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a new hope 05-01-2017 07:57 AM

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-01-2017 08:42 AM

I love her outfit, looks comfy chic

a new hope 05-02-2017 03:04 AM

I'm envious of her sense of style!

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-03-2017 06:37 AM

Me too!

I really liked Mom in the latest episode I feel like we got to see more of the fact that she does care about her kids she just really suck at showing it but I still wish the writers would delve into that more.

a new hope 05-03-2017 10:35 AM

I'm still unsure of what her true intentions are :lol:

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-03-2017 10:59 AM

Yeah, I wanna know what she plans to do once she's in heaven cause I don't think God's gonna take to kindly to his ex-wife breaking into his house

a new hope 05-03-2017 12:42 PM

God is an angry old man, Bible-wise, so I'm expecting a lot of fury :lol:

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-04-2017 11:27 AM

He's probably not that different in the show :lol: I wonder how her other kids would react to seeing her?

a new hope 05-04-2017 05:55 PM

It's so hard to imagine :eek:

New thread soon! Title ideas?

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-06-2017 12:53 AM

'She's a real life Goddess'? That's all I've got atm :shrug:

a new hope 05-06-2017 05:43 AM

I love that :D

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-06-2017 09:17 PM

Awesome! We'll go with it then :high_five:

a new hope 05-07-2017 07:57 AM

:yay: 2 posts to go! We've been killing a lot of threads lately :D

Jared ❤︎ Jensen 05-07-2017 08:25 AM

Yes we have! Who's the best? We're the best! :cheerleader:

a new hope 05-08-2017 03:07 AM

Last post :D

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