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Artemis 03-01-2020 08:50 AM

Healing Together {Maddie & Chimney} #1: "I said I wanted Maddie to be with Chimney, and [the EP] made this beautiful relationship."

coming soon

meraki 03-02-2020 11:47 AM

Thank you for opening it. :hug:

Artemis 03-02-2020 07:03 PM

They're great together.

I think he helps to give her hope that not everyone is like her ex. And she SEES him and wants to be with him. He hasn't had the best luck in the past.

meraki 03-04-2020 05:05 AM

Yes. I think they both need each other. :love:

ice choco 03-05-2020 08:40 AM

I hope we get to see more of them. They were really cute together.

meraki 03-05-2020 10:41 AM

I'm sure we will. :D

Artemis 03-05-2020 06:53 PM

Yeah, I think they'll be a great stability together. They have external drama, and I hope they keep that that way and not within their relationship.

meraki 03-06-2020 11:31 AM

^I really hope so too. I like to see them being there for each other.

Artemis 03-08-2020 11:38 AM

Yep. Especially with the relationships we see them with (or running from) at their beginnings.

Chimney is a kind man.

And Maddie actually likes him for him without him needing to pretend he's any "tougher" than he already is.

meraki 03-08-2020 01:26 PM

Which is so good to see. I remember when Chim thought he had to pretend with Tatiana. So it is so good to see him being himself with Maddie.

ice choco 03-09-2020 11:23 AM

I agree :nod:
And I know they both been through a lot. Wonder if Maddie blames herself at all for Chimney getting stabbed.

meraki 03-09-2020 12:09 PM

^I think she does a little. I hope they talked about it.

Artemis 03-10-2020 07:30 PM

meraki 03-11-2020 12:05 PM

Thanks for the video. :hug:

Sulieter 03-13-2020 04:09 AM

Such a sweet video. :love:

Artemis 03-13-2020 05:52 PM

Really goes with the healing feel.

meraki 03-14-2020 04:17 PM

It really does. :nod: :sigh:

Artemis 03-15-2020 12:45 PM

These two just fit each other. Help heal the holes in their hearts.

gleek666 03-17-2020 05:52 AM

I'm glad these two are okay and I liked Maddie meeting his family. I hope we see more of that in the next episode, because the episode ended kinda abruptly.

meraki 03-18-2020 11:17 AM

They were so good and adorable this episode. :love:

ice choco 03-20-2020 01:32 PM

I'm glad they're doing well. They seem to be doing better than before.

meraki 03-21-2020 09:32 AM

That is very true. And I hope it stays like that. ;)

Artemis 03-22-2020 04:53 PM

Cuteness is something that is always needed.

meraki 03-23-2020 12:12 PM

Definitely. :nod:

ice choco 03-26-2020 12:40 PM

They need more dating scenes

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