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LilMouse 10-30-2020 12:31 PM

Ewan This or That #17

Originally Posted by S.A.S.H.A. (Post 102350331)

Ewan getting a new thread or not?

getting one :D

Ewan being able to see the future or read people's minds?

S.A.S.H.A. 10-30-2020 10:45 PM



Ewan liking or hating The Mandalorian?

LilMouse 10-31-2020 10:38 AM


Ewan dressing as a Stormtrooper for Halloween or Vader?

S.A.S.H.A. 11-01-2020 12:41 AM

Stormtrooper since he's not tall

Ewan buying this lightsaber or not?

LilMouse 11-01-2020 02:07 PM

buying it

Ewan in a black & white film or silent film?

S.A.S.H.A. 11-01-2020 05:25 PM

black & white

Ewan handing out cookies to voters in LA like Paul Rudd in NYC or not?

LilMouse 11-02-2020 12:04 PM


Ewan playing a down on his luck actor OR an actor up his own ass?

S.A.S.H.A. 11-03-2020 12:14 AM

actor up his own ass

Ewam getting hurt or hurting someone while training as Obi?

LilMouse 11-03-2020 10:44 AM

hurting someone

Ewan playing Paul Hollywood or Graham Norton?

S.A.S.H.A. 11-03-2020 08:18 PM

Graham Norton

Ewan getting a face tattoo or facial piercing?

LilMouse 11-04-2020 12:05 PM

facial piercing

Ewan taking up painting or building robots?

S.A.S.H.A. 11-06-2020 02:50 PM

building robots

Ewan following world news or only caring about local news?

LilMouse 11-06-2020 09:20 PM

world news

Ewan as Alex Law or Mark Renton?

S.A.S.H.A. 11-07-2020 12:48 AM

Alex Law

Ewan portraying Alex Law now or not?

LilMouse 11-07-2020 01:03 PM

portraying again as long as he doesn't have the same hairstyle

want or don't want to see Kenobi filming photos?

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