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Impossible Girl 11-06-2021 04:18 AM

Roswell, New Mexico #1: Shiri is back to her Roots

azure angel 11-06-2021 04:55 AM

Thanks! Love the title & the OP :love:

Impossible Girl 11-06-2021 05:32 AM

No Problem:D

Can't wait to see more of her.

Impossible Girl 11-07-2021 06:14 AM

Shiri Appleby Sets ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Return


Appleby’s return has now been set. She is currently set to appear in two episodes of Season 4, starting with #409.

azure angel 11-07-2021 12:43 PM

two episodes? too much for a mini arc :lol:

Impossible Girl 11-07-2021 01:12 PM

I don't buy it for some reason:lol: It says currently and the Seasons have 13 Episodes, right ?( I have never watched the Show) Why have her so late, when they showed her in the Season Finale.

azure angel 11-07-2021 04:17 PM

I do not know how many episodes they have per season, but I do know that two episodes is very little:lol: so you could be correct

Impossible Girl 11-08-2021 01:40 AM

Okay, I just looked. 13 Episodes each Season.

Pempees 11-08-2021 03:40 AM

Thanks for the thread! :clap: I am super excited for this, but I hope she will be on more than two episodes!

I'm yet to see the Roswell NM finale :pout:

azure angel 11-08-2021 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Impossible Girl (Post 105181106)
Okay, I just looked. 13 Episodes each Season.

Ok, she better be on more episdes :lol:

I only watched Shiris scene :lol:

Pempees 11-09-2021 01:13 AM

And why would she show up in the 9th episode if she was introduced in the finale? :look:

Impossible Girl 11-09-2021 01:54 AM

Right? Makes no sense.

Pempees 11-09-2021 06:14 AM

Yeah, that is weird! I really hope HBO Max gets the third season back soon, so I can have more opinions after seeing it :lol:

azure angel 11-09-2021 05:10 PM

We'll have to wait and see:lol:

Impossible Girl 11-10-2021 02:21 AM

Yeah :nod:

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