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atwoodsmariano 08-05-2020 01:02 AM

Vicious Trollops #66 ~ Emily/Kelly Appreciation ~ Because we loved her character growth in the revival

Why We Love Emily
'Cause she loves Lorelai even if she has a hard time admitting it.
'Cause if it wasn’t for her Rory wouldn’t have been able to go to Chilton.
'Cause even Lorelai said she’s good [in tricking people].
'Cause she can be a vicious trollop.
'Cause it’s fun to guess what the new maid’s name will be this time.
'Cause she had a blast on the catwalk dancing to "Girls just wanna have fun."
'Cause she saved Lorelai's house from crumbling down.
'Cause she probably did think to move the moon.
'Cause she’s only being manipulative so that she can spend time with her daughter and granddaughter.
'Cause she made Richard apologize to Rory for the Dean-incident.
'Cause she made mashed banana on toast for Lorelai.
'Cause she hired a camera man and a sound engineer for Lorelai’s graduation.
'Cause she was so proud of her daughter that she cried on the graduation.
'Cause she thought frozen pizza was excellent.
'Cause she panicked when her mother-in-law was about to come.
'Cause of the way she shops.
'Cause not even Queen Elizabeth could out-royal her behavior.
'Cause she understands that it must be very exhausting to be Lorelai.
'Cause she obviously taught Lorelai how to drop sarcastic comments.
'Cause she was right - it should have been Lorelai
'Cause even Mrs. Kim had to give in to her haggling in the end.
'Cause she hates Richard’s moustache as well.
'Cause she, too, was shocked to find out about Jason and Lorelai.
'Cause she was concerned about the limited space in the family mausoleum.
'Cause she just wanted the best for Lorelai.
'Cause she and Lorelai will hug eventually. (Keep believing!!)
'Cause she doesn’t know how to Google stuff.
'Cause Richard chose her over Pennilyn Lott.
'Cause she just said “Fine!” when Richard proposed to her.
'Cause she said that Lorelai and Luke were both idiots, right in the beginning.
'Cause she wanted to do Rory a favor and organized a party for her.
'Cause she wanted to help Sookie with her wedding (mushrooms, though??)
'Cause you’ll never know what the new maid’s name is going to be this time.
'Cause Richard would never dare to Google her.
'Cause she didn’t like Sherry.
'Cause she was thrilled when she managed to trick her daughter into spending a weekend in a wellness hotel with her.
'Cause she thought the sixty-forty-bar was a singles bar.
'Cause she left multiple messages on Lorelai’s answering machine even though she hates it.
'Cause she gave Lorelai & Rory dessert to go.
'Cause she took off her skirt to climb out of the window just to spite Richard.
'Cause she has great gams!
'Cause she's open for business (she just needs a boa and a lift to Reno).
'Cause she didn't believe Luke when he insisted nothing's going on between him and Lorelai
'Cause she's the only one who got Lorelai to admit she may have feelings for Luke.
'Cause she pretended to like Jess when Rory introduced him to her
'Cause she's hot and wealthy
'Cause she told Lorelai that not everything is about her'
'Cause she knew from the beginning that Luke and Lorelai are a match made in heaven'
'Cause she wants to throw the old harpy's carcass in a ditch and let a wolverine eat her.
'Cause today she learned how to make mojitos'
'Cause Emily knows that either Chris or Luke will be the one for Lorelai
'Cause she offered Lorelai the money for her house without Lorelai asking for it
'Cause she began to cry and couldn't get out of bed for a month when she found out that Lorelai had left her forever
'Cause she wasn't afraid to make a scene when Lorelai drove to hospital to give birth all on her own
'Cause she told Straub, that "it is certainly NOT an option for Lorelai, to not have Rory"
'Cause she didn't care if her mother-in-law thought she was the "whore of Babylon"
'Cause she wont fly anything else than first class to Europe
'Cause she drives a Jaguar
'Cause she admires Lorelai's life
'Cause she wanted Richard to teach Rory how to play golf
'Cause she ate her dinner at a bar, just like a hooker
'Cause she let Lorelai fix her skirt with a paper-clip
'Cause she wanted to have Friday night dinners with her family
'Cause she wanted to get Rory a birthday present that she would like
'Cause she was truly hurt when Lorelai paid back the loan
'Cause she would go on a roller coaster with Richard, but he had to hold her hand
'Cause Richard said she has a presence that can't be ignored
'Cause she told Richard to "Come Home"
'Cause she is our favorite
'Cause she still thinks she is young enough to date men
'Cause she cried after the date because she felt guilty
'Cause she designed Rory´s 2nd room in NSYNC-style
'Cause she tries to organize a date for Single Rory
'Cause she thinks Lorelai´s chest is "yummy"
'Cause she was "the other woman"
'Cause she gets along with Michel very well
'Cause she never thought of Lorelai as a prude
'Cause she's very competitive
'Cause she elbowed C.C. Everetts AFTER the game
'Cause she's the cobra
'Cause she knows how to eavesdrop without being seen.
'Cause there is nothing in the world Emily is better at than getting someone to agree to something that in any other universe, they would never ever consider
'Cause Emily's had bad days too
'Cause she just won't "Shut-UP!"
'Cause she loves Richard's new ring-tone
'Cause the secret code is still 1-1-1-1-1
'Cause she finally found a use for the Post-It's Richard bought her in 2x20
'Cause of the things she gets done before 8:30 in the morning
'Cause she thinks that 'a swim would be good'
'Cause she skinny dipped with an overcoat.
'Cause bumping Constance Batterton is a win-win
'Cause she politely shredded Shira to pieces
'Cause she's obsessed with Birkin Bags!
'Cause she loves to paint
'Cause she allowed the girls to be barefoot in the living-room
'Cause she wanted to buy a plane
'Cause she didn't lose Lorelai
'Cause she freaked out when Rory left
'Cause she finally got dinner at Lorelai's house
'Cause she can see Luke and Lorelai together
'Cause she played cards with Sissy
'Cause she's the one talking sense into Lorelai
'Cause she wants to buy Lorelai's dream house for her
'Cause she touches Lorelai's shoulder in such an affectionate way
'Cause she can she her daughter's feelings, even when she's blind
'Cause she knows that everything's off tonight
'Cause Richard still gets jealous of Dr Handsome
'Cause she made Lynnie miss her own Mom
'Cause she's such a drama queen
'Cause she's our Mrs. Onassis
'Cause she's not sure whether or not she's fired Gerta
'Cause she pinches Lorelai and tells her to be quiet till dessert
'Cause she's blind and waiting
'Cause spaghetti and meatballs are just too much excitement
'Cause she declared Straub to be a big ass.
'Cause she made sure Rory knew that her existence was not a disappointment.
'Cause she can look at a plane if she wants to look at a plane!
'Cause she admitted that Rory is spoiled.
'Cause she asks Rory and Lorelai to pick out what they want Emily and Richard to leave them in their will
'Cause she knows Rory's not fried chicken
'Cause she demands to go first
'Cause she'll bump Cecile to the annex without even knowing who Lorelai will end up marrying
'Cause she doesn't know how to turn the oven timer off (and doesn't have to know)
'Cause she told Christopher to leave when his presence hurt Lorelai
'Cause when she showed up at Richard's fraternity party in that blue dress, he had no choice
'Cause she put "well-endowed" Grigori in the "Maybe" pile
'Cause Richard is excited at the prospect of those fetching tennis costumes
'Cause she got arrested
'Cause the breathalyzer won't go anywhere near her mouth
'Cause her cotillions are memorable
'Cause she doesn't like stingy ice in her drink
'Cause she tutored wild little ladies
'Cause you're never to young to learn how to make a Martini
'Cause she gave Lorelai a wolf-girl painting as a wedding present
'Cause she shared scotch with Lorelai
'Cause she cried because she was scared to lose Richard
'Cause she's learning how to use a computer
'Cause she went on a road trip with her girls
'Cause she has a thing for Will Smith
'Cause she thinks spas are exploding
'Cause she got Lorelai to agree to FNDs with no strings attached
'Cause complaining is her way of showing love and that she cares
'Cause she was afraid Richard would become one of those "I had a heart attack, let me express my every thought" types
'Cause she couldn't handle the thought that Richard and Lorelai were saying a final goodbye at Rory's goodbye party
'Cause Taylor's birthing speech made her a little queasy
'Cause she wasn't certain if it was Rory who enforces the dress code
'Cause she smiled when Lorelai suggested wearing Spandex and a tube top
'Cause she considers it an honor to be Rory Gilmore's grandmother
'Cause she stole a robe with Lorelai
'Cause she drank three cups of coffee early in the morning
'Cause she went all the way to Stars Hollow just to convince Luke to get back together with Lorelai
'Cause she made pudding the week before Rory's 16th birthday
'Cause she was there on Rory's first day at Chilton
'Cause she went to Lorelai for dating advice
'Cause she made Lorelai her maid of honor

