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MsPerfectionist 10-02-2021 10:17 PM

White Wolf & Obsidian Star [Geralt & Yennefer] #4: "Is this not what you came for?" "I came for you."

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fractured moonlight 10-02-2021 10:24 PM

Thank you for the new thread.:)

MsPerfectionist 10-03-2021 09:46 PM

you're very welcome :)

it's already our 4th thread on Geralt-Yen :yay:

fractured moonlight 10-04-2021 02:46 AM

Being on number 4 is awesome! :yay::bunny:

MsPerfectionist 10-04-2021 08:47 PM


Yen looking at Geralt's lips :sigh:

fractured moonlight 10-04-2021 09:11 PM

I love he continues to stare at her eyes while she looks at his lips.

MsPerfectionist 10-04-2021 10:17 PM

:blush: charming

fractured moonlight 10-06-2021 11:34 PM

So true.

MsPerfectionist 10-07-2021 10:30 PM

nice coloration there! :love: it's as if Geralt is under her spell :D

fractured moonlight 10-09-2021 01:05 AM

I agree. I really love the coloring. People on tumblr are so talented. His feelings for her are so much :love:.

MsPerfectionist 10-09-2021 10:41 PM

:in_love: soulmates!

i wonder if the show will go down the Geralt-Triss road. :blush: i secretly want to see Yen jealous.

fractured moonlight 10-10-2021 05:40 PM

So true. :love:

I personally hope not and when it comes to jealousy I much prefer when the guy gets jealous when it comes to my couples. :lol:

MsPerfectionist 10-10-2021 10:58 PM

:lol: they can be both jealous and realising that their feelings are real :love:

fractured moonlight 10-11-2021 09:31 AM

Speaking of real I wonder if they will kind of do what the game did and have Yennefer try and find a genie (or maybe the genie) and "break" the wish only for Yennefer to discover his feelings are real.

MsPerfectionist 10-11-2021 08:05 PM

that'd be great :love:

i personally think with only 8 episodes i'm afraid there won't be much time for Geralt and Yen to sort things out about their love for one and other.

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