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Java Junkies [Luke♥Lorelai] #710: Because happiness is him.

j a v a ♥ j u n k i e s

welcome to the #710
luke lorelai

official thread

Lucas Danes is the owner of "Luke's Diner." His mother died when he was young, leaving his father
to raise Luke and his sister, Liz. Liz is somewhat flaky, whereas Luke is very dependable and hard-working,
helping his father at his hardware store and growing very close to him. After his father dies, Luke turns
the store into his diner, keeping most of the original architecture intact as a way of honoring his father.
Luke appears to have a very gruff and unfriendly personality; however, as the series progresses,
his image softens, and his willingness to help out his loved ones becomes apparent. He is close to both
Rory and Lorelai, since they are frequently at his diner. He has grown very fond of them over the years,
although, in the early seasons, he hides his feelings behind his unfriendly exterior.

Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham, is the only daughter of Richard and Emily Gilmore.
She is the mother of Lorelai "Rory" Leigh Gilmore. She became pregnant at the age of 16 but refused to marry
Christopher Hayden, Rory's father, so he could grow up and work for his dad even though her father insisted.
Instead she ran away to the town of Stars Hollow, which is half an hour away from Hartford. In Stars Hollow
she meets Mia, the owner of the Independence Inn. She begs Mia to hire her though she has no experience of
any kind. Mia gives Lorelai a job as a maid and allows Lorelai and Rory to live in a converted potting shed
behind the inn, where they live for most of Rory's childhood. Lorelai eventually becomes the general manager
of the inn, which is the position she holds when we first meet her.

