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shinebrighterxx 08-25-2022 12:41 PM

Paying someone to babysit another actor but can't pay an actor on another show (worse a woman) what she deserves? Stupid. Dick Wolf deserves to have it blow up

That is suspicious too :look: if things keep blowing up maybe other departures will be looked at

BlondieLeigh 08-25-2022 12:49 PM

Clearly wasn't worried about money if he was willing to pay an extra salary to keep someone around who morally shouldn't have been kept around.

Aside from those three. Charlie Barnett recently confirmed he was fired from Fire (everyone thought it had been his choice before). Annie Ilonzeh quite Fire after two years, Adriyan Rae left after half a season and they lied about why she left - they said she had told them she needed to go, she contradicted this, saying it wasn't her choice (both are black women who were working directly with someone we now know is a bigot). Lisseth Chavez vanished from PD after one season, with her character never being mentioned again, with Lisseth confirming it wasn't her choice.

FBI: Most Wanted seems to be haemorrhaging cast members.

And of course we all know about SVU last year... This is a really concerning trend.

shinebrighterxx 08-25-2022 12:54 PM

The POC actors possibly left toxic work environments however they should have been protected from the toxicity which raises questions on what they are allowing & ignoring

That is a LOT of departures after small stints on shows

BlondieLeigh 08-25-2022 01:06 PM

I'm kind of convinced with Annie it was definitely quitting a toxic environment. Adriyan probably tried to get them to address the issues and they refused, which seems to be what happened with PD (and although it does seem the set babysitter may have actually worked, that chance shouldn't have been given in the first place so that's pretty meaningless). I have concerns about the Fire set, tbh.

Most Wanted has lost 4 regulars in 3 seasons. That's just not normal.

shinebrighterxx 08-25-2022 01:27 PM

If someone did try to get them to address as you suspect that is wrong. Yes everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but people are also entitled to feel safe & respected in the workplace

It is so wrong to have a babysitter even if it is working. It is still a huge risk & rewarding someone for doing the wrong thing.

What gets me about MW is how some of the actors just seemed to disappear. What happened to Tali's grandparents? I feel something must have happened for them to write our the Skye side of the family :look:. It was ages later that we even knew for sure that the actor playing the brother-in-law had actually left. Seemed suspicious to me. Then there are all the ones who left throughout S3/between S3 & 4... does make you wonder...

BlondieLeigh 08-25-2022 02:00 PM

It wouldn't be the first time, sadly. It happened on PD, and although Sophia isn't exactly a reliable narrator, the fact that the network responded to confirm there were problems and that Jason had been disciplined and had a set babysitter (Iirc, they called it a behaviour coach) backs up that something unacceptable happened. The fact that it looks like (and I say looks like because it could just be no one else saying anything yet) the action they took worked is meaningless when you consider that anyone else, in any other job, would (and should) have been fired.

Fire is my biggest concern within the One Chicago universe right now. Every black person that has worked directly with this person on a regular basis has quit. The other black woman on the show has less screen time with her than she used to, and there's far less bts that both of them are in now (there's still some, but no where near as much).

When Tali's uncle left it was announced it was going to happen, but I don't remember his exit at all, almost like he was there one episode and then he was gone. Same with his parents/Tali's grandparents, although I don't remember any announcement that they were leaving - they were only recurring but imo they were significant enough to warrant an announcement. Especially considering they made a whole thing about Jess living with them to make things easier with his job and Tali, then they're suddenly gone from their own home because he's moved a girlfriend in and doesn't need them anymore :confused:

shinebrighterxx 08-25-2022 02:15 PM

NCIS is supposedly guilty of the reducing screen time/shared scenes to keep actors apart too. That shouldn't be a solution. Maybe a temporary fix but behaviour also needs to change & if it doesn't then the person causing issues needs to go. Then PD covering themselves is just no. Regardless of if Sophia is a reliable narrator, something clearly happened for them to take steps to solve things. But there should be certain behaviours that should be firable offences. It is Hollywood though & men have the power there...

Every black person? That is a clear sign of toxic to me then

Oh it was announced before he left? I didn't think it was. Still that family was written out & then suddenly his father who he supposedly didn't like or get on was fine to watch his daughter for him? Plus the girlfriend as you said

BlondieLeigh 08-25-2022 04:21 PM

Yeah, if it's a situation that can be resolved over time then separating the actors can be fine on a temporary basis but it should never be used as a long term solution. If it can't be resolved, the one causing problems has to go. A grown adult should not need someone going to work with them to get them to behave.

Yep, we know something happened because if it hadn't, the network wouldn't have outlined their response. For me that confirms that the incidents that were outlined when the story first broke happened - including Beghe putting his hand over her mouth to stop her talking - that's assault.

Every one that has worked directly with her all the time. The ones that don't work as closely with her seem to be around longer.

It was :nod: The way they were all written out was almost like they didn't want us to realise they'd gone, though.

shinebrighterxx 08-25-2022 09:05 PM

There is no question about it. He had to have done something otherwise they would have denied it. Instead they said they were working on it & trying to fix it. So proves something needed fixing. :nod:

Very suspicious... if people don't want to work with someone remove that person as the problem :facepalm:


BlondieLeigh 08-26-2022 08:52 AM

Yep, and considering that one incident alone is an assault, he should have been gone. It really annoys me that on twitter, whenever this comes up, the automatic response now is "she was difficult to work with on that show." because I just don't see how that is relevant. It doesn't matter, he assaulted her, there is no acceptable reason.

