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Tina 08-17-2021 02:13 PM

This or That #1: Daphne or Simon?

Daphne or Simon?

AlwaysCB 08-17-2021 02:23 PM

Thank you for this thread :love:


Siena or Marina?

Tina 08-17-2021 02:24 PM

You're welcome :hug:


Anthony or Colin?

AlwaysCB 08-17-2021 02:26 PM

Colin (based on season 1, it could change in the future)

Eloise or Francesca?

Tina 08-17-2021 02:27 PM


Violet or Danbury?

AlwaysCB 08-17-2021 02:29 PM


Saphne on the books or the shows?

Tina 08-17-2021 02:34 PM

Ahhh, that's hard, but I think the show wins by an inch!

Danbury or Simon?

AlwaysCB 08-17-2021 02:40 PM

Danbury (I love Simon but she's the best :lol:)

Blue or green?

Tina 08-17-2021 02:42 PM


Colorful outfit of Pen's or muted outfit of Daphne's?

AlwaysCB 08-17-2021 03:19 PM

Daphne's outfits, i love pastel colors

drama shows or sitcoms?

Tina 08-17-2021 04:13 PM


Colin or Benedict?

AlwaysCB 08-18-2021 03:13 PM

Benedict but love both!

sweet or salty food?

Tina 08-18-2021 04:53 PM


Better title: when he was wicked or the Duke and i?

AlwaysCB 08-19-2021 02:08 PM

I like both, but when he was wicked sounds fun :lol:

ER or Greys?

Tina 08-19-2021 05:29 PM



Benedict or Colin?

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