T h e i r S t o r y
She is a junkie, and he is her angel. He’s also her coffee pusher and food provider. She was his biggest weakness.
He asked her to marry him to shut her up, but really he meant it. The ice man cometh, and was met with a warm hug. It wasn’t her fault that he looked at her like she was a porterhouse steak. She teases, he grumbles, she prods, he retreats; but he always comes back for more.
They were friends, just friends. Emily Gilmore thought that they were idiots, the both of them.
At first, it was Luke’s coffee for her and her for him. But there were moments, so many moments when each of them thought maybe it could be more. Maybe it was because the more she knew of Luke; the more there was to love. He’d buy his kid a Barbie, no doubt about it and that was exactly why there was no way on earth she would have spruced that particular spot.
It was always her for him. Maybe it was because the brighter she smiled; the more he needed to see that smile. She was vibrant; drinking life in and spewing it back in a constant stream of chatter that he claimed to hate but secretly craved. She climbed out of windows to avoid boring set-ups, she forced him to pet the pretty pants, and she handed him a single bright yellow daisy; oblivious to the pain that fueled his relentless questioning.
No matter what anyone said, no matter what was implied, inferred or insinuated; they were friends, just friends.
But if you asked them what they thought about that, she would tell you that she didn’t have many people in her life who were actually in her life, permanently, forever. They would always be there for her; she would always be there for them. He was one of those people.
He would tell you that being her friend was nice. Nice enough to shell out $52.50 for two stale Pop Tarts and a Slim Jim. Nice enough to provide an edible lunch and share it with her in the shelter of the weathered old gazebo. It was nice.
But, there were times when it wasn’t so nice.
There were times when she wanted to smash a cream pie in his face, even though she would never waste a perfectly yummy pie that way.
There were times when she made him so crazy that he did stupid things; like buy buildings, give speeches at his old high school, or buy waffle cone sundaes only to dump them in the trash.
They were friends, just friends; so when they fought they knew how to hit where it hurt.
When she doubted his devotion to her and to her kid, he withheld his forgiveness to make her pay for his pain. She was haunted by dreams of cute nightgowns, Q-tips and microscopic twins.
He tried to ignore notes written on Garfield stationery by pulling a Mr. Freeze on her. An entire summer of polite silence stretched between them until Mimi met the guy from the Manhattan garbage union.
And they became friends again, just friends. And they both knew that being friends beat the hell out of being nothing.
He was her go-to guy with the to-go cups. He could fix everything from broken heels to broken hearts. He taught her to fish to catch another guy, he let her have his bed when she wandered the streets, homeless, and he cried when her baby made her cry tears of pride and joy.
She was his sounding board. He could talk to her like he could talk to no other. He secretly cheered when his nephew got the Gilmore Girl he’d set his sights on, clinging to the ray of hope that one day he might too. She told him that he didn’t fail, and he almost believed her. She asked him not to get engaged in his dream, and he wished that he had listened to her, real or not.
Not that it mattered if he did; they were friends, just friends.
He got married and she felt her entire world tip on its axis. She wished that she could blame jet lag for her sudden inability to keep her legs under her, but she knew deep down that the International Date Line had nothing to do with it. When he said the word ‘divorce’ in the next breath, she exhaled a sigh of relief.
He got married and seemingly five minutes later, he was getting a divorce. He’d dreaded telling her. He’d dreaded telling her because he felt like the idiot her mother had long ago claimed he was. But what shocked him the most was how supportive she was. They were hardly any mocking comments at all. That is, until she found out that he had agreed to try to make his marriage work. Then all bets were off.
But they were friends, just friends. And married or not, they would remain friends. After all, she had his snow shovel.
When she showed up at the diner and asked him to help break the bells, he grabbed his toolbox and willingly followed her to the church. When he used the toe of his boot to kick the final nail into the coffin holding his sham of a marriage, she posted bail and followed him back to Stars Hollow, where he belonged.
They were friends, just friends, and they had been friends for so long that they had almost given up on the possibility of anything more.
And then, he saw her face. Her phone calls or visits were never unwanted or too long. He would most like to have her in his life to ward off moments of loneliness. If he wanted to travel, she would make his travels more enjoyable. When he was in pain, he wanted her to comfort him. When something wonderful happens in his life he tells her first. It was her face. Lorelai’s face.
It was right there. That was the look that Sookie had been talking about so long ago. This look. Her mind whirled as they circled the dance floor. She felt the heat of a blush in her cheeks; she felt the warmth of that steady blue gaze locked only on her. Luke. Luke can waltz. It was Luke that was making her feel like this.
But, they were friends, just friends, right?
She stood still. At least for a moment. She stood still and the earth stood still as Luke Danes pressed his lips to hers and his arms pulled her to him. She stood still, just for a moment, and then she wanted that moment back. And he stood still, reveling in the soft caress of her lips, marveling at the fact that he was kissing Lorelai Gilmore.
And suddenly, they were so much more than just friends. At last.
He was all in, and she was speechless.
He was everything she had been looking for; love, comfort, and safety. She woke him up before the dawn to smell the snow. There were head conks and breakfasts cooked by Luke but not at Luke’s. She read the manual while he slept soundly beside her and knew exactly how to fix his damn oven. She listened to his sister and brother-in-law fight inside his tiny bathroom, and he endured a torturous dinner with her mother and an endless round of golf with her father.
But then there were doubts. Seeds unwittingly planted and fed by jealousy and insecurity. He couldn’t be in this relationship, it was too much. She tried desperately to say something, anything to convince him that she was all in too.
And then they were nothing, not even friends.
Time ticked by unbearably, each of them stretched taut by the pain of their separation, each of them waiting, hoping, praying for a sign, a signal, or even a smile. And just when they both thought all hope was lost, he knocked on her door and swept her into his arms once more.
This time, they were more careful with what they had. This time, they knew what it was like to lose it. The fact that he bought a Reggae Fever CD confirmed it. Clearly, he was as lost without her as she had been without him. And when her kid screwed up and screwed up big, he was there with a plan. It probably wasn’t the sanest plan, but he had a plan. That’s when she knew. She knew what he seemed to have known all along. This was it; this was the whole package. She looked up into his earnest, worried eyes and asked, “Luke, will you marry me?”
He said yes without giving it another thought. They drank Zima and had sex, sealing the deal with many, many kisses. She said that kids would be good, knowing that they would be, as long as she could have them with him.
She adopted the world’s most neurotic dog and showered him with love. He held her when she cried, trying to soothe the ache in her heart that her separation from her daughter brought. They picked out wallpaper that wasn’t lavender, and skinny tiny molding for the closet, but they couldn’t pick out a wedding date. She wasn’t ready.
And then when she was ready, when Rory was home and all was right in her world, his was turned upside down by a girl in a ridiculous bicycle helmet who only wanted to pluck a hair from his head. And then everything fell apart. Spectacularly.
But to tell their story, you must know that even the most perfect loves are not perfect. When your heart is involved, it all comes out in moron, and moron seemed to be a language in which they were both fluent. For a year, they spoke moron, but not to each other. For a year, they suffered unendurable pain and heartache in silence. For a year, they lived lives of disillusionment, disappointment and deception. He was fine, she was fine, it just wasn’t meant to be, he just couldn’t give her what she needed.
But in the end, after a year of living the lie, it all boiled down to two simple truths. She was sorry, he was sorry.
And then they can be friends again, just friends. With maybe the possibility of more?
She will always love him, he will always love her, but somehow it just doesn’t happen. But she needs someone who can feel, someone who can show her how he feels, and he can’t do that. All he can do is plan a party for her kid, stay up all night sewing tarps and tents and raincoats together to make sure that it happens, and then look into her bright blue eyes and say, “I just… like to see you happy.”
And then, she’s in his arms once more. And then, her lips are on his. And then, everything was right again. It didn’t matter if it happened in minutes, hours or days. He knew, she knew, they knew that they could take all of the time that they would need. Because in the end; they have all the time in the world.

