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Alex Guerin 05-01-2020 06:34 PM

lol :D

Artemis 05-02-2020 10:11 AM

Would have been fun to check in with Eddie at this time. How many 9/10 year olds did he had to watch over? Poor thing. At least they're boys and not girls. A little easier.

meraki 05-02-2020 10:12 AM

I wonder if Eddie will be clean shaved from now on, or if Ryan will let it grow back out alittle.

Artemis 05-03-2020 06:51 AM

Interesting. I need to pay more attention.

meraki 05-03-2020 11:32 AM

Why is he so cute? :lol:

Yeah, I believe Ryan shave it for the flashbacks scenes in Eddie Begins, and then it didn't grew out while they were filming some present scenes in few episodes.

Artemis 05-04-2020 02:15 PM

It's so precious. Like, what a HARD fail, too. He aimed that white ball at NOTHING. I think just knowing so much about him and then seeing the little whoops is so adorable!

meraki 05-04-2020 11:49 PM

I know, right? It was so cute and it just made me smile so much. :melt:

Artemis 05-07-2020 05:45 PM

Gotta have some weaknesses. And having the team rib him a bit for it.

meraki 05-08-2020 11:01 AM

It was just a cute moment in that scene. :melt:

Artemis 05-09-2020 10:28 AM

Yes! That complete fail and head down.

meraki 05-10-2020 08:05 AM

The head down is the best part. :rotfl:

Artemis 05-11-2020 02:40 PM

Shame and embarrassment. HOW DID I MESS THAT UP SO BADLY?

meraki 05-12-2020 11:47 AM

YES! That is totally what was going around his head after that fail. :rotfl:

Artemis 05-13-2020 05:06 PM

Speaking of faces. He definitely had some great ones at different times.

Ryan really does the subtle head moments very well.

meraki 05-14-2020 12:45 PM

Like this one? :P

And I agree. Ryan is so good with that. :D

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