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airali_glo 02-18-2022 02:54 PM

I surely will :nod: I don't know if it can get nominated for other categories outside actors, but since this reboot hasn't the fame of being too soapy like the original, maybe it can get some.

Cadenf 02-20-2022 09:30 PM

I always love when shows I watch get nominated, cause usually they don't. :bawl:

airali_glo 02-21-2022 02:06 PM

Oh well, I watch only shows that never gets nominated for anything, so I'm used to not follow such kind of awards :lol: I always ignore tv awards.

Crossing fingers for GG and Thomas specifically!

airali_glo 02-25-2022 01:27 PM

The makeup team opened an Instagram account

Cadenf 03-01-2022 10:35 PM

Thanks for that.

airali_glo 03-02-2022 08:42 AM

It's so cool to see such bts material :) and the makeup of S2 seems way brighter than S1.

airali_glo 03-06-2022 01:59 PM

Inside the hair trailer :)

airali_glo 03-08-2022 01:21 PM

This video :lol:

fire for a heart 03-09-2022 03:34 AM

thanks for that

airali_glo 03-09-2022 08:47 AM

There are more :D

Also I like all the makeup stuff the team posts on IG

fire for a heart 03-12-2022 08:09 PM

i do like seeing the fashion side

airali_glo 03-13-2022 03:09 PM

O same! It was impossible during the OG, because social media weren't a thing, but now it's super easy.

The makeup is very different this season, more colorful and particular

airali_glo 05-04-2022 01:32 PM

First hbomaxpop all gg related post ion months!

fire for a heart 05-04-2022 05:22 PM

:) hope we get air date

airali_glo 05-05-2022 03:40 AM

I fear it's still long to come :( like August or even September, after the PLL reboot ends

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