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Talula78 06-21-2022 04:55 AM

Noddies (Scott/Luke) #96: Because he is the best father and father figure

This is the 96th Luke/SP Appreciation thread! :drool:


Noddies = Naughties :eyebrows:

His hat, his truck and his flannel...

...and his hammer.

" LUKE DANES, the owner, is taking a fresh pot off the coffee machine. Duke is a scruffy though handsome man in his thirties with the body of a fireman under that apron. "


Luke: You're harassing me now.

Lorelai: I'm not harassing you. We're your groupies. [in high voice] Oh Luke, you're so dreamy, be my guy!


Lorelai: You don't look so good.

Luke: Thanks.

Lorelai: That's not what I meant. You know you always look good.

Luke: Yeah?

Lorelai: I mean you always look healthy.

Luke: Ok.

Lorelai: But you don't look so healthy now. Now you look...

Luke: Unhealthy.

Lorelai: Yes.

Luke: Ok.

Lorelai: Oh what? So I said you look good. We’re not in 5th grade. 'You look good', big deal. Stop staring at me.



Luke: Hey, I own this business, kid! I built it, this is mine! I'm not at the mercy of some boss waiting and hoping to be chosen employee of the month for a couple extra hundred bucks and a plaque. I'm always employee of the month. I'm employee of the year, of the century, of the universe. You should be so lucky to have a job like mine


LUKE: Look, I've lived in this town my entire life, longer than most everybody here.

BOOTSY: I beg to differ. I'm five weeks older than you, that means I've been here five weeks longer.

LUKE: I've never bothered anyone. I've kept to myself and I've done the best I could. I pay my taxes, and I help people when I can. I haven't pitched in on the decorative pageantry town stuff because it all seems insane to me, but I don't get in the way of that stuff either.


Liz: He's pretty amazing though. No matter how much I screw up, he just keeps fixing it. I need money, he gives me money. No place to live, Luke finds an apartment. Even my kid when I was having trouble with him -- did you ever meet Jess?

Lorelai: Oh yes, I did.

Liz: I tell you, he was hell on wheels. I couldn't do a thing with him. I didn't know what to do, so...

Lorelai: Luke fixed it?

Liz: He tried. He wasn't entirely successful. I don't know, maybe if I had sent Jess to him a little sooner… Well, anyhow, Luke did what he could. He always does. He's like my hero, you know. Like one of those Greek gods with the golden helmets and the shields and the sandals


Kirk: [climbs to feet] Thank you. Thank you! [shouting] I love you, Luke Danes! I love you!

Luke: [muttering to himself] I'm stupid.

Kirk: [yelling loudly] I love you! I love Luke Danes! Love, love!


Lorelai: So, when you went up earlier, you were going to bed. [Luke smiles sleepily] You go to bed early, which makes sense, because you get up early. And, ugh -- now I got it.


LORELAI: You're the perfect man.

LUKE: Thank you.

LORELAI: I used to think it was Kelsey Grammer. But it's not. It's you.


LORELAI: "Once Luke Danes is in your life, he is in your life forever!"


1. Lorelai
2. Rory
3. Mia
4. Liz
5. Kirk
6. Crazy Carrie
7. Ava
8. Rachel
9. Miss Patty
10. Babette
11. Marilyn
12. Sookie
13. Jess

