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MsPerfectionist 06-09-2021 03:55 PM

All things Sailor Moon #2: Champion of justice


Originally Posted by canflam (Post 104149842)
Did you watch?

ohhh yes i watched the movies. i liked them overall. they fit the whole season in 2 part movies. it is still a continuous 1h40min or something per movie. it's a bit weird in terms of story because it's as if everything happened so quickly. events normally happening over the course of a season. we see all of the scouts in those 2 movies and power upgrades. my younger self was very happy of the ending and the transformation scenes. they also kept the funny side of Sailormoon without being over the top. we can easily forget that the characters are teenagers in the story, cute that they kept a bit of their silliness and naivety. i recommend it to all the fans :)

LindaL100 06-10-2021 05:38 AM

thanks for the new thread!

MsPerfectionist 06-10-2021 02:51 PM

u're very welcome :)

canflam 06-10-2021 10:26 PM

Those are lovely.

MsPerfectionist 06-11-2021 12:46 PM

it is a lovely gif set. i figured we should keep it in thread #2 :)

Sulieter 06-12-2021 06:37 AM

Amazing OP. :D

MsPerfectionist 06-12-2021 10:24 PM

:nod: it is. i only added the rainbow effect :D

canflam 06-12-2021 10:38 PM

How are those Sailor Moon movies?

MsPerfectionist 06-12-2021 11:42 PM

i like them overall. it's just a bit dense because of the running time. they have everything we like about sailormoon, the characters' silliness, the transformation scenes, the power upgrade. the villains seem too easily defeated :lol: again i blame time. characters' connections also suffer from that.

Sulieter 06-13-2021 05:11 AM

The rainbow effect looks lovely. :D

MsPerfectionist 06-13-2021 08:45 PM

it fits the colours of the scouts.

canflam 06-14-2021 12:21 AM

You wanted those movies to be longer?

MsPerfectionist 06-14-2021 02:38 PM

i don't think i want longer movies. i prefer a proper season. the storytelling would be more progressive.

LindaL100 06-17-2021 08:40 AM

these Sailor Scouts macarons are so cute!:love:

Sulieter 06-17-2021 08:56 AM

Aw, so sweet. :D

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