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Si_Crazy 12-31-2020 09:59 PM

The Ultimate Fan Art Challenge 2021: Pick your goal for the year
The Ultimate Fan Art Challenge 2021

This thread is to keep track of your artworks created in 2021.

Set a goal for yourself of how many artworks you want to create by the deadline: December 31st, 2021. (if you posted your goal and it hasn't been added to the OP in 48 hours, please PM Si or Paula)

Make sure all artworks abide by Fan Forum rules. For example, artworks must be within 800x800 pixels. If not, please link to the image.
Don't forget to make sure it's an artwork that you created in 2021.
Don't double post even if it has passed more than 24 hours. Since this is just to keep track of your goals, just edit your previous post if you were the last poster.
This is not a place to showcase all your arts (that's what your personal thread is for), just post some previews/limit to 35 images and redirect with a link to your own thread.

Have fun. Enjoy being creative and reaching your goal!

Artists and their goals:

300 icons

1500 icons

1500 icons, 50 giftsets, 3 videos

Jay Halstead
100 icons

150 icons

Sweet Embrace
300 arts 150 arts

250 arts

Summer Falls
500 Icons

200 arts


crash landing 01-01-2021 08:53 AM

Might want to edit the rules to make it 2021 not still 2020 :)

No idea if going to partake but thinking about it to maybe set an icon goal

Si_Crazy 01-01-2021 09:11 AM

^ Fixed, thanks :)

albion_princess 01-01-2021 09:33 AM

I want to my challenge to 300 icons, as I can't get to 400 yet.

BlondieLeigh 01-01-2021 02:42 PM

As I reached last year's goal, I'm going to go for 1500 icons this year.

crash landing 01-01-2021 03:21 PM

We can sign up anytime of the year, right? :goof: doesn't have to be at the beginning

Si_Crazy 01-01-2021 03:22 PM

Anytime of the year

eternalfate 01-01-2021 06:39 PM

1500 icons, 50 giftsets, 3 videos.

NOLA504 01-02-2021 10:04 AM

Think i'll give this a try... since it's my fist time I'll start off light 150 icons:)

eternalfate 01-02-2021 06:12 PM

^ Nice, Maurice! Welcome.

albion_princess 01-03-2021 06:11 AM

Si_Crazy 01-03-2021 07:20 AM

:yay: So happy you guys have decided to join us, Tia and Maurice :D

BlondieLeigh 01-05-2021 05:27 PM

Goal: 26/1500
Chicago PD 6x08 -

1-26 |

Sweet Embrace 01-10-2021 11:24 AM

I didn't get to do this last year so I'll join this year. My goal will be 150 arts.


*note, the christmas icons, I made on 1-2nd January as I was poorly during christmas 2020*

Si_Crazy 01-10-2021 04:26 PM

Added your goal, Theresa :)

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