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Old 07-09-2024, 01:36 PM
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Old 07-10-2024, 10:25 PM
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Aegon: A very tragic character. He wants to avenge his son's death, help his realm, and join his men in battle, which is what's expected of a medieval king. Joffrey was seen as a coward, while Stannis was regarded as an exemplary ruler. Aegon is not a fool for wanting to embody these chivalric ideals that his society upholds, and he is not irrational when he asks to be informed of any military plans – which, by the way, would have led him to stay at the Red Keep. Yet he's constantly undermined by his own family and Council, who wanted a puppet in his place. Also - and I mean it from a fan's POV, not Aemond's - I don't see how verbally bullying your brother justifies death as a punishment.

Aemond: I absolutely love how imposing Aemond is as a Targaryen. That said, he's the one whose grudge led him to take out one of the very few dragons his side has, all in the name of arrogance. Well, I agree that this level of arrogance will eventually lead him to meet his fate. But so will his cosplayer.

Rhaenys: I'll miss her calm yet commanding tone in the Black Council (and in general), as well as the way she always roasted Daemon.

Cole: He's been improving in the last two episodes; being on the battlefield has done him good. He still holds some responsibility for what has happened (as in everything that's happening, it seems, lol) since he should have informed Aegon of the secret plan. However, the genuine love he has for the boys he practically raised while Viserys was absent was so evident in the last scene.

Daemon & Alys: I like their interactions so far and the creepy, mysterious effect they bring to the story. Young Rhaenyra's severed, talking head was a bit silly, though.

Alicent: Her character's writing seems to have taken a step back this season, and not because of her relationship with Cole. I understand she is supposed to struggle to keep control of her sons and the realm, and that ultimately this wouldn't lead her to say or do the wisest things. But her son literally asked for her guidance, and instead of seizing the chance to bring him to her side, she completely pushed him away.

The scene with Aemond/Aegon arguing in High Valyrian: At first, I was a bit let down when Aegon didn't match his brother's skills, because I kept thinking how cool it would have been to see two Targaryen brothers verbally sparring in their language. However, after more thought, I realised it made sense since a) Aegon would have been a rather lazy than a diligent student, and b) indirectly, this would bring him even closer to the smallfolk, as it would again indicate how he never cared much about the traditions of a dynasty of elitists. Plus it is an adequate payback for the humiliation at the brothel.

On a funny note, here are Cole and Aemond, when Alicent asks how Aegon got burnt:

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Old 07-11-2024, 10:58 AM
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Aegon was treated very unfairly. I guess everyone just assumed he will continue to be uninterested in royal affairs like he was as a prince.
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Old 07-11-2024, 01:46 PM
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Which is just absurd. Even if they never thought he would want to step up and become a good king and expected him to continue focusing on fun and prostitutes, they should still have trained and eased him into this 'puppet king' position. Having an incompetent, indifferent king could backfire at any time just as much.

Otto had a master plan for years, but somehow he didn't think Aegon needed better guidance until he was already a king and openly opposed Otto. Aegon was literally raised thinking his father disliked him and that his sister would murder him and his brother as soon as she gained power, I mean lol. This is also why I think the show should have focused on this narration from S1 and the politics behind the dilemma of the King's Will vs Traditions and Customary Law, instead of basing the whole feud on an "oops, Alicent misunderstood" notion, but that's a long conversation...
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