don't.
Bonnie: I couldn't do anything to help. I was useless. I hated it.

36. I’m Here for You No Matter What
(2.16 – The House Guest)

Jeremy: I'm worried about you.
Bonnie: Don't be.
Jeremy: No, I"m serious, Bonnie. The only witch that could have given you your powers back is dead and... I think you have a serious case of denial going and I want you to know that I'm here for you no matter what, and I"m not...
(Bonnie kisses Jeremy.)
Jeremy: Not that denial's the worst thing.
(Bonnie puts her hands on his chest and the lights flicker.)

37. Searching through the Grimoires
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Jeremy: Are we gonna have to read through every one of these books until we find the right spell?
Bonnie: Not exactly.

38. Damon Leads Bonnie to the Salem Witches
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Bonnie: [to Damon] I don't think the witches like you being here.
Jeremy: I guess this is the right place.

39. The Spirits of the Witches
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Jeremy: Are you sure about this?
Bonnie: Are you worried about me?
Jeremy: Yeah, of course I am.
(Bonnie kisses Jeremy.)
Bonnie: I'm sure.

40. Bonnie Calls on the Witches
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Jeremy: Bonnie? You're scaring me, here.
(Bonnie screams and Jeremy is thrown against the wall, unable to move.)
Jeremy: Bonnie! You okay?
(Bonnie is about to collapse and falls into Jeremy. He embraces her and kisses her forehead.)

41. Power of 100 Dead Witches
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Jeremy: Well, exactly how much power can you draw from a hundred dead witches?

42. A Death Warning
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Bonnie: Jeremy, you think I was born with these powers so I could float feathers and blow out candles? There's a reason I was called to do this.
Jeremy: No one is called to get themselves killed. Plus, Elena's not going to let you die for her.
Bonnie: That's why you're not going to tell her.
Jeremy: Do you even understand what you're saying right now?
Bonnie: It's not just for Elena, Jeremy. It's for you. It's for everyone. If I am the only one who can put an end to this, then it'll be my decision, no one else's. Mine.

43. Have a Little Faith
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Bonnie: Have a little faith in me.
Jeremy: That's not fair. You can't harness the power of a hundred dead witches, it will kill you.
Bonnie: You don't know that for certain. You promised to keep my secret, I'm trusting you. I'm going through with this and if you tell anyone, I swear.
Jeremy: What? What are you gonna do?

44. Jeremy Offers Bonnie His Ring
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Jeremy: Wait… Look, I want you to have this.
Bonnie: If you’re asking me to go steady, I think that was the 50s.
Jeremy: No, I’m serious Bonnie.
Bonnie: The ring won’t work on me, Jeremy.

45. Blending In
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Damon: It’s a party people, blend. Let him come to us.
Bonnie: Good idea.
Jeremy: No, no. I really don’t feel like dancing.

46. Slow Dancing
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

(Bonnie and Jeremy slow dance.)

47. Jeremy Confides in Stefan
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Jeremy: It’s Bonnie.
Stefan: What is it? Hey, you got something on your mind, spit it out.
Jeremy: If Bonnie takes on Klaus, channeling all that energy is going to kill her.
Stefan: What?
Jeremy: But she doesn’t want Elena to know because if Elena knows she’s going to try to stop her, and then it’s Elena who could turn up dead, so… what am I supposed to do?

48. Bonnie Wakes Up
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

(Bonnie wakes up and Jeremy embraces her.)

49. MiFi in Hiding
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Jeremy: If we’re going to be stuck here, then we might as well have Internet.
Bonnie: You don’t have to stay down here with me.
Jeremy: Hey, I’m not letting you out of my sight.

50. Jonathan Gilbert and Emily Bennett
(2.21 – The Sun Also Rises)

Jeremy: This is useless. All these Grimoires, there has to be something in here to keep Elena from becoming a vampire.
Bonnie: And we’ll keep looking, until the last minute.

Bonnie: Which one are you reading?
Jeremy: Emily Bennet’s. There’s a section on spells she did for my ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert.
Bonnie: Yeah, I think she had a thing for him.

51. Binding Life Forces
(2.21 – The Sun Also Rises)

(John Gilbert tells a story about a woman’s sacrifice for her daughter and his plan to save Elena from becoming a vampire. Bonnie casts a spell and binds John’s life force to Elena’s.)

52. Leaving Jeremy Behind
(2.21 – The Sun Also Rises)

Bonnie: I’ll be back soon.
Jeremy: What do you mean? No, I’m coming. I need to be there, I need to make sure you guys are okay.
Bonnie: And who’s going to make sure you’re okay?
Jeremy: I’ve got my ring. Look, I’m not taking no for an answer.
(Bonnie kisses Jeremy and he passes out.)

53. Ruining Scarlet
(2.22 – As I Lay Dying)

Bonnie: If Damon is off the rails, there is nothing you can do to stop him. Let us take care of it.
Jeremy: You keep doing this. You left me behind before and guess what, Jenna still died. Now I’m going to find my sister, you go ahead and you try to stop me.

54. Jeremy Gets Shot
(2.22 – As I Lay Dying)

Bonnie: Jeremy!

Bonnie: I know what I need to do. I need you to grab him, take him with us.

55. She Loves Him
(2.22 – As I Lay Dying)

Bonnie: Emily, Emily. I know you’re there. Please help me. I love him.

56. And the Day After That
(2.22 – As I Lay Dying)

Jeremy: Bonnie, I don’t know how to thank you.
Bonnie: You can thank me tomorrow… And the day after that, and the day after that. Goodnight, Jeremy.

ENJOY! And remember, vote for your LEAST FAVOURITE scene. And only vote once per round!
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