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J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 10-04-2021 09:36 PM



crash landing 10-09-2021 06:30 AM

Noticed this on Netflix [Canada] :yay: It'll be nice to finish it and hope Netflix does with it what they did with Lucifer :fingers_crossed:

Gil/Jessica :melt:

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 10-10-2021 10:14 PM

I agree.


crash landing 10-15-2021 10:39 AM

Started 2nd season just now and :rolleyes: Really wished I could skip the racism that JT unfortunately goes though :rant:

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 10-16-2021 10:46 PM

I wish that too.


crash landing 10-17-2021 04:30 AM

Up to 2x04 [believe] but have put it aside cause started the reboot of Magnum P.I. and love it :thud:

J.L.S.'s Cute Kitten 10-18-2021 11:23 PM

I understand. :)


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