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shinebrighterxx 04-02-2021 10:51 PM

It makes sense too :nod:

crash landing 04-03-2021 01:25 PM

So flipped on the TV for the first time in awhole :lol: cause wanted to see if any good movies were marathoning

The new Organized Crime has already premiered, eh? :bubble: saw L&O where when I flipped over to look at details it was about the new series ... assuming I would be beyond lost if I wanted to check it out?

shinebrighterxx 04-03-2021 03:13 PM

The first episode aired on the 1st. It is a completely new show so you should be fine to watch. You may be confused watching SVU & over Elliot's backstory. But I doubt you need to have watched SVU to watch the new show. Then you can always ask questions if you are lost

I haven't seen the episode of SVU yet so not sure how much of the history is involved in it. The most I think that you need to know is that when Elliot handed in his badge he didn't tell anyone or say goodbye to the team. He used to be the senior detective paired with Olivia. She was hurt by his betrayal basically. Then Finn is the only other character who is still on the show from when Elliot was last on it so he also would have feelings about what he did.

crash landing 04-03-2021 04:11 PM

I did recognize that the guy looked familiar :nod: coming from SVU where think over the years have only seen half a dozen or dozen random episodes :bubble: I saw one of Wentworth's where believe he recently came back again, believe some of my BSG stars may have done an episodes over the years :bubble: think saw Milo V or maybe that was CSI :lol:

I know one of my BSG was lead for the short lived UK :bubble: where I remember gave half a dozen episodes a try of it back when it started :lol:

shinebrighterxx 04-03-2021 04:36 PM

Yeah Wentworth has appeared in two episodes recently I think but as a different character to the one he played years ago. A lot of different people have appeared on SVU at one point or another or at least one of the L&O shows (or a crime show in general) :P
Milo has been on both SVU & CSI so it could've been either or both that you've seen him on. From BSG it looks like a few of them appeared on CSI but not SVU

L&O:UK is the only appearance I could see but that's arguable on if its a part of the franchise or not since it was a British adaptation of the US show. It wasn't short lived either as it went for 8 seasons (& Jamie was in half of it)

From my experience I've seen a handful of episodes of the original L&O & Criminal Intent (more the later) & you can watch the shows standalone & random episodes of them. You won't understand everything since you won't have the full backstories of characters but they're usually easy to tune in on. With Organized Crime it is only 8 episodes this season & it isn't the same format as the other L&O shows. Synopsis:

After a heinous attack on his family, Elliot Stabler joins an NYPD organized crime task force aimed at taking down one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world.
Basically Elliot is spending numerous episodes trying to track down the same people/person responsible for that attack. So it will be a show where you need to watch each episode. If you've seen parts of SVU & are vaguely familiar with it you should be fine to watch. I'm not sure how much it'll crossover with SVU. If it does you may need to tune into the SVU episode.

crash landing 04-03-2021 04:40 PM

Oh he returned for 2 episodes :bubble: Yes I saw the one years ago cause Tia was my co-mod when we had the Wentworth board and she got me to watch that 1st episode where his character was :crazy:

Oh that it was CSI not SVU that I thought I saw my Katee Sackhoff and believe Michael Trucco who biggest seen from him was TBBT plus some Castle but pretty sure I thought I saw him of L&O :goof: I know Jamie Bamber was one of the UK leads

I'll have to check it out maybe after all 8 episodes have aired cause it sounds intriguing :nod: and I like continuous type even if I still like the different storyline weekly type :shrug:

shinebrighterxx 04-03-2021 04:49 PM

His new character is a lawyer (ADA). I've liked his character in the two appearances. His first one 21x06 "Murdered at a Bad Address" & his second appearance was 22x06 "The Long Arm of the Witness". I wouldn't be surprised to see him appear again in future episodes/seasons either. Maybe he'll make a thing of appearing in the 6th episode of seasons :P

I only looked at the stars, not the reoccurring. Not sure why I missed Michael on the list. He has appeared on SVU. I missed it before but see it now - Katee appeared on the original L&O so that's probably what you're thinking of.

tbh its probably better watching them all together. I imagine they'll end episodes making people want to watch more. Not sure though. So far it hasn't been picked up here at all & I'm still an episode behind with SVU (& waiting to see if the channel here airs the SVU episode or just skips it). Since it starts in SVU it'll be 9 episodes all up to watch, unless it crossovers more in which case it'll be more episodes to watch

crash landing 04-03-2021 04:56 PM

:nod: I'll have to poke at Tia and see if she's seen Wentworth's 2 episodes where I'll see if she wants to do these 2 new ones cause liked I said she got me to watch his 11x0...episode :thud:

Oh that's why about Katee :lol: it having been the OG :lol: I just thought I saw random her related to L&O and just assumed it had been SVU :lol: Yea not sure what exactly of Michael's I saw :shrug: I just recalled again having had the thought of seeing him for something related to L&O

shinebrighterxx 04-03-2021 04:57 PM

Michael would've been SVU. I don't think I saw any other L&O on the list

crash landing 04-03-2021 04:59 PM

That makes sense :nod: he did a fair bit after BSG :nod: most notable for me is Castle but I remember start of TBBT he was around aka partly why I tried TBBT when it first started :lol:

BlondieLeigh 04-04-2021 04:52 PM

The UK L&O was terrible, lets all pretend it never happened :D

shinebrighterxx 04-04-2021 04:55 PM

I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Obviously there were people who liked it. I'm happy to pretend it didn't exist or that it was just not a part of the real L&O franchise :P

BlondieLeigh 04-04-2021 04:57 PM

They seemed to think they could use similar scripts and not change the law to make it accurate, I could not deal.

crash landing 04-04-2021 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by BlondieLeigh (Post 103683321)
The UK L&O was terrible, lets all pretend it never happened :D

That's fine with me :lmao: am just a Jamie fan :lmao: aka why think I saw half a dozen episodes when it first aired even if I don't remember them

shinebrighterxx 04-04-2021 05:07 PM

Its so silly. Its ok to mess up once or twice or to borrow script ideas once or twice, but not continuously

Sarah :lol:. Your love obviously wasn't enough to keep watching the full 3-4 seasons he was on then too :P

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