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msstock87 04-12-2022 09:07 PM

Awww that’s a shame. I love being at the beach. Water is very soothing to me.

Talula78 04-13-2022 05:18 AM

I love visiting the beach. It is quite soothing hearing the waves lapping the shore. :love:

Lindsay 04-13-2022 10:38 AM

But that darn sand. Gets everywhere! :lol:

Talula78 04-14-2022 05:20 AM

:lol: Well, that’s true. Nice beaches have faucets and showers you can rinse off in before leaving the beach.

Lindsay 04-14-2022 07:29 PM

Yeah, that's nice.

Talula78 04-16-2022 05:31 AM

I was absent yesterday due to a dental emergency. I was eating jelly beans Thursday night and my tooth (crown) came out. I was desperate to get it fixed because it was painfully sensitive to temp changes and I couldn't eat very well and with the Easter weekend ahead I was worried I'd be gumming my food which wouldn't be very enjoyable. Thankfully my dentist/orthodontist was willing to come in on his day off (Good Friday) and take care of it. I love my dentist for that.

Lindsay 04-17-2022 10:17 AM

Wow, that’s nice. Glad you got it fixed so quickly.

Talula78 04-19-2022 05:11 AM

Yeah, I was very thankful for that! Now my mouth is back to normal again although I think I’ll be avoiding jelly beans for a while. :lol:

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)

Lindsay 04-19-2022 08:19 AM

I can imagine you will. :lol:

msstock87 04-19-2022 09:00 PM

I am glad you were able to get your tooth fixed! I am sorry that happened!

Talula78 04-20-2022 05:47 AM

Aging sucks. Everything starts falling apart when you hit 40. :lol:

**Anja** 04-21-2022 04:28 AM

Good to know..:lol: Got a year and a half to prepare for that then..

Talula78 04-21-2022 04:50 AM

Who knows? You might be one of those lucky gals who doesn’t experience too many ailments.

Anja, when is your next Disney trip?

**Anja** 04-21-2022 06:15 AM

:fingers_crossed: for that..

We're going September 19th - October 3rd. I just paid off our holiday, can't wait to travel again..

Lindsay 04-21-2022 02:44 PM

Oh nice! We’re not too long after that.

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