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meraki 06-30-2020 12:22 PM

Buddie [Buck & Eddie] #2: "There's nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you."

Buck & Eddie
appreciation thread



a list why we believe there
is something more than friendship

01. They played 'Whatta Man' when Buck saw Eddie for the first time.
02. The way Buck got flustered when Eddie gave him a compliment after the ambulance scene.
03. Buck kept Eddie calm during the earthquake episodes with telling him that Chris is alright.
04. Buck gave Eddie a ride to Chris school after they were done working with the disaster of the earthquake.
05. The way Eddie looked at Buck after he told Buck that those girls wasn't his type.
06. When Eddie's aunt in the hospital asked Eddie who Buck was. It was in a tone like he could be something more to Eddie.
07. The moment Eddie's aunt told Buck about raising a child alone is hard. He chose help Eddie out as much as possible.
08. How Buck helped Eddie out when he struggled to find a way to help Chris while he is out working.
09. The heart eyes Eddie gave Buck when he told him about Carla and how she can help Chris.
10. Eddie acted very jealous when the reporter was at the station and flirted with Buck.
11. Eddie took Buck with him and Chris to the santa.
12. The Elf Lady thought that Chris was their son "You two have an adorable son".
13. People outside the 911 fandom believe they are together just looking at gifs.
14. They always have to bump shoulders while walking beside each other.
15. When the old man died Eddie was the first one who comforted Buck.
16. When Buck was stuck under the ladder truck Eddie looked so worried.
17. When the team tried to get Buck out from the ladder truck, Eddie held his hand.
18. Buck looked like a proud parent, when Chris walked up to Eddie with his helmet.
19. The hug between them in the last episode of season 2.
20. Eddie and Chris must have been there a lot for Buck's recovering seeing Chris calls him "His Buck" now.
21. Eddie was the first one to hug Buck with the surprise party for him & they played "Come Get Your Love" during it.
22. While Buck was feeling bad, Eddie came to his apartment with Chris so Buck could watch over him while Eddie was at work.
23. Buck was acting like a dad to Chris during the pier and the tsunami scenes.
24. They played "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran and ending it with 'waiting for me to come home' right before Eddie with Christopher knocked on Buck's door.
25. Eddie trust Buck the most when it comes to Chris and thank him for never giving up to find Chris in the tsunami.
26. Bobby has given them so many knowing looks since the start of season 2.
27. Eddie was very angry at Buck with the lawsuit because he could not reach out to him.
28. Buck tried to talk to Eddie through out the Halloween episode and apologized for what happened and Eddie forgave him.
29. Buck was the first one to notice something was wrong with Eddie with the bruises he saw and the way Eddie pulling away from the hug.
30. Buck kept being worried about Eddie and talked to Chim and Maddie about it.
31. The Diaz boys feels like home in Buck's apartment.
32. Buck apologzied again which Eddie was close to tears before he got control over his emotions.
33. The sexual tension and flirting going on in tge kitchen scene in Buck apartment.
34. Them playing video games with Christopher and Eddie was so much fun.
35. Buck was there during the playdate with Christopher and Denny helping them building gingerbread house.
36. Christopher wanted to spend Christmas with Buck because of his dad had to work. (He is Chris second dad for sure).
37. Eddie was watching his boys with so much love in his eyes.
38. Buck with help of Athena made sure so everyone could have Christmas at the station with their loved ones so Eddie & Chris could spend time together.
39. They stood next to each other in the group photo at the Christmas party.
40. They played "Home" by Phillip Phillips and the line they used when Eddie looked over at Buck & Chris was "Just know you're not alone, cause I'm gonna make this place your home".
41. Buck doesn't feel like he is a guest because it is Eddie's house. Which means he spend lot of time over there.

Calgaryfan2006 06-30-2020 02:03 PM

Thanks for the new thread :D

falling slowly 06-30-2020 02:33 PM

Bringing over my last post

Thats a really good question. What would push them to define their relationship...

Maybe they get in an argument and that leads to honest declaration of feelings.

Maybe buck/eddie are so close they start acting like a little family, best buds and all that until one of them "starts seeing someone" and the other feels jealous.

Calgaryfan2006 06-30-2020 03:08 PM

I would love to see an argument lead to them kiss, I want to see them both struggle with feelings for one another

falling slowly 06-30-2020 03:21 PM

i really love this OP! ,:sigh:

Calgaryfan2006 06-30-2020 03:30 PM

I do too, so many cute moments.

Artemis 06-30-2020 05:38 PM

Thanks for the thread. This OP is amazing!

I'm definitely into more jealousy between them. Just so it leads to them having an honest conversation about their feelings.

falling slowly 06-30-2020 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by Artemis (Post 101138242)
Thanks for the thread. This OP is amazing!

I'm definitely into more jealousy between them. Just so it leads to them having an honest conversation about their feelings.

yes thats exactly what i want :sigh:

Calgaryfan2006 06-30-2020 08:32 PM

I think we all want to see that

falling slowly 06-30-2020 09:06 PM

i want it so much :sigh:

Calgaryfan2006 06-30-2020 11:15 PM

I do too, very much

falling slowly 06-30-2020 11:27 PM

have you seen any fanfictions about them?

Artemis 07-01-2020 08:56 AM

I've read a couple of things. Most of my reading isn't this fandom, but I've seen some.

How about you? Any favorites?

meraki 07-01-2020 11:50 AM

I'm glad you all like the OP! :love:

I have read some fictions. Other the WIPs, I haven't read any new ones recently.

Calgaryfan2006 07-01-2020 12:37 PM

I have read a few, not many but they have been good ones so

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