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NOLoRo #35 ~ Because Rory turning down Logan’s proposal 15 years ago was the best decision she ever made

Welcome to the NoLoRo Thread!

NoLoRo = No Logan and Rory.
This is the thread for those who do not support Logan and Rory's relationship.
Rules: Bash Rory. Bash Logan. But don't bash Matt or Alexis. They're real people, with real feelings.

"Logan and Rory's relationship has never been based on deep talkin'.
Their relationship has been based on 'Let's have fun!
Let's avoid reality! Let's just go play and party!'"
- Amy Sherman- Palladino with Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

Honorary NoLoRos:
Jess Mariano
Lorelai Gilmore
Luke Danes
Mitchum Huntzberger
Paris Geller
Shira Huntzberger
Milo Ventimiglia
Keiko Agena
Matt Czuchry
Vanessa Marano
Jason Mantzoukas
The Gilmore Guys podcast

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PM the current thread starter to be added or ask on the thread.

"Logan I feel like you could get 15 years into your marriage and you’re still like worried
about his commitment. I always feel like Rory was one step behind, like trying to chase
his full attention and full love and… respect almost. I don’t think that fight ever ends with a Logan."
- Keiko (Lane)

1) Because he doesn’t love her.
2) Because all they do is have sex; there is no substance to the relationship.
3) Because they are terribly boring.
4) Because Logan is hot (no Jess) but that doesn't make up for his arrogant attitude.
5) Because he's a hedonist and acts like the very idea of him having to work for money is the greatest tragedy in the world.
6) Because he's spoiled rotten.
7) Because he and his friends have a tendency to be very rude to people.
8) Because when he has a problem he just drinks it off.
9) Because he should've known something was up when Rory suggested stealing the yacht and should have refused and asked what was wrong.
10) Because he never tried to comfort her about what his dad said, nor did he confront his dad ever.
11) Because we don't like who Rory is when she's with him.
13) Because Logan is immature, condescending, and way too cocky.
14) Because Logan doesn’t take Rory’s problems seriously
15) Because when we see them ZZZs shortly follow.
16) Because they don't have that deep connection.
17) Because he doesn't understand Rory and Lorelai's relationship.
18) Because he would rather buy her off than listen to her problems.
19) Because he says ILY just to solve the problem, not because he means it
20) Because Jess was right, he is a jerk.
21) Because his idea of a joke is stealing from Rory's grandparent's house.
22) Because he's no Dodger.
23) Because their relationship lacks everything except sex.
24) Because they have sex a lot and its still boring.
25) Because he's so vain!
26) Because he's not good for her, he let her drop out of school!
27) Because Jess said 'I love you' why didn't Logan!
28) Because even if Lorelei didn't like Jess, at least he knew how important she was to Rory.
29) Because he treats people like they're beneath him.
30) Because even Rory hated him at first and first impressions never die.
31) Because he only cares about money, sex, and alcohol.
32) Because he doesn't know the real Rory.
33) Because he has buried the real Rory alive and left her to dig herself out.
34) Because he's not man enough to step up to the plate and take over the family business.
35) Because he's not man enough to give up Daddy's money and strike it out on his own.
36) Because Logan's silence gives his consent to Rory's actions, meaning he can be blamed for what she's become
37) Because he isn't confident enough in Rory to trust her.
38) Because he was an unnecessary ass to Jess.
39) Because he just left her in the restaurant.
40) Because "take a cab home" isn't a sweet as it once was.
41) Because at least Jess remembers her birthday.
42) Because Logan is just jealous Jess is doing something.
43) Because Rory & Jess made fun of guys like Logan back in High School
44) Because JESS knows her better than anyone (especially Logan)
