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Stitch's Best Friend 10-10-2018 10:47 AM


Tom arriving in NY(he flew from ATL to NY) recently @dreyandnight dad met him. Thank you for sharing

fly me to the moon 10-10-2018 03:48 PM

Hopefully that there wasn't that many people who wait for him..

Stitch's Best Friend 10-11-2018 11:32 AM

I hope not either.


Stitch's Best Friend 10-12-2018 10:38 AM

Tom Holland Dons ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Costume While Filming With Zendaya in NYC | Spider Man, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom Holland, Zendaya : Just Jared


fly me to the moon 10-12-2018 05:52 PM

That where I work at.. Since I saw the paper sign up about filming yesterday..

Stitch's Best Friend 10-13-2018 05:11 AM

Awesome. Did you see anything?


fly me to the moon 10-14-2018 12:58 PM

Nah, sometimes you can't go through plus I don't like to stand all day.. :lol:

It seems that they are filming in Brooklyn right now..

Stitch's Best Friend 10-15-2018 08:58 AM

I understand that I do.

Oh cool.


fly me to the moon 10-15-2018 10:46 AM

Yeah plus I don't have lot of patience for myself to stand all day.. :lol:

Stitch's Best Friend 10-17-2018 12:49 PM

I really do understand.

One time I sat around for about 3 1/2 hours waiting for an actor on the show Homicide Life On The Streets, it was filmed here in Baltimore, MD. Other people waited with me and the minute that the actors came out, they ran. I was like what happened?


fly me to the moon 10-17-2018 01:49 PM

Even tho in NYC, people are the worst.. I mean, that's why I refuse to stand around and wait to see if they come out or not.. :lol:

Stitch's Best Friend 10-17-2018 01:51 PM


I can imagine.


fly me to the moon 10-17-2018 03:22 PM

:lol: Hopefully that we will get more news..

Stitch's Best Friend 10-18-2018 11:20 AM

I hope so too.


fly me to the moon 10-19-2018 07:59 AM

Tom was on Jimmy Kimmel last night..

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