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Old 04-04-2023, 04:56 PM
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[Season 1 Discussion] #1: The beginning of one thing can be the rest of everything.

Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series. This uplifting LGBTQ+ drama about teen friendship and young romance is based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman.


1x01 - "Meet"
1x02 - "Crush"
1x03 - "Kiss"
1x04 - "Secret"
1x05 - "Friend"
1x06 - "Girls"
1x07 - "Bully"
1x08 - "Boyfriend"

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Old 08-02-2023, 12:43 AM
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Wow, no posts in here?

Overall, season 1 was a great first season to the series. The graphics were super adorable, the lighting was great, the acting was great, the music was awesome, and I like that every episode felt cohesive and purposeful! I remember binging it the first time in like a night and it was so fun and refreshing. I remember thinking that it didn't do some of the expected or cliche things that most tv shows do for drama and I appreciated that.

Worst part of the series was def. Harry for me. There was just too much of him and his bullying got so annoying. Ben was also irritating but at least he wasn't in the series as much.

Best part of the show was def. the nick/charlie relationship but I loved the small moments of tao/elle as well. Darcy/Tara are also a sweet couple but its hard for me to get invested in pairings when I don't see how they got together. I would like to see more backstory on how they started. I would also love to see more friend moments between different pairings.

I also thought Isaac and Tori were phenomenal side characters, as were Charlie's dad and Nick's mom. The teacher was okay for me but not one of my favs cuz he felt a bit... idk, snarky? most of the season. But I would love to get more of them as well.

My character order would go as such:

1. Elle
2. Charlie
3. Nick
4. Tao
5. Tara
6. Tori
7. Isaac
8. Sarah
9. Darcy
10. Imogen

The top four are almost interchangeable depending on the episode. Tao def. had some frustrating moments but I really understood his POV. Elle could be a bit more relaxed than the others but I love how chill and rational she is.

Tara was very cool imo and a very solid character, just not as exciting as the others for me.

Tori, Isaac, and Sarah were all wonderful side characters but we simply didnt get enough of them for me to quite judge yet.

Darcy had okay moments but she annoyed me a lot. Same with Imogen. But they both have good qualities too.

As far as the episodes go, these were hard to rank because I genuinely love them all. And they all kinda felt the same and none of them dipped in quality at all. Buttttt, my order would go:

1. 1x05 Friend - so many cute moments, funny lines and I loved the group all together at the arcade place.
2. 1x08 Boyfriend - great ending to the season, nice place to leave it before next year. So much good stuff was packed into this episode!
3. 1x03 Kiss - ngl, mostly because of the kiss but again, party episodes are always fun and i liked the T/E moments too.
4. 1x01 Meet - great first episode to the series and set everything up so nicely.
5. 1x02 Crush - great 2nd episode to the series and the moments in the snow with n/c build up was so cute.
6. 1x07 Bully - hated the bullying stuff but it was overall a great episode with other good moments.
7. 1x04 Secret - a litle depressing and more boring compared to the others but still good!
8. 1x06 Girls - a good episode with great character development but focusing on the girls wasn't as interesting to me personally.

Very curious to see how I feel about season 2 and how it compares to season 1!

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Old 08-03-2023, 02:58 PM
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I think it's bc i opened the thread pretty late

So nice to read your feelings about the season, glad you loved it!
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Old 03-24-2024, 04:32 PM
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hi everyone. this is the playlist of me reacting to season one of heartstopper. i’m up to episode five so far: Heartstopper Reactions
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Old 03-25-2024, 03:30 PM
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Hi! that's cool, thanks for sharing
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Old 03-27-2024, 04:39 PM
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Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to watch
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