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PhoenixRising 06-25-2022 05:26 PM

Happy Anniversary! :party:

Yeah, and this week in 1982, Blade Runner got buried by E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

I remember the commercials for Blade Runner when it came out. You know how many movies flopped because of E.T. sucking up all the box office air? Blade Runner, John Carpenter's The Thing, TRON, Firefox, etc. The only films that did well were Rocky III, Poltergeist, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, because they came out in the two weeks before E.T.

sum1 06-25-2022 05:42 PM

ET was overrated. Basically just a sentimental kids' movie. Blade Runner was much better.

PhoenixRising 06-25-2022 07:21 PM

I agree. But you know how it is.

Ironically, E.T. started off as an alien horror movie script called Night Skies, about a family in a farmhouse being terrorized by aliens. Columbia Pictures turned it down, thinking they were gonna get a sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Spielberg ended up reworking the script into two different movies, Poltergeist and E.T.

sum1 06-26-2022 12:33 AM

Never saw Poltergeist.

wickedrum 06-26-2022 10:44 AM

it was good at the time. It still has an edge, but we're way past those scares now.

PhoenixRising 06-26-2022 06:35 PM

Wow, you never did? It's an 80s classic. :)

Well, some things are dated, Rita, but it's still an effective ghost story. :) I've seen reaction videos on YouTube and it still scares many people.

sum1 06-27-2022 04:25 AM

I didn't see many films in the '80s. We didn't have the money to go to the cinema often.

PhoenixRising 06-27-2022 06:32 PM

I'm sorry to hear that. :( Movies in the 80s just seemed magical to me, though.

wickedrum 06-28-2022 10:45 AM

PhoenixRising 06-28-2022 08:07 PM

Ah, Witness. :love: That was a good movie.

sum1 06-29-2022 12:31 PM


wickedrum 06-29-2022 01:33 PM

delicious props

PhoenixRising 06-29-2022 09:12 PM

Which props, exactly? ;)

sum1 06-30-2022 07:31 AM

She's giving him props for good acting.

wickedrum 06-30-2022 01:53 PM

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