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pink velvet 09-28-2018 06:57 PM

Nice photos! I like the first one.

dive into you 09-29-2018 05:16 AM

I think he is reading for the script of his new show.

pink velvet 09-29-2018 01:17 PM

He has fluffy poodle hair! It works for him.

dive into you 10-02-2018 04:53 AM

It does :nod:

He released his song that he did with Woozi from Seventeen :)

pink velvet 10-03-2018 04:20 AM

That's awesome! :yay:

miranstarr 10-06-2018 08:58 PM

Look, Chanyeol spoiled us with that post and we suspected something, but not this lol!

1. The name of the title track, Tempo and the name of the album Don't Mess Up My Tempo
2. The date of the comeback, 112 (11/2)
3. 4+1+1=6 - 6:00 PM KST (is this the time it will be released?)
4. All = OT9

dive into you 10-07-2018 05:04 AM

He is such a spoiler king :lol:

pink velvet 10-07-2018 06:25 PM

That is pretty great :lol:

dive into you 10-08-2018 03:49 AM

It is :nod:

pink velvet 10-08-2018 12:22 PM

He must have fun giving those hints.

miranstarr 10-08-2018 04:46 PM

He's trying to steal the Spoiler King crown from Sehun. :P

dive into you 10-09-2018 04:55 AM

:lol: Sehun won't like that.

pink velvet 10-09-2018 01:20 PM

They should try to outdo each other then :innocent:

dive into you 10-10-2018 12:28 AM

They should so we get more spoilers ;)

pink velvet 10-11-2018 03:06 PM

That way everyone wins :lol:

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