Feel free to add your reasons to the list
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Past thread titles
#1 ~ 'Cause Emily is the mother we all want to have
#2 ~ 'Cause the secret code is 11 1 11
#3 ~ 'Cause she is really dangerous - ask her maids
#4 ~ 'Cause they reconciled all night
#5 ~ 'Cause She deserves to be the Favourite
#6 ~ 'Cause Kelly deserves an Emmy
#7 ~ 'Cause she's a presence that can't be ignored
#8 ~ 'Cause Richard can't wait to have her
#9 ~ 'Cause she makes copies of her post-its
#10 ~ 'Cause she loves Richard's new ring tone
#11 ~ 'Cause she's too good for you, Mr. Gilmore!
#12 ~ 'Cause the hiatus gives hope for a happy end
#13 ~ 'Cause she's the mother's mother
#14 ~ 'Cause she's the most frivolous witch with a 'B'
#15 ~ 'Cause Lorelai bowed to the Queen
#16 ~ Anybody seen our Emily?
#17 ~ 'Cause she hasn't fired Gerta - YET!
#18 ~ Hiatus sucks, Emily rocks!
#19 ~ 'Cause she fancies handsome doctors
#20 ~ 'Cause she's the third Gilmore girl
#21 ~ 'Cause we liked Driving Miss Gilmore
#22 ~ 'Cause her hair is always talk-worthy
#23 ~ 'Cause she's the only Emmy GG needs
#24 ~ 'Cause we would love to go shopping with her
#25 ~ 'Cause she deserves real Valium
#26 ~ Richard **** to ****, Emily **** to ****
#27 ~ 'Cause we're having a t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e time
#28 ~ 'Cause Bobby's legs can't compete with Emily's.
#29 ~ 'Cause she always gets what she wants
#30 ~ 'Cause we'd take her unfriendly advice any day
#31 ~ Wanted! Reward! Who saw her? Call 11111!
#32 ~ Emily and Richard: The Smutty Years
#33 ~ 'Cause she'll kill him if he dares to die.
#34 ~ 'Cause Richard is her whole life.
#35 ~ 'Cause in Scotch veritas
#36 ~ Hiatus is a serious pain in the you-know-what
#37 ~ 'Cause she knows what love is
#38 ~ 'Cause she thinks Will Smith is attractive
#39 ~ Vicious viciously screwed Trollops-Thanks Dave Rosenthal!
#40 ~ 'Cause where she leads we will follow
#41 ~ ‘Cause she can do whatever she wants
#42 ~ 'Cause we KNOW we need therapy
#43 ~ 'Cause SHE knows who the Fonz is
#44 ~ 'Cause LG was truly her daughter
#45 ~ 'Cause we need a stalking VT meeting
#46 ~ She doesn't need an Emmy, 'cause she's our Emmy
#47 ~ 'Cause the devil actually wears Chanel
#48 ~ 'Cause no news is NOT good news
#49 ~ 'Cause if we don't like her hair we vote it off
#50 ~ Vicious Trollops-The Golden Age
#51 ~ 'Cause DeniaLand is so pretty to live in
#52 ~ 'Cause she'll always be EH's co-star to us
#53 ~ No Kelly, No News, No Title
#54 ~ Still No Kelly, Still No News, Still No Title
#55 ~ Vacation is over--time to get Kelly back on TV
#56 ~ 'Cause She's Our Steel Magnolia
#57 ~ 'Cause Where She Plays We Will See Her
#58 ~ 'Cause She's Truly a Class Act
#59 ~ 'Cause She looks great in every era
#60 ~ Sexy, Sixty and Still Going Strong
#61 ~ Back and Better Than Ever
#62 ~ Beware; we've begun talking hair again
#63 ~ Chorus Line to Corporate Wife to....Cougar?
#64 ~ 'Cause we want her back on TV-SOON!!!
#65 ~ Because who doesn't love her snarky retorts?
Emily is definitely the third Gilmore Girl. Kelly Bishop is an outstanding actress, and her performance in every single episode she's in is just great.
If you want to be a Trollop too, please PM the person who has started the current thread to be added.
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Thanks to Valerie4 , Miss GoodManners , Sheila*Bryant, RichardsEmmy and Oldfashionedgrl for the many banners!