You'd think it would tell them something, but it seems they just bring in a new target for her when one quits. Although after Adriyan they brought in a light skinned half-Japanese woman. Almost like they're trying to mitigate her without getting rid of her.

It was especially jarring for me with the grandparents, because I don't even remember any reference to them leaving, they were just gone.

Nici Dawson 08-26-2022 12:46 PM

I'm still upset about Kelli!

shinebrighterxx 08-26-2022 12:46 PM

Doesn't excuse his behaviour. He should have been out & if she caused issues too even after he was gone then she could go too or have someone teaching her how to behave. Shouldn't be her gone & him with a babysitter still working.

ugh... at least they didn't give her another target possibly this time. Depends on what sort of racist she is

There wasn't. The brother in law got reassigned (but was meant to be on loan, don't think they said why he didn't come back). Don't think they explained where the grandparents went :look:

BlondieLeigh 08-26-2022 01:15 PM

Exactly. Regardless of what she was like, there is no excuse for him putting his hands on her, and lbr, what he did, putting a hand over her mouth to stop her talking, is hugely sexist as well. He crossed the line between potentially resolvable and inexcusable, he should have been the one ousted. Tbh I kind of do see not only keeping him on, but funding an extra salary to essentially have a babysitter as rewarding him. It makes no sense to me. Why throw money at the problem when you can get rid of it?

An interesting aspect of that situation though, is that Sophia apparently praised Dick Wolf after she left, claiming that he tried to sort it. Dick Wolf built that show around Beghe so there's no way I believe that, but I think it's very possible she was told he was doing something. The stuff with Kelli and the rumours around her departure, which seem somewhat credible to me, tbh, the showrunner does not seem happy about it at all, just adds to the suspicion imo. These aren't isolated incidents, they seem to be happening on most of his shows (OG FBI looks like an exception for now), across two networks, so it's not the network, and it's not the direct production, the common denominator is Wolf ent.

It's hard to know because the show doesn't seem to have established as close a friendship between the two characters this time. They share work scenes, but not many outside work ones like the others did, for those the new one is usually with others.

I don't even remember the reassignment, he was just gone. I know the grandparents are meant to have moved, but don't know why they moved, or why they decided to essentially give their house to Jess.

shinebrighterxx 08-26-2022 01:30 PM

Yeah I agree with you about his actions. There are certain behaviours which should be straight up crossing a line & action needs to be taken straight away. If issues don't resolve then they should be out. Not the victim of those attacks. Paying for a babysitter is disgusting, condoning & rewarding the behaviour.

Interesting she praised him :look:

It must be higher up than the individual shows. Each show may have issues & good & bad things. Then we know CBS tried working around issues on NCIS so maybe CBS & NBC have similar practices but they are still different people & networks so you expect differenced. As you said it all leads up higher to Dick Wolf & his company. That or he is just really unlucky on most of his production sets.

hmm they could be trying then... time will tell...

Yeah I never understood if the house was theirs or his. Then it was all just odd. I really did wonder why all three just disappeared mysteriously & why the write outs were minimal & didn't make sense

Kelli's departure is really strange. Since the show writers/producers seem upset as you said, want to give her a happy send off, don't want her to go, ect. It doesn't seem like it was their choice. Her words seem like her hand was forced by the rumours & that it wasn't her choice There was no explanation on where she was going next. Normally you get that line about looking for new experiences or a change. She just had gratitude for her time & noticeably to only certain people. Sure she couldn't list the entire cast or crew but I don't think she thanked Dick Wolf. Could be he had nothing to do with her being on the show, or could be the issue lies with him.

She will be missed. Her character brought in a new dynamic to the show. I liked her & will be sad to see her go. At least if it is a happy send off as some rumours are saying that is something.

BlondieLeigh 08-26-2022 02:25 PM

Yep, and if she was as difficult as I've seen people saying, she'd likely have crossed lines herself eventually, but in that situation she was not the problem, so she's not the one that should have gone. It actually really annoys me when people fail to see that, especially when they just assume you're one of her stans if you do. I am perfectly capable of recognising that the quality of the show improved after she left AND that she should never have been the one that left. It's not an either/or, both can be true at the same time.

It's also worth noting that there's rumours that the reason the SVU/One Chicago crossovers stopped is that Mariska had Beghe banned from the SVU set. I have no idea if it's true, it could just be fans making it up, but I've seen it a few times.

I think she must have been lied to with praising him, or just trying not to burn that bridge. Beghe seems to be up there as one of Wolf's favourites. Maybe not Mariska level, but definitely up there.

I didn't watch PD until after Sophia left (I really hated her character as well as Beghe's, and both on one show was too much for me), so I can't say for sure, but I don't think NBC were separating them, from what I've read they seemed to be setting up his character being her character's bio father. They might be trying the separation thing now on Fire, but I doubt they did on PD.

I don't think anyone could be that unlucky. It's a good three quarters of the shows that seem to have issues. There's definitely good and bad though. I mean, the majority of the PD cast are obviously very close - a few of them went to Greece together during the hiatus, and it's not the first time they've done this. They've also gone to concerts together (from all the shows, not just one), have dinners at each other's houses etc. Usually one exception, though...

I always assumed it was the grandparents house. It was more like a farm/ranch and that was definitely something that fit them as a family and not Jess, and I'm sure they once said something about him moving in with them so they could help with Tali.

At least the Kelli situation is blowing this up, and it has for sure started -

This all NEEDS to be public knowledge.

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