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my turn to cry 04-05-2021 03:46 AM

That's great to hear :D

pink velvet 04-08-2021 06:55 PM

Another great thing is we are close to a new thread :D

my turn to cry 04-24-2021 05:49 AM

We are :yay: We need to think of a title.

Miss Negative 04-25-2021 08:55 PM

Reading this thread was painful because you see the difference before October 2019 and after in real time. :(

Anyways, Monsta X is my favorite group. I discovered them when I went to South Korea and I heard their song Alligator on tv. I've loved them ever since lol.

my turn to cry 04-26-2021 04:16 AM

It has changed a lot since then :( but I'm glad they both the group and Wonho are doing so well.

That's great that you discovered them when you went to South Korea :)

pink velvet 04-29-2021 10:37 AM

Wow what a way to discover them :D They have been through quite a journey the last couple years :( But I'm glad that both the group and Wonho seem to be thriving!

pink velvet 05-02-2021 04:52 PM

my turn to cry 05-03-2021 04:37 AM

A comeback :yay:

pink velvet 05-03-2021 08:57 AM

It's about time :nod:

pink velvet 05-10-2021 10:21 AM

my turn to cry 05-19-2021 05:05 AM

The teasers are starting :wiggle:


pink velvet 05-19-2021 09:29 AM

They're looking great in those suits :D

my turn to cry 05-20-2021 05:56 AM

Very handsome :nod:

pink velvet 05-20-2021 08:27 AM

We’re very close to a new thread :D

my turn to cry 05-21-2021 05:55 AM

We are :yay:

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