1. Have you seen him? He's hot!!!!
2. He makes 5 o'clock shadow, flannel and backwards baseball caps totally come together.
3. He gave the war reenactors coffee
4. He's not afraid to protest Taylor's asinine ideas
5. He has his father's list memorized
6. He blew up balloons and made coffee cake for Rory's birthday
7. He makes the best coffee in town
8. He cares about people's health
9. He stayed with Lorelai in the hospital, even though he hates them
10. He made Lorelai a Santa Burger
11. He gave a stressed Rory pie
12. He is the bringer of ice
13. He understands that being tall is a good thing!
14. He can play poker
15. He’s willing to help find lost baby chicks-and then take the trash out
16. He's man enough to admit his mistakes and apologize
17. He's not afraid to put nutmeg in the coffee-showing his feminine side
18. Fixes things around the house
19. Refused to let Dean into the diner when he and Rory broke up
20. Gave Rory pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries
21. Built Lorelai a chuppa for her wedding
22. Understands that you have to meet the right person to get married
23. Gave everyone free coffee when Lorelai's wedding was called off
24. The scene of him on the bench with the little bride girls!
25. Took Jess in when Liz sent him to live with Luke
26. Laid down the rules with Jess and tried to get him on the right path
27. Laid down the rules with Jess when he dated Rory.
28. He can reference Monty Python
29. Appreciates the underrated Outer Limits
30. Fixed the runway for the Chilton Booster Club fundraiser
31. Bid on Lorelai's basket so she wouldn't get fixed up
32. He brought food from the diner that they could eat in the gazebo
33. Bought the building so he can give Jess his own room
34. Planned his Uncle Louie's funeral, even though he didn't like him
35. He didn't blame Jess for the car crash, but still sent him back to NYC
36. He gave a depressed "Mimi" a free donut
37. His picture's up in the trophy case
38. He was on the track team, even though it was for "dorks"
39. He's a closet Jimmy Buffet fan
40. He'd be willing to have a short discussion about kids w/ the right girl
41. He was hurt when the girls said they wouldn't see him Thanksgiving
42. Taught Lorelai how to fish in the Kiddie Lake
43. He let Lorelai crash at his place when the Inn burned
44. He learned to work with Sookie in the kitchen
45. Despite what he may say-he gives awesome hugs
46. Threatened to put Jess's father's head through a wall
47. That diner is his-he built it
48. He cried at Rory's graduation speech
49. He loaned Rory and Lorelai his truck to get to Yale
50. He didn't want anything from his divorce-except 3 hours back
51. He wanted to know if Rory was alright at college
52. He's never seen the FBI Warning before
53. He's comfy on the couch
54. He came up with the fake draft idea
55. He doesn't need to date-he gets a gut feeling
56. He breaks into churches
57. He knows how to break bells
58. He makes cinnamon butter
59. He felt he messed up his interview with Lane
60. He got drunk when Jess said he interfered too much
61. He's always looking out for Liz
62. He likes the Barbie band-aids
63. Comforted Lorelai during her breakdown
64. Loaned Lorelai $30,000
65. Buys his socks in bulk
66. He beat up the sock man's car
67. He'd kick Tiny Tim's crutch out if he asked for free coffee
68. Got divorced at Mailboxes, Etc.
69. Let Lorelai into the diner at 5 a.m.
70. Reassured Lorelai she could run the inn
71. Swallowed his pride and got a self-help tape and books
72. Banged into his truck after Lorelai accepted his wedding invitation
73. He warned Jess about Crazy Carrie
74. Made turkey legs for the wedding
75. He looks down to look at his bottom half
76. Tried not to laugh at the Troubadour's song
77. He didn't think Liz and TJ's vows were funny
78. Luke can waltz!!!
79. He ducked when TJ threw his tights at him
80. He was very smooth asking Lorelai to the movies
81. He told Jess he was always there for him
82. Gave Jess a fatherly hug
83. Wasn't that phased when Lorelai slipped in the diner
84. He gave Lorelai flowers -- and he's never done that for anyone
85. He was concerned when Lorelai walked into the door
86. Three words: Sexy. Salad. Stare.
87. Agreed to help Kirk with Lulu
88. Wanted to get the dirt on Jason from Babette
89. Talked to Jason without getting into a fight
90. Confronted Lorelai rather than walking away
91. Finally told Lorelai to stand still!
92. Despite his almost getting a third kiss, still kept his promise to Kirk
93. He looks sexy running!
94. Hung out with Dean at his bachelor party
95. He'll ask Paul Newman how the Ceasar dressing is
96. He's a Jethro Tull fan
97. He's seen Pretty In Pink
98. He let Kirk use the diner to practice for his date
99. Sympathetic to the plight of the Native Americans
100. Told Lorelai she can't kill Dean on double coupon day

1. Thou shalt have a dirty mind.
2. Thou shalt put Luke always on top.
3. Thou must respect the flannel and backwards baseball cap.
4. Thou shall keep Tuesdays devoted to the adoration of Luke.
5. Thou shall appreciate Luke´s toolbox and big hands.
6. Thou shall share Luke with your fellow Noddies.
7. Thou shalt listen to him speak.
8. Thou shalt gaze upon his smiling face daily.
9. Thou shalt appreciate his sexy voice and mannerisms.
10. Thou shalt sing his praises throughout the land.