365 r3l3vy
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368 hannah&nick_fan
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419 onebreath

"Lorelai, this thing we're doing, you...
I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in.
Does that, uh...are you, uh, scared?"
- Luke Danes

Well, all I can say is, you’re lucky I’m back
in your life, because clearly you were lost without me.
I mean, it’s a miracle you’re even still alive. Right?
- Lorelai Gilmore

870. 'Cause their love was worth fighting for
871. 'Cause they shall never be forgotten
872. 'Cause she never loved anyone until Luke
873. 'Cause there are thousands of ways to say I love you
874. I never knew what true love meant,until I met you,an angel sent
875. Because she was the first and last to name his toolbox
876. 'Cause "this has been a long time coming, a long time. This is...real"
877. 'Cause we want to see all of the LL dirtiness

Luke, will you marry me?
- Lorelai Gilmore

666 Storyline From Hell
670 Fighting Love
671 Guilty fans
672 Eternal love
673 Their Words
674 Heaven found
675 ???
676 The Real Thing
677 Missing Scenes

I love you, and I'm going to marry you,
and at our wedding, we are having lobster
- Luke Danes

This is not something casual, Luke and me,
this is not something we're rushing into by
any means, this has been a long time
coming, a long time. This is...real.
- Lorelai Gilmore

Once Luke Danes is in your life,
he is in your life forever.
- Lorelai Gilmore

I guess if you can find that one person,
you know, who's willing to put up with all your
crap, and doesn't want to change you or
dress you or you know, make you eat French
food, then marriage can be all right.
But that's only if you find that person.
- Luke Danes

I thought we were 'friend' friends, and apparently
we're just coffee friends. I buy the coffee and
he's my friend. It's like a dog and a liver treat.
If you have a liver treat, the dog will like you and, that's us.
- Lorelai Gilmore

Whose phone calls or visits are never unwanted
or too long? Do you see her face? Who would you
most like to have in your life to ward off moments
of loneliness? Do you see her face? When you travel,
who would make your travels more enjoyable?
Do you see her face? When you're in pain, who would
you most like to comfort you? Do you see her face?
When something wonderful happens in your life...
a promotion at work, a successful refinancing...
who do you want to share the news with? Do you see her
face? Whose face appears to you, my friend? Whose face?

I just... like to see you happy.
- Luke Danes

Love is a beautiful thing by misskitten
Stars Hollow Angel by Cheryl
Fix you by A sorta fairytale
Luke and Lorelai Story by EmmaJane6464
Everything by EmmaJane6464

I hope life treats you kind, and I hope you
have all you dreamed of, and I wish you joy
and happiness,but above all I wish you love,
and I will always love you.
- Lorelai Gilmore

Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time
- Moulin Rouge

S o u n d t r a c k #1

But the love was always there
It's been around us everywhere
I had to fall to finally see
That you were right in front of me
- Celine Dion


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T o p 10 s c e n e s

"To me, they say "I love you" to each other
every single day. Everything that they do,
the way they care for each other, the way
they take care of each other...."
- A S P

They just loveeach other. They just take care
of each other. They just support each other.
- A S P

They do everything that you’re supposed to do
and they don’t have to say "I love you" 100,000 times.
And when the words finally come out and when we feel
like we actually need to write them down, it’s probably
going to come at a very odd time

- A S P

We weren't building a relationship on "Oh, my God,
are you pretty." We saw them come to each other's
rescue and be there for each other and help each other out
- A S P

I felt like it's very important that
Luke and Lorelai can still be Luke and Lorelai.
- A S P

