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Stars Hollow was humming with many excited tourists there for Christmas. Lorelai was changing her decorations because it meant that she could take all the Fall decor. Taylor barked at Kirk for being too loud during the quiet hours. He told them that if they spoke only to the town then a reason was made valuable. They decided to get a permit for the traveling across town. Luke didn’t wait to get to the store to buy coffee for Lorelai because she asked him to hurry and not waste her time. Lorelai wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted to have fun with Rory and make some decorations for the party. Patty was singing with Babette when suddenly there was loud noise outside. They were screaming because of the Halloween spookiness that Luke had caused to happen at Doose's. Lorelai almost died laughing at what Rory said to Taylor. Luke went to tell Lorelai that Taylor was being rude and to avoid him until Kirk said he’d go to Chilton with them. Sookie then started to dance around Paul Anka and Apricot. At times, Luke would play music from his radio and sing for Lorelai in his apartment while he danced. Jess wanted Rory to dance with him at their wedding while she kissed him slowly and they asked Lorelai to take their picture. Kirk wanted Babette to make him a blanket for Petal so he could cover his bed. However, Paul didn't show him where to put the box of chocolates because they were contaminated with ants and roaches. Luke and Lorelai called their exterminator and eliminated them. At once, Lorelai saw that Paul Anka had no burgers to eat so she cooked some new ones for him. But Luke noticed he wouldn't eat and whined, so he made a new concoction.

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