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Butterfly85 03-18-2022 01:39 PM

I feel like we never even have polls for new boards anymore (and even if it wasn't a board I visited, I miss when we used to get new boards on here every month) but if it's ever on one I'll vote for Tom Holland. I liked and visited the last board lol.

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-18-2022 01:43 PM

I miss the board terribly. I wish that I was in a better place before I let the board go.


SwordX13 03-18-2022 02:18 PM

I thought you only needed 15 posts a day on a board in order to keep it alive, you didn't have 2 or 3 fellow fans/supporters that could be constant or recurring visitors to the board and be able to help you with that, Donna?

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-20-2022 02:37 AM

I did, but I was the only mod for the board and couldn't keep up with the post counts. If I wasn't so down and depressed, I would have kept it going and it would be a board for a while.


SwordX13 03-20-2022 10:51 AM

I see, but it's understandable if your schedule was too tight or if you weren't in the right state of mind so you shouldn't blame yourself for that; At least a possibility of getting it all back is still on the table, am i right?

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-22-2022 10:09 AM

You're right.

Jared Leto Teases Morbius as Friend or Foe for Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Zendaya and Tom Holland spotted together in Boston


J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-23-2022 09:45 PM

Zendaya and Tom Holland spotted in Boston on Sunday

Tobey Maguire Was Blown Away By Tom Holland While Filming No Way Home


SwordX13 03-24-2022 09:18 AM

Thanks for the articles!

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-26-2022 01:09 AM

You're welcome.

5 things to know about Tom Holland

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield recall “beautiful” ‘Spider-Man’ meeting with Tom Holland


J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-27-2022 08:24 AM

Bumping the thread. :bump:


SwordX13 03-27-2022 03:41 PM

Which Tom Holland films do you recommend? :)

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-28-2022 10:49 AM

Any of the Spider-Man movies, Uncharted, Devil All The Time, Onward, Spies in Disguise, In the Heart of the Sea, Captain America: Civil War, & The Impossible all are great.

I will be away from March 31st until April 10th, could you help keep the thread alive and submit Tom please?


SwordX13 03-28-2022 05:55 PM

I read the rules, all i have to do is click on this thread: after that just type and spell the name Tom Holland correctly, is that right? Don't worry about the posts, as long as i remain healthy and with internet access i should be here to bump the thread.

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 03-30-2022 09:34 AM

That's right. :) Thank you. :)

I ordered No Way Home and Uncharted on DVD yesterday.


SwordX13 03-31-2022 06:46 AM

Good, hope you enjoy yourself!

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