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fly me to the moon 10-27-2021 03:18 PM

You should and also, try Nathan's.. :D

L i N d $ @ y 10-28-2021 12:21 AM

Where in NY is Nathan's?

fly me to the moon 10-28-2021 03:26 PM

I know that there are Nathan's Famou that are nearby Central Park on 5th ave.. But assume that they still opened it..

L i N d $ @ y 10-29-2021 12:12 AM

Are they expensive or affordable?

fly me to the moon 10-29-2021 03:41 PM

They are affordable one, but again, I would judge everyone who willing to buy one damn hotdog for over 10 dollars..

L i N d $ @ y 10-31-2021 12:32 AM

ah that's good. As long as there are affordable ones. I kind of feel like everything's expensive in NY. :lol:

fly me to the moon 11-01-2021 10:28 AM

Well, not really since if you plan to get pizza which that cost one dollar.. :lol: But as long you see the sign that said 99 Cent.. :)

L i N d $ @ y 11-02-2021 01:18 AM

Are there no pizzas there for less than a dollar? :D

fly me to the moon 11-02-2021 02:23 PM

Nope.. Never less than dollar.. Plus some store that you can buy two pizza w/ soda can that cost like three dollars.. :D

L i N d $ @ y 11-03-2021 01:22 AM

That's a good deal right? $3 for a pizza & soda? Ugh, I miss travelling when I don't know how to spend foreign money. :lol: Like I don't know how cheap or expensive things or food will be there unless I'm with someone who actually lives there. :lol:

fly me to the moon 11-03-2021 06:52 AM

Yeah, it's good deal.. I would take that.. :nod: Even though, you have to be smart when it comes to spend money since some people can tell that you're tourist, but please don't take the pic w/ the cartoon people since they would be like you have to pay me bec you took the pic w/ me..

L i N d $ @ y 11-04-2021 02:05 AM

Cartoon people? I haven't tried travelling alone but yeah I'm not going to travel to a foreign country on my own. I would need someone who lives there to accompany me so I can enjoy my stay. :nod:

fly me to the moon 11-05-2021 03:21 PM

You know like this..

I put it under the tag since I don't know what their job called..

But yeah, that's smart way..

L i N d $ @ y 11-07-2021 01:24 AM

Oh those. I didn't know there's a lot of those in NY streets? I assumed they mostly work at theme parks?

fly me to the moon 11-07-2021 05:49 PM

We do have those, but they look like trash NY characters which that more sense in here than what you aw at theme parks.. :lol:

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