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Stitch's Best Friend 05-22-2022 10:17 AM

I'm feeling better now.

Why Doctor Strange Still Remembers Spider-Man In Multiverse Of Madness

5 Looks That Prove Tom Holland’s Style Is Timelessly Cool

10 Major Differences Between Tom Holland's & Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man

Tom Holland Looks Distressed While Filming 'The Crowded Room' in NYC

Tom Holland fans are losing it over his new haircut

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Receives Promising Update From Sony



crash landing 05-22-2022 10:57 AM

Still sore from what am assuming is from the fact not active but ended up having to entertain :puppy: for like an hour or close too it while his mom[my landlady] mowed the lawn some weed wracking :shrug: otherwise mental alright to end the month but next month is another tight one :thud: than finally things are going to get better July onwards :fingers_crossed:

Thanks for the links :hug: as always Donna

SwordX13 05-22-2022 11:40 AM

Thanks to Donna for the articles as always. :)

Stitch's Best Friend 05-22-2022 11:42 AM

You're very welcome. :)


Butterfly85 05-22-2022 01:47 PM

They better reunite Tom and Zendaya in Spiderman 4! I'm just glad it was brought up, but I still think she will be brought back anyway.

crash landing 05-23-2022 01:55 AM

Hmm :goof: haven't seen the movie nor looking at the articles :bubble:

Stitch's Best Friend 05-24-2022 09:31 AM

Sony Hoping Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Director Jon Watts Return For More ‘Spider-Man’ Movies

Work Has Begun on Spider-Man 4, Which Will See Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jon Watts Return

Tom Holland Described The Weirdest Food He's Ever Eaten


crash landing 05-24-2022 09:44 AM

Nice :thumbs_up: title of that 2nd one

also really sore - so barely much on Chris due to my period cycle has basically turned to back soreness entire time or close too it -- so not doing much :ff: until am feeling better - than Sunday out of town to my sis's :shrug: not sure when being picked up or being taken home :shrug:

Stitch's Best Friend 05-24-2022 10:34 AM

I'm sorry Sarah. :back_hug:


Butterfly85 05-24-2022 09:27 PM

I'm just happier and happier it looks like Zendaya will be back in Spiderman 4. Give me my Peter/Michelle back!

SwordX13 05-25-2022 09:49 AM

Butterfly85 05-25-2022 05:17 PM

Aww, he's so freaking cute!

crash landing 05-26-2022 12:27 AM

Looks so adorable :sigh:

Stitch's Best Friend 05-26-2022 09:11 AM

Love the pic.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Returning Or Done For Spider-Man 4?

Watch: Tom Holland & Brie Larson Announce Their Marvel Returns at Avengers Campus


crash landing 05-27-2022 06:03 AM

I think Spider-Man is lucky to have a 4th granted Thor is doing it too :shrug: just original Tony/Steve got 3 movies :bubble:

SwordX13 05-27-2022 08:24 AM

I love your X-Men pfp, do you have faith that we could get the board back soon? Oh well, at least Tom continues to win at life! :thumbs_up: And we are very happy for him, are we not?

crash landing 05-27-2022 08:40 AM

Hope we are able too :nod: shall see how it goes

Butterfly85 05-27-2022 01:49 PM

Still hoping for a Tom board, just wish getting a board on here now wasn't like pulling teeth. The last time I wanted a board very badly was before Zendaya got one (but that was back when it was easy to get a board, even though hers kept falling short in those polls too before we finally got it) So now I think a Tom Holland board is the only new board I want on here the most. If we get one, I'm ready! lol.

crash landing 05-27-2022 01:53 PM

There's a reason though for it :nod: affiliated to how it use to be boards opened all the time but than no one would step up or wouldn't met the trial period post counts :shrug:

Its not like it had been 10-15 years ago with :ff: busy AF :shrug: most of the people before you joined are no longer around affiliated to the fact of harder to have posters :shrug: So I personally agree with how it is now

Butterfly85 05-27-2022 02:50 PM

I guess I understand, but it still sucks lol.

crash landing 05-27-2022 02:57 PM

Agreed but glad for it :bubble:

Stitch's Best Friend 05-28-2022 09:10 AM

I am hoping that the Tom board gets another chance.

Tom Holland and Brie Larson return as Spider-Man and Captain Marvel in new Disneyland Paris rides

Watch: How Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Suit Got Replaced By CGI In No Way Home


crash landing 05-28-2022 10:45 AM

Thanks for these :hug:

Stitch's Best Friend 05-28-2022 10:52 AM

You're welcome. :hug:


SwordX13 05-28-2022 12:26 PM

You guys ever imagined seeing Tom having long shaggy hair the way he does now? :lol:

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