He's our lovable loner
'Cause it's 'no big deal'!
He's the Knight in Shining Armor
'Cause he finally got the girl
'Cause he can be a 'Movie Guy'
'Cause 'all in' means I love you'
'Cause no parade can stop Lukester'
'Cause he is too sexy for his shirt'
'Cause his smile says it all'
'Cause he is cute when he is being shy'
'Cause he remembers the first time they met'
'Cause he's sexy, even when he's tired'
'Cause for Lorelai, he will eat popcorn'
'Cause he is Cool Hand Luke'
'Cause he's an incorrigible flirt'
'Cause he is finally her boyfriend'
'Cause he is the perfect man'
'Cause the man gives good voice'
'Cause He is a Man of Mystery'
'Cause he is a family man'
'Cause he has a smile to die for'
'Cause we want him for XXXmas'
'Cause 2005 is the year of the Lukester'
'Cause he is so hot in the snow, we melt'
'Cause he makes grumpy sexy'
'Cause he looks better in person'
'Cause we all think he is amazing'
'Cause real men wear flannel'
'Cause Luke saying "You Bet" said it all'
‘Cause he is our leather clad Adonis'
'Cause he is a man with a plan'
'Cause he's got the look'
'Cause we love Ranting Luke too'
'Cause we pick him as sexiest man'
'Cause he is our guilty pleasure'
'Cause he is macho enough for us'
'Cause we like the way he moves'
'Cause he tastes like peppermint'
'Cause September is his month'
'Cause 4 bras and no pants was intentional'
'Cause he isn't going to screw it up'
'Cause confident!Luke makes us swoon'
'Cause if he said come here, we would'
'Cause we have faith he'll do the right thing'
'Cause we want to jingle his bells. Ho!Ho!'
'Cause there are many reasons to love him'
'Cause he deserves a kick in his cute butt'
'Cause soon he'll make it up to Lorelai'
'Cause he has a nice "Mass Ass"'
'Cause bottomline we know that he loves her'
'Cause Luke really needs us now'
'Cause '58 was the year that brought us Scott'
'Cause he's still OUR man... flannel and all'
'Cause he's our Lucky Duck in Flannel'
'Cause he can squeeze us anytime'
'Cause we like him any way he comes'
'Cause we want Real!Luke back in season 7'
'Cause We would never cheat on Luke'
'Cause he is magnetic all on his own'
'Cause he's the man with the hammer
'Cause come on he is the Lukester'
'Cause we want a new and improved Luke in season7
'Cause he's the most beautiful man in the world'
'Cause he loves her, he sets her free'
'Cause he's The Right Man in the wrong hat'
'Cause he finally punched Chris and we loved it'
'Cause he's bringing sexy back'
'Cause his body is a wonderland'
'Cause we all want to have his babies'
'Cause 2007 is going to be Luke's year'
'Cause Luke will always be in our lives too
'Cause we wish we could wake up next to him'
'Cause we need our weekly Luke fix'
'Cause even in the end he's still our angel'
'Cause we miss him as Luke'
'Cause flannel never looked so sexy
'Cause when he takes off his shirt no woman needs to cover her eyes
'Cause he's our favorite diner owner
'Cause once he's in your life, he's in your life forever
Our favorite flannel-clad diner owner is back!
'Cause he will always be there for her
'Cause now he has his Mrs. Backwards Baseball Cap!


