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Lindsay 06-28-2022 11:00 AM

Gilmore Girls General Discussion Thread #16

Talula78 06-29-2022 05:14 AM

:lmao: Pretty much. Tftnt! :)

Tina 06-29-2022 06:55 AM

:lol: Back in the day, it was a confusing thing!

onebreath 06-29-2022 08:52 AM

There's the other GG too - Golden Girls. :lol:

Lindsay 06-29-2022 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by onebreath (Post 106723580)
There's the other GG too - Golden Girls. :lol:

Yep. :lol:

Talula78 06-30-2022 05:19 AM

:lol: That reference is more up my alley. :D

Lindsay 07-01-2022 08:36 PM

It is interesting that there are 3 GG shows and they all have girl(s) in the title.

Talula78 07-03-2022 06:32 PM

Because they are all female-centric. :love:

fox24 07-04-2022 04:47 AM

I remember when I refused to call Gossip girl Gg because I wanted Gilmore girls to be the only nickname but I got lazy lol

Lindsay 07-04-2022 03:26 PM


Talula78 07-05-2022 05:16 AM

That's cool. I do NOT remember that house in The Mentalist, it must've been a one-off.

fox24 07-05-2022 02:27 PM

Cool pictures of the house

msstock87 07-05-2022 09:09 PM

That’s very cool.

Talula78 07-06-2022 05:15 AM

The blue paint suits Lorelai’s personality. Those other versions are so bland and neutral.

fox24 07-06-2022 02:35 PM

Yep I agree the blue is more Lorelai

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