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fire for a heart 03-17-2021 03:54 AM

they are similar :)

happy for her

Can't Have You 03-17-2021 05:36 AM

yay! I'm glad to see her getting more work too :yay:

watercolors. 03-17-2021 08:16 AM

Yes! I am so excited for Phoebe! :yay:

obisgirl 03-17-2021 04:33 PM

Congrats to her!

Can't Have You 03-17-2021 05:18 PM

She deserves it!!

watercolors. 03-18-2021 03:56 PM

So beautiful :love:

Can't Have You 03-18-2021 06:47 PM

Very pretty! :thud:

Impossible Girl 03-19-2021 10:11 AM

She looks stunning :sigh:

fire for a heart 03-19-2021 11:24 PM

so photogenic :love:

Can't Have You 03-20-2021 07:04 AM

I am jealous of that :lol:

watercolors. 03-20-2021 07:08 PM

^ haha, same! and that dress... :jaw_drop:

Impossible Girl 03-21-2021 11:53 AM

That dress is stunning.

Can't Have You 03-21-2021 04:40 PM

Yes it's amazing :thud:

a thousand kisses 03-22-2021 05:23 PM

It does look like a cool dress!

watercolors. 03-22-2021 10:33 PM

It looks like a black dress, but I would have loved to see that photo in color!

Also looks like Daphne might be dating Pete Davidson? ‘Bridgerton’ actor Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson spark romance rumours

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