"In the real world, those things happen for a reason and people rebound from them," said Patterson. "It is really a precarious position to be in. I think he'll have to do some soul searching to work his way out of this one. It is not checkmate, but it may be check." [quote from Scott Patterson about Season 7 and Luke dealing with what happened at the end of last season]


"It's gonna be a hot and heavy season for the Lukester. I think I've earned it. I have tolerated all number of indiscretions, insults, and challenges to my manhood, and I have deflected each and every one of them, and I am still standing." [quote from Scott Patterson about Season 5]


Ode to the Hands

Long lean
Tender, not mean
Oh ready to handle the steam...

The Hands
Of our man...
If he can't broil...
No one can...

To drizzle bake or
Nothing says Fashizzle

Like the Hands
Of our man...
He can broil, bake, and cook...
The hand of the man
Is what it took....

To make Lorelai
Wonder why
It took so long
To see he's more than pie

The Hands of of Our Man...Luke.

By Brandy


1. daydreamer4
2. Mia Mae
3. oywllalrdy (Kris)
4. fan1bsb97 (JoJo)
5. haddyboy (Pam)
6. girlfrombrazil (Ana)
7. Genevieve
8. Kitty
9. Kay
10. bybrandy (Brandy)
11. CherylS
12. customer-mimi (Isabel)
13. i heart jai (Michelle)
14. DobblersGirl (Jen)
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16. Javababe (Samantha)
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75. Talula78
76. **Anja**
77. fragileღheart
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79. socialfirefighter
80. tell me a lie
81. sourburst
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83. just stand still
84. TV_Fanatic90
85. atwoodsmariano (Allison)
86. lasertagandcigars
87. onebreath
88. stellar_dust

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Lindsay 06-21-2022 05:58 AM


onebreath 06-21-2022 12:33 PM


stellar_dust 06-21-2022 03:35 PM


I like Luke in blue the most I think.

onebreath 06-22-2022 01:56 AM

He does look particularly great in blue.

Talula78 06-22-2022 05:00 AM

I prefer him in red but he also looks great in blue. :)

onebreath 06-22-2022 07:27 AM

He looks great in red, so I hate he never wore much red beyond the early seasons.

stellar_dust 06-22-2022 09:58 AM

I wonder why that is. He does look really good in red.

onebreath 06-22-2022 01:48 PM

Food for thought. Luke did go through a lot in season 7:

Talula78 06-23-2022 05:35 AM

Nah, it doesn’t come off as a personal vendetta against a character and more like what Rosenthal’s idea for what creates real emotional drama that keeps viewers watching. Generally speaking when you raise the stakes for a character it means the payoff will feel more well-earned. I’m not saying that’s the case here but I’d presume that’s what was going through David’s head as he storyboarded the season.

onebreath 06-23-2022 08:15 AM

I actually think Luke had growth in season 7 and all of that was because of what he went through. We see him dealing with the fallout of the LL relationship in a healthy way. Yes, he is in pain in seeing Lorelai "move on" with Christopher, but Luke focuses all his energy on April and that was such a healthly way to deal with the breakup. He isn't faking happiness in a rebound relationship - he is building a relationship with his daughter and then fighting to have a right to be in her life. Had all of those obstacles not been thrown at him, we wouldn't have seen him go through that growth.

stellar_dust 06-23-2022 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by onebreath (Post 106686553)
I actually think Luke had growth in season 7 and all of that was because of what he went through. We see him dealing with the fallout of the LL relationship in a healthy way. Yes, he is in pain in seeing Lorelai "move on" with Christopher, but Luke focuses all his energy on April and that was such a healthly way to deal with the breakup. He isn't faking happiness in a rebound relationship - he is building a relationship with his daughter and then fighting to have a right to be in her life. Had all of those obstacles not been thrown at him, we wouldn't have seen him go through that growth.

I agree with this. I don't like season 7, or there is very little I do like about it, and Luke is one of those things.

onebreath 06-23-2022 12:23 PM

Yeah, I like Luke's story in season 7. Sometimes his scenes are the only scenes I'll watch in episodes.

stellar_dust 06-24-2022 02:52 AM

I love seeing his relationship with April grow. He really embraced the role of being a dad and that is excellent character growth.

Talula78 06-24-2022 05:00 AM

I agree with y’all, I felt Luke had a tremendous amount of character growth in s7. I loved watching him fight for April. :love:

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