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Litlover73 08-14-2021 05:25 PM

Agreed! And I really feel that this is another reason why ASP couldn’t have Jess around too much in the back end of the series because she wanted Luke to make poor choices as well, and that’s not going to happen with Adult Jess around.

Lindsay 08-16-2021 10:19 AM

Two idiots. :lol:

atwoodsmariano 09-14-2021 04:12 PM

atwoodsmariano 09-16-2021 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by ramgirl (Post 104814177)
I did like Scott saying he liked that in the revival it was full circle that Jess was taking care of Luke.

I echo Alexia’s thought

Litlover73 09-17-2021 04:09 PM


atwoodsmariano 09-18-2021 01:30 AM

wish we could see the full video version

onebreath 09-18-2021 11:42 AM

yeah, with the interviews I wish they would post the podcasts of those as video versions as well as the audio only version. I like to see the expressions on the actor's faces when they talk about certain things.

atwoodsmariano 09-18-2021 01:54 PM

with Milo talking on podcasts I personally already get a lot from just the audio because he has a great voice but yeah that would be a nice added bonus cherry on top

Litlover73 09-18-2021 04:04 PM

I think Scott is getting a lot of requests about the full video as he had to explain on Facebook that he only releases small snippets. I love that our boy still causes a stir :D.

Another snippet.

atwoodsmariano 09-18-2021 05:13 PM

ah okay

well at least he acknowledged it

atwoodsmariano 09-20-2021 02:38 PM


onebreath 09-21-2021 12:57 AM

Love the whole coming full circle thing, with Jess helping Luke. A great moment between those two.

Lindsay 09-21-2021 04:54 PM

I agree!

Litlover73 09-23-2021 03:25 PM

One of my favourite scenes between them. I feel like by the end of this show these two actually talk and communicate….more so than any other pairing on the show.

onebreath 09-23-2021 04:06 PM

Yeah, it's a great scene between them.

Jess speaking the truth. I wholeheartedly agree. :lol:

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