45) Because Jess couldn’t done the book without her
46) Because Logan's known Rory for an year & doesn't know anything about her
47) Because it took Jess less than a minute to make Rory open her eyes
48) Because she shouldn't have to baby-sit him when he's drunk
49) Because she shook his arm off!
50) Because he will never fit in her normal life!
51) Because at first Rory meant nothing to him besides of fun... This is not a way to start an everlasting relationship
52) Because "Ace" isn't what we call romantic
53) Because he refers to her as a father would a son
54) Because they got an F in chemistry!!!
55) Because their relationship is not based on reality
56) Because 'fun' doesn't always mean forever.
57) Because their "relationship has never been based on deep talking" ~ASP
58) "Because he's temporary too...have a drink!"
59) Because she told him not to follow her
60) Because she needs to drop the DAR, and he needs to join AA.
61) Because his idea of living life to the fullest is getting drunk.
62) Because you know he's never the designated driver.
63) Because you know he's going to hurl in her car (or on her) one of these day.
64) Because his friends & him are the ONLY people Rory spends time with now, she's less social than before.
65) Because he should've been at least decent to Jess, knowing he was Rory's friend.
66) Because he was going to fool around with Rory at her grandparent's wedding, talk about disrespectful.
67) Because Paris is a NoLoRo too. "YOU!"
68) Because the penguins marched through. (21ITLN)
69) Because the fact that they can make blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan babies isn't cause for them being together. (HMKTCC)
70) Because Emily & Richard brought in the reverend to exorcise Logan from Rory.
71) Because Logan's day plan with Rory is: Drink, drink, drink, have sex and drink.
72) Because "Dean clings, Logan drinks, and Jess reads Vonnegut"
73) Because his father is a jerk & as the saying goes "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
74) Because his family was right. She's not like them...she's better!
75) Because some people are worth fighting for and Logan ISNT one of them
76) Because she is smart and he's a drunk.... not compatible.
77) Because he's great at embarrassing her!
78) Because when she told him she has to see her mother today he said "so blow it off"
79) Because he was an ass to Marty.
80) Because he's a player.
81) Because he hasn't changed.
82) Because they aren't growing together, they're immatureing.
83) Because everything Rory has worked for is lost on him.
84) Because with him Rory's disrespectful to her grandparents.
85) Because with him Rory doesn't have time to read anymore.
86) Because he may have chosen Rory for a serious relationship...but that doesn't mean he was ready for one!
87) Because he turned her life into a 24/7 party
88) Because "Master and Commander" was so chauvinist of him
89) Because thanks to him she wants to be the queen of sloth
90) Because he thinks he is the last cookie in the pack
91) Because he's a jerk with a Porsche
92) Because she can't blame him, but she can dump him
93) Because he's not doing anything, and neither is she while she's with him!
94) Because he doesn't care about her future.
95) Because Christopher knows that Logan is a little weasel.
96) Because Luke was ready to kill him
97) Because he always jumps to conclusions.
98) Because he was mean to the folksinger.
99) Because he called Marty a servant.
100) Because Rory shouldn’t have jumped...he should have alone, without the rope!
101) Because the REAL Rory came back & Logan wasn't around...coincidence? We think not.
102) Because according to ASP, Rory "needs to make some mistakes" & one of those mistakes is Logan!
103) Because he may have money, but he is completely worthless.
104) Because he is the blonde dick at Yale.
105) Because the felon party was riduculous.
106) Because Rory doesn't want to be the queen of the sloths anymore.
107) Because remember the time he called her 'kiddo'?
