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crazy_diamond 04-02-2022 02:55 AM

Voyager Thread #16: No time!" - Banjoman started it all.
:ufo: Welcome to the Voyager thread :ufo:

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Chris 04-02-2022 05:27 AM

Thanks for starting Tracey. Title Inspiration:

Originally Posted by Waldfrau (Post 106110807)

I think I got it from Garret and Robbie telling on their podcast that they used to call the caretaker in the pilot "banjoman" on set.

From the previous thread'


Originally Posted by DigificWriter (Post 106154738)
The fact that there are aspects of Voyager that you guys describe as annoying you gets at the core issues I have with how the fandom talks about the show.

I rarely see the Voyager fandom just celebrating the series for the characters it gave us and the stories it told; most conversations about the show from those who say they're fans of it are paired with "buts" that become the focus of the conversation and end up diminishing the series.

Yes, Voyager has its fair share of issues; it's still an excellent series that melded the Episodic and Serialized together to create a new kind of Star Trek, and I wish the fandom was more inclined v to recognize and champion its strengths instead of focusing on its weaknesses.


Originally Posted by Waldfrau (Post 106160065)
Some of it is maybe a bit of a love/hate thing. The way you're annoyed about the quirks of a person you love.

F. ex. "Treshold" often gets named as the worst Trek episode ever, but I don't think it really is the worst Trek episode. It's just very memorable and maybe feels like a lot of wasted opportunities because some interesting ideas got mixed up in way that's not thought through.

:nod: I don't think you need to love every single detail, episode or storyline to be a genuine fan of the show. I really enjoyed that there were some continuing storylines as opposed to all being completely stand alone episodes. There was some terrific character development. Tom, B'Elanna and Neelix in particular really matured and grew over the course of the show.

DigificWriter 04-02-2022 09:43 AM


@Chris I wasn't trying to say that there aren't things about Voyager that can't or shouldn't be criticized. I just think the way that those criticisms get expressed is disproportionate to their severity to the point that not enough positive attention is paid to the series.

@Waldfrau I actually genuinely like Threshold. It's bonkers, yes, but that's what makes it fun.

Re: characters, I honestly think that they all got at least decent development by the end of the show, sometimes in spite of the writers' ambivalence (ex. Harry).

Chris 04-02-2022 11:31 AM

There's definitely a fine line between liking a show overall, and focusing on the things that you don't like about it.

Yes, the writers could have done more with Harry, especially on a professional level. They did a nice job showing his friendship with Tom.

crazy_diamond 04-02-2022 12:33 PM

:nod: about the Tom and Harry friendship..

Chris 04-03-2022 12:21 PM

The writers also did a nice job with showing Seven learning to embrace her humanity.

crazy_diamond 04-03-2022 01:00 PM

I liked her friendship with the Doctor

Chris 04-03-2022 01:50 PM

Yes, the EMH and Seven had a lot in common. LOVED the Body & Soul episode where the EMH hides in Seven, then eats cheesecake.

crazy_diamond 04-04-2022 02:17 AM

That is :lol:

7.02 Imperfection

Chris 04-04-2022 04:47 AM

That was a very thoughtful, compassionate and reassuring thing for B'Elanna to say to Seven.

crazy_diamond 04-04-2022 12:25 PM

It was, good scene with them

Chris 04-05-2022 06:05 AM

Especially coming from B'Elanna who wasn't usually inclined to be sympathetic like that, or particularly close to Seven.

crazy_diamond 04-05-2022 12:23 PM


Chris 04-08-2022 01:11 PM

B'Elanna and Seven were both such strong, independent characters. It would have been nice to see more of their friendship.

crazy_diamond 04-09-2022 01:36 AM

:nod: that it would

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