Talula78 08-05-2020 05:24 PM

Tftnt, Allison :hug:

Grrr, stupid photo bucket watermark. :irked: Otherwise that OP is beautiful.

atwoodsmariano 08-05-2020 07:29 PM

I can fix it

just need to save and upload it to another site

Talula78 08-06-2020 08:25 AM

It’d be awesome if you did that because I’d hate to lose those fabulous headers and banners.

Lindsay 08-06-2020 06:29 PM

Thanks for the new thread!

Talula78 08-09-2020 08:31 AM


Lindsay 08-09-2020 07:02 PM

Such sass.

Talula78 08-10-2020 08:02 AM

Lorelai comes by that sass honestly. :lol:

Lindsay 08-11-2020 06:54 PM

Talula78 08-12-2020 08:42 AM

Do I detect a bit of sass underneath that "wonderful!"?

Lindsay 08-12-2020 07:42 PM

Oh definitely. :nod:

atwoodsmariano 08-18-2020 02:36 AM

watermarks be gone *poof*

Talula78 08-18-2020 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by atwoodsmariano (Post 101635538)
watermarks be gone *poof*

:back_hug: Thank you! The OP is back to its original beauty. :love:

Lindsay 08-18-2020 10:27 PM

Nice. Thanks Allison!

Talula78 08-19-2020 10:35 AM

I just noticed all of the NC-17 rated fanfics of Emily & Richard. :eek::lol:

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