108) Because even if it is his first real relationship, is he really so dumb he thinks a fight = break up?
109) Because Jess left without a word because he was ashamed, Logan did because he's just an idiot.
110) Because she had to find out it was over from his sister!
111) Because people may have said Dean was a wuss, but he never ran away and let his sister break up with Rory for him.(for all the anti-Narco Sophies)
112) Because they won't be together for the holidays!
113) Bcuase he's the blond dick at Yale
114) Because everything is fixed, "everything but him"
115) Because he cheated on her at least 3 times
116) Because a relationship requires 2 minds, not 1
117) Because since when is Rory a British ****!
118) Because the new Rory deserved to be "crushed" by Mitchum
119) Because the old Rory could've handled it like she did with Headmaster Charleston
120) Because he had the nerve to trash-talk the bridesmaids
121) Because Rory will never grow up with him dragging her down
122) Because Logan isn't a man, he's a snobby party-boy.
123) Because they don't help each other grow as people
124) Because Rory probably loves his lifestyle more than him
125) Because she only forgave him because he almost died, he's too pathetic to redeem himself like Dean or Jess undoubtedly would have.
126) Because their relationship isn't based in the real world
127) Because Logan is "nothing but a two-bit, spoiled, waste of a trust fund".
128) Because Logan "offers nothing to women or the world in general".
129) Because even Matt knows they aren't meant to be
130) Because she broke a good friend's heart for someone that wasn't fixed.
131) Because her first time with Logan, was when their relationship didn't mean anything, so it didn't mean anything either.
132) Because she ran to a person, who she had never slept with, and still trusted him anyway.
133) Because Logan can't relate to her like Jess can.
134) Because she never told him not to go.
135) Because he never read a book she recommended
136) Because Money WILL NEVER be able to buy her
137) Because when Jess paid no Thank You was needed
138) Because there are reasons why this thread exists
139) Because 22.8 miles trumps 120 minutes any day
140) Because if Logan feels treatened by the "High School Sweetheart"
141) Because in case Logan didn't notice, Rory always made fun of people like him..with Jess
142) Because Rory has NEVER said "Screw You" to anyone
143) Because he made Rory feel like dirt
144) Because Logan didn't like what Rory wrote
145) Because he told her she was a trust fund brat, too.
146) Because he said that he will always be what the article says
147) Because he threw their living arrangement in her face, what happens if they marry?
148) Because he humilated Marty.
149) Because it wasn't his place to tell Lucy, no matter how dumb Rory was being.
150) Because he caused Rory to lose her friends.
151) Because he still gets jealous over EVERY LITTLE THING.
152) Because Rory said "boys suck" and she was talking about Logan.
153) Because Logan is a bowl of soup... and not good soup!
154) Because Logan is "Senestive" when it comes to Writers who actually write books
155) Because the term The Blond Dick at Yale was never more fitting for Logan
156) Because is this is a once in a life time experience then I will pass
157) Because the REAL Rory doesn't want Logan to Follow Her!
158) According to Logan The Long Morrow is waiting in Space for 40 year to find your true love then Rory should wait some more
159) Becasue Rory had to figure out what "The Most Romantic Gift Ever" was (I mean who gives a rocket unless it is Logan who is blasting out of here for good)
160) Because with Logan and Rory you have entered into The Twilight Zone
161) Because true love means more than a pat on the wrist
162) Because he didn't go to Stars Hollow
163) Because he was too wrapped up in himself to care what Rory wanted
164) Because he'd rather go to Vegas with Colin and Finn than go to Stars Hollow with Rory
165) Because when the going get tough...Logan gives up
166) Because he is a jerk, he's even admitted it himself

