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my turn to cry 11-07-2018 04:34 AM

This is just the cutest :love:

pink velvet 11-07-2018 02:53 PM

Seriously the amount of cuteness :love:

my turn to cry 11-08-2018 05:29 AM

I know :love: I'm glad we got to witness it.

pink velvet 11-08-2018 08:48 AM

The way Jimin just dove into his lap :lol:

my turn to cry 11-09-2018 06:01 AM

I know :lol: He just so comfortable there. Then Jin was being motherly and fixing up his hair.

pink velvet 11-09-2018 02:31 PM

I feel like Jimin's hair must need constant fixing :lol:

my turn to cry 11-10-2018 04:47 AM

It's so messy :lol: Also Sungwoon's teasers look very much like Jimin in some of them :look:

pink velvet 11-10-2018 09:09 AM

The squad resembles each other :lol:

my turn to cry 11-12-2018 04:54 AM

They do. You have Sungwoon and Jimin looking alike and also Kai and Taemin :lol:

pink velvet 11-13-2018 08:46 AM

Plus the poofy pillow lips!

my turn to cry 11-15-2018 05:32 AM

pink velvet 11-15-2018 01:33 PM

Look at them :sigh:

my turn to cry 11-16-2018 05:10 AM

I know :love: It was nice of Taemin to show that on his show.

So excited for Moonkyu's group :yay:

pink velvet 11-16-2018 09:55 AM

That's so great he got to introduce them!

my turn to cry 11-20-2018 04:08 AM

It is :) and it was great timing that they got at least to be together last week.

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