I rode the pain down, got off and looked up
Looked into your eyes
The lost open windows, all around
My dark heart lit up the skies
- Sam Phillips

S o u n d t r a c k #2

Download link

Forget what we're told, before we get too oldShow me a garden, that's bursting into life
Let's waste time, chasing cars
Around our heads
- Snow Patrol

To l o v e a person is to l e a r n the song that is in their heart,
and to s i n g it to them when they have f o r g o t t e n

T h o u g h t s
I love Luke and Lorelai for so many reasons. I love that they started with friendship and
we got to see their relationship strengthen and deepen over the years. They were always
there for each other before and after they got together. They took care of each other – he fixed
her porch rails, drove her to the hospital, and held her when she broke down.
She encouraged him to be happy, ran his diner when his uncle died, and constantly supported him…
They also have incredible chemistry. I love that they are able to flirt and tease each other,
but they can also depend on each other and lean on each other in tough times. They weren’t
perfect – they had ups and downs but they always showed each other how much they loved
and cared for each other

- J e n n y
I like Luke and Lorelai because of their relationship and how they were always
there for one another. They were such great friends and no matter what happened,
always found their way back to one another - be it just friendship or more. It was
nice and refreshing to see a couple that was so different but so alike that it was just right

- S t e p h
The biggest reason behind my love for Luke and Lorelai together as a couple is
the journey they have had together. They started out as friends, relying on
each other for friendship, support and everyday banter, and they developed and grew
together into so much more. I love the way they look at each other, the way
they talk to each other, and the way that they both just get it. They both
just get who the other is. There are no extravagent gestures within their relationship,
because there doesn't need to be. The love they have doesn't need presents or money
to be evident, it doesn't even need words, its indescribable. Most of all, they waited
8years, they had their trials and tribulations, but still, in the end they found
their way back to each other because "True love never dies.."

- S a m
To try to explain with words why and how much I love Luke and Lorelai is way
harder than it seems…because their story is the most complex, fascinating,
touching, heartbreaking and romantic that I've had the pleasure to watch on TV.
First, I was drawn to their breath-taking chemistry since the moment
I saw them together in a scene…and then, I slowly discovered two best
friends who love each other more than even they could understand. To me,
they're what real love is about: Caring about the other person in the most
selfless way. Standing up for each other. Feeling they will be
in each other's life permanently, forever. Loving one another for
who they are and who they want to be. Making each other smile
even with just one look. Wanting to see the other person happy even
when you're hurt. Respect and admire the other person and learning
from each other even whe you're disagreeing. Being all in...They started as friends
with apparently nothing in common…but we saw them interact through
support, teasing, presents, bantering, jealousy, meaningful stares,
sleepovers, meltdowns and waltzes…until they realized the feelings they tried to deny
for so long. And when they were finally together, they just knew that
was the place they wanted to stay in. The right place for them. Even in
their darkest times, I never stopped loving them and believing because
I know their love is too strong to fade away. They’re more than just
"written in the stars", more than "a match made in heaven". They are two best
friends falling in love with each other every day in many ways. They never
cease to amaze me and they will always be my OTP

- C a r o
Their story written by Mags
Scarlet's Walk

Help with quotes and fanfic links:

Thanks to all who participated, and rest of the JJ's for their support!

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Sorry, I never noticed the new thread before posting in the old one lol! Anyway, love this title! Great choice.

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Tftnt! Love the title, too!
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Luke really is Lorelai's happy place.
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I thought I posted the new thread in the old one but I guess not, sorry.

I love that kiss.

he is, just being with him makes her happy.
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He just likes to see her happy.
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Everything about Luke and Lorelai make me happy. Well, most everything.

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Same. Definitely mostly everything. Ignore the bad season 6 and 7 stuff.

Great edit.
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Thanks for the new thread!
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Love this kiss.

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As far as kisses go, that's the best one IMO.
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I got rid of all the Photobucket watermarks.

should we make a new top ten list?

that kiss is so passionate.
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It was definitely one of their hottest kisses. Idk how Luke managed to walk away haha. Who cares about your early delivery, dude?

A new top 10 list would be good!
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That kiss a fave for sure!

Originally Posted by - reflecting light - (View Post)
I got rid of all the Photobucket watermarks.

should we make a new top ten list?

that kiss is so passionate.
We probably should. Since we lost the images. I don’t know who made them or if we could even contact them. Hmm. And thanks!
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