Lorelai: Listen, I know you two love the Huntzburgers and have already planned the wedding,
but I have to tell you these are not good people.

Richard: What do you mean?
Lorelai: Logan's parents attacked Rory at that dinner they invited her to. They told her she was not
good enough to marry into the Huntzburger family.
Emily: Not good enough??
Lorelai: That's why Mitchum gave her this internship. He let her work for a while, he built her up,
and then he clobbered her. He told her that she doesn't have what it takes to be a journalist and that
she needs to find something else to do with her life.
Richard: What?
Lorelai: That's why Rory wasn't at dinner last Friday. She was devastated. And then she and Logan
went out and stole a yacht.

Richard: Now hold on!
Lorelai: Ever since she got involved with these people, things have been bad. She's up, she's down,
and she should be stronger than this, I know, but she's young and she's Rory, and she's come so far.
I just don't want her to lose this.
- "A House Is Not a Home"


Rory: Jess, wait.
Jess: We shouldn't have done this.
Rory: He's just in a bad way lately.
Jess: He's a jerk!
Rory: He was. In there, definitely. I'm so sorry.
Jess: I read that guy the second I saw him. I should have begged off.
Rory: Well, I didn't want you to!
Jess: He'd better not come out here.
Rory: Please, Jess. He had a lot to drink. He's tired from traveling. This isn't him. I swear.
Jess: What the hell is going on?
Rory: I told you, he's tired! And his family's bugging him right now -
Jess: I mean, with you! What's going on with you?
Rory: What do you mean?
Jess: You know what I mean! I know you. I know you better than anyone! This isn't you.
Rory: I don't know.
Jess: What are you doing? Living at your grandparents' place? Being in the D.A.R.? No Yale - why did you drop out of Yale?
Rory: It's complicated!
Jess: It's not! It's not complicated!
Rory: You don't know!
Jess: This isn't you! This! You going out with this jerk, with the Porsche! We made fun of guys like this!
Rory: You caught him on a bad night.
Jess: This isn't about him! Okay? Screw him! What's going on with you? This isn't you, Rory. You know it isn't. What's going on?
Rory: I don't know... I don't know
- "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out"


Paris: You, Logan Huntzberger, are nothing but a two bit, spoiled, waste of a trust fund. You offer nothing to women or the world in general. If you disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, the only person that would miss you is your Porsche dealer.
Logan: (to Rory) Wanna chime in here?
Rory: No, I think Paris has got it covered.
- "I'm OK, You're OK"


Rory: I couldn't even cheat on him the way he cheated on me.
Jess: Who? Who cheated on you? That--that guy? (pauses in disbelief) You're still with him?
Rory: Yeah.
Jess: I thought everything was fixed.
Rory: Everything but him.
Jess: I hate this!
- "The Real Paul Anka"


more here, here, and here
- Made by Bia (anettbianka)

more anti icons here


Evanescence- Call Me When You're Sober
Black Eyed Peas- Shut Up
Alanis Morissette- You Oughta Know
Christina Aguilera- "Fighter"
Green Day- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
No Doubt- Don't Speak
The Used- Taste of Ink
Kelly Clarkson- Gone
Rihanna- Take a Bow
Jojo- Too Little Too Late

Future title ideas
Logan < everyone.
Logan was just a phase.
None of the guys at the reunion were "Team Logan”
Milo and Matt agree Logan's a dick
Two-bit, spoiled, waste of a trust fund.
We dont want to even entertain the thought of them ending together in the revival.
“Maybe he isn’t good for you. Do you really want to be in the business of changing someone?”
“You my beautiful, brainy, fabulous daughter were wondering what you had done wrong. Is that really the kind of relationship you wanna be in?”
Who would say no to “the one”s proposal?
Logan is a one-night stand at best, and the nightmare of your life at worst.
the one night stand that never left.
“I was almost going to say ‘I’m more open to Team Logan,’ but that’s just not true." - Keiko
"There’s so many Logan lovers. I’m just not with it. I can’t!" -Keiko
"Is he handsome? Yeah. He has a lot of money? Yeah. He’s not great as a boyfriend." -Keiko
"I just can’t do it. Sorry!”- Keiko
"Logan I feel like you could get 15 years into your marriage and you’re still like worried about his commitment."
"I always feel like Rory was one step behind, like trying to chase his full attention and full love and… respect almost. " - Keiko
"I don’t think that fight ever ends with a Logan." - Keiko

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“I think it’s a little uncomfortable for [Rory] even though she’s kind of putting on a brave face that she’s fine with it,” Alexis explained. “I think she’s actually not that emotionally connected to it. I think she’s just kind of going through the motions…”
-Alexis Bledel on the revival

Jerk moments survivor

Season 5 winner
5.03 Written in the Stars
LOGAN: Hey, I know you. No, wait-wait, don't tell me. I'm seeing a uniform of some sort.
FINN: Maytag repairman.
MARTY: I've bartended for you -- for your parties.
LOGAN: That's right, you have. You're a talented man. He makes a kick-ass margarita.
MARTY: thanks
LOGAN: It's good to see you again. What's your name?
MARTY: Marty. Uh, this is Rory.
LOGAN: Hi. So, assuming your services are still for hire this year, your financial situation hasn't changed at all?
MARTY: Nope.
LOGAN: Good. Okay, I'll give you a call. Where are you living now?
MARTY: Branford.
LOGAN: Oh, excellent -- Branford. All right. Good running into you.

Season 6 winner
6.08 Let Me Hear Your Bailakas Ringing Out
LOGAN: Yes you did. Don't make me feel guilty for your drinking and partying. That's your choice.
I'm not forcing you when I ask you out, you can say no!
RORY: It's all we do.
LOGAN: It's not all we do.
RORY: It's all you do.
LOGAN: Well, that's my prerogative. You know? You're damn straight, I'm going to party.
I'm going to do it while I have the chance because come June, my life is over!
RORY:Oh, yes, your horrible life, let's hear about it!
LOGAN: Got a week?
RORY: You have every door open to you! You have opportunities that anyone would kill for, including me!
LOGAN: No one's stopping you from making whatever you want happen! Go into journalism!
Go into politics! Be a doctor, be a clown! Do whatever you want!
RORY: It's not as easy when it's not handed to you.
LOGAN: Really. It's all so easy for me? I don't want that life! It's forced on me! You talk about all these doors being open?
All I see is one door, and I'm being pushed through it! I have no choice! You try living without options.
RORY: How hard are you fighting it?
LOGAN: I didn't tell you to quit Yale! You did that! I gave you one month, you went beyond the month and it had nothing to do with me!
It was all you! Now, you want to change, change it. But don't blame me, don't you dare blame me! You know what, why don't you go off with John, Jack, whatever his name is!

Season 7 winner
7.10 Merry Fisticuffs

LOGAN: Actually, Marty introduced us.
LUCY: What?
LOGAN: I'm sorry. I can't be a part of this.
LUCY: A part of what?
RORY: Logan.
LOGAN: They've known each other since freshman year.
LUCY: I don't understand.
LOGAN: Rory and Marty, they used to hang out all the time at Branford and watch "Duck Soup."

Oh man, I don’t know. I don’t know. You know what? I gotta be honest. I’ll give you this:
If this is the last season, I would like to see, actually, Rory be single as she goes off. So, that’s
actually my hope. So, um, as an audience member and also being inside – both ways – I’d love to
see Rory kind of do her own thing when the whole thing’s done. So, uh, that’s what’s in my head.

-Matt Czuchry

It's you and me, there's nothing like this ღ Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince
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I'm just now noticing the jerk moments surviour winners in the OP. I have to laugh because what is clearly a jerk moment - their first meeting in WITS - Rogan fans see it as romantic since they say that the title of the episode, the meaning of it, relates to RL meeting and not LL (episode is literally about LL but OK lol).
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Hi! I would definitely consider myself a "NoLoRo" ! Please add me to the list of non-suporters of this pairing.
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welcome to our thread
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I just noticed I'm not on the list either and I definitely should be.
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added you too
It's you and me, there's nothing like this ღ Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince
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Here's Logan being a jerk and feeling sorry for his very privliged life. Pathetic.

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I hated how he yelled at Rory. I also hated how he he acted towards Jess.
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He was a complete a-hole to Jess. The way he was mocking his book? Ugh. GTFO, Logan. Like your privilged butt could ever write a book. You just have everything handed to you and you moan and complain about your "poor" life.

No wait, Logan would pay someome to write a book for him and put his name on the cover.
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TFTNT! Great title.

Logan could've walked away if he was so unhappy. But then he wouldn't get the perks/rewards of being a Huntzberger.

And no, no way he would've written a book.
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Exactly. He was all talk when he told Lorelai he was leaving that life, or he had left. Within a few months he'd have been back under daddy's bank account.
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I agree with you both!
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Some great comments and points here about Logan and The Life and Death Brigade. Basically about how disgusting they are:
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Originally Posted by onebreath (View Post)
Some great comments and points here about Logan and The Life and Death Brigade. Basically about how disgusting they are:
So many great comments that I agree with. Logan and his friends and that group are not good people.
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They are awful. People will give Logan a pass because of his "charm," but he is equally disgusting.

LOL this comment:

When people tell me they are Team Logan